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I'm really enjoying Resident Evil. I don't really like scary games. I hate horror movies. This game keeps me coming back for more, even though I start getting creeped out after about a half hour session and have to stop. If you want a exploration game with puzzles in a creepy atmosphere, then go for RE.

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I cannot stand Colin Moriarty.

Out of curiosity, why? Lots of people say this, but I'm not aware of any specific reasons.

He's conservative with a big C, so I guess some people have a problem with that. Other than that he has a lot of strong opinions about a lot of video game-related stuff, and that will turn other people off who disagree. Personally I don't think he's very funny, that's my problem with Colin.

Colin is a Conservative Libertarian.

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Real sad about this. RIP

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Metal Gear Solid 4! Took me almost 7 years, but I finally get to play it!

I'm playing it myself (I originally bought a PS3 for it when it came out). Nice to get trophies now. Did MG Scanlon get you to play it as well?

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I used to go to Kotaku every day...5 or 6 years ago. Isn't that site kind of dead now? I guess at least I'll try and check it out now since Scoops is there.

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Good luck with everything Patrick. I'll continue to follow you. Not going to lie, I may have started to tear up at work when I read this.

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Totally bought one while I was at work today.

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Need one more for raid right now. psn vin_D1ESEL levels - 30, 3 28 and 27

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@scotto & @iplaytails sent you friend requests. Looking to do a weekly today and play in general.

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Duders...Looking to do Vault of Glass Raid tonight. We need 2 people for PS4. We are lvl 28 warlock, 27 hunter, 27 titan and 26 titan. Want to raid at 8 pm EST. Please let me know if you can!

PSN - vin_D1ESEL