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I loved this game. I always have a problem in games with a good/bad choice, of always playing a goody-goody. I've been replaying the episodes after I finish my "main" game, to see what happens if I play Bigbie as a complete dick (and to get those trophies for the platinum, which I just got minutes ago). I actually think after I finish replaying this episode, that I'm going to go back and play the entire season again; picking choices that I think Bigbie would make, not just - all good or all bad. I sort of view him as a character that for the most part will try to do the good thing and actually care for the residents. At the same time, t if he gets pissed off, he sort of loses control.

I really hope there is a second season, I just started reading the comics...and I guess that's a first for me. Comics...right?

Looking forward to your review, @alex. I didn't think the middle episodes were as lackluster as you did, just felt a couple of them were a little too short.

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2 things come to mind. Obviously Video Thing, but THIS will always stay with me.

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Smithtown, NY, USA

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Google AdBirds. Self explanatory. Google's going all in this year.

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"Going human" runs are pretty awesome. I throw my summon sign down and do boss runs and come away with 2 levels worth of souls and eventually turn back to human. This is pretty awesome being at level 107.

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Shit, no more tickets? That's sad, I would have taken the train in from LI to go!

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I bought it for PS4 and it's probably worth the $30...It would have been a no brainer for $20, but I just bought my PS4 and I wanted it. I played through the main mission twice and have yet to touch the side missions. It looks great and is very fun. Wish there was more story, but I knew what I was getting into when I bought it.

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I bought a $110 graphics card and upgraded my processor for $60 off eBay. All into a $500 HP I bought 3 years ago. I can play most on High and above. So yes, that is too expensive.

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It's got to be the Fire Longsword Or the Drangleic sword over the Hiede Knight sword. At level 105, If still using a +10 Fire Longsword on with my Strength Build and a +1 Drangleic Sword as my backup (works better against armored).

The Heide Knight sword was awesome when I found it, but it quickly gets outdated by the two I mentioned above.

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