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I got my PS4 since that's what my friends and I decided we were going to use. I use it all the time. I bought an Xbox One around Christmas time. I watch Giant Bomb in my bedroom off the web browser...that's pretty much it. Maybe played 10 hours of games total since I bought it (I own about 10 games). A waste for now.

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@humanity: How do I find the rest of your work? Amazing btw.

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I think I should stop buying indie games on PS4. I buy them on sale, and play them months later. At this point, I'll just wait and they'll probably be free. Should have figured this out sooner.

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I thought her shaking the photos was a great touch. The way she does it made it seem like it has become a habit for her she has done it so many times.

I hope they don't veer off into too much scifi instead of keeping it school/town centred story. I'd love to see more depth to the current cast before they expand it to more people. Hell, I even felt guilty about Victoria by the end and would like an opportunity to give their relationship another go.

I chuckled when she did it. You're not supposed to, but everyone did that. I think the bigger issue is how they don't make them anymore. How is she paying for all that film?

I was a little worried that the preview of the next episode seems to not be in the school. I have a feeling it's going to jump between school and finding the missing girl. Maybe a little bit of mystery and suspense. They have my interest, no doubt.

Warren G as in Warren G. Harding, no doubt. One of the worst American presidents.

He certainly knew how to regulate.

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Got mine last week for PS4. Opened it last night and played it with my girlfriend, who does not play video games at all. She loved it! We had a blast and played 2 separate sessions of it. Probably played it for 3 hours. Even got her to play Peggle 2 with me after. Game is great. Looking forward to playing more.

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I'm really enjoying Resident Evil. I don't really like scary games. I hate horror movies. This game keeps me coming back for more, even though I start getting creeped out after about a half hour session and have to stop. If you want a exploration game with puzzles in a creepy atmosphere, then go for RE.

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I cannot stand Colin Moriarty.

Out of curiosity, why? Lots of people say this, but I'm not aware of any specific reasons.

He's conservative with a big C, so I guess some people have a problem with that. Other than that he has a lot of strong opinions about a lot of video game-related stuff, and that will turn other people off who disagree. Personally I don't think he's very funny, that's my problem with Colin.

Colin is a Conservative Libertarian.

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Real sad about this. RIP

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Metal Gear Solid 4! Took me almost 7 years, but I finally get to play it!

I'm playing it myself (I originally bought a PS3 for it when it came out). Nice to get trophies now. Did MG Scanlon get you to play it as well?