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I just got my DK2 to work and so far it hasn't been a fun experience. I can get the rift to work and track left right up down as its supposed to (though I have to rotate my display to get it to work right which is pretty frustrating as extending my displays causes the monitor to be flipped).

However, the positional tracking isn't working right. The camera refuses to be detected. The drivers for the Runtime Config installed, but during the install I got an "install failed" message. My computer says the drivers are working perfectly for the camera.


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Dan had mentioned that he did a full livestream of Ride to Hell Retribution a while back, and Ive been trying to track it down. Sadly, the twich page no longer has it.

Any ideas if this has been archived somewhere?

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@narujoe93: Its been pulled off the PSN as best as I can tell

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@narujoe93: I wish, sadly, you have to plug the code into their website, and they e-mail it to you :(

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The hunt is back on! Anyone else got anything?

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@steadyingmeat: Oh yes, its mostly for kids.. but its got awesome tracks like Final Countdown, and Ghostbusters..

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@marcsman: Sadly I cant :( Searching for LEGO just pulls up full games (i.e Lego Batman), and "Rock Band" just pulls up all the Track Packs :(

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My girlfriend grabbed this for me used as a present, so naturally there was no export code with it..

Has anyone got a spare export code for it? Or know a way to get one without having to buy a copy of it new?

Sadly, the first try was a dead end, if anyone else can offer anything that'd be fly :)