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I just love Valve's system, think it should be the benchmark for GDs nowadays. 

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Star Wars is classic, and is ALWAYS relevant..

The six movies are fantastic, and their pure awesome/impact on popular culture far outweighs the shittiness of the Clone Wars (such an ugly movie ;w; )
The hugeness of the canon scares me a bit, but it's always going to be an amazing idea, and the movies were just great. Such an integral part of my childhood (as they should be anyone's).

I wasn't expecting much of Force Unleashed but that wasn't bad either.
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I'm sure that's the minimum playtime with your stats just so, but I don't think that's the point of the game. I definitely can't wait to play a few of the endings (though I'm sure I won't get all of then :] ) and I don't plan on rushing through, want to tackle as many sidequests as I can ;D

Still, well done Bethesda for acknowledging speedrun time, don't remember if any other company's done that before.