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I hate to stand up for Gail Shea and her administration but I guess I'm on her side this time.

He's clearly not the happiest employee and he created a game based on his experiences working in his current and previous environments. The knee-jerk reaction is to assume that confidential information has been compromised and they would need to do an investigation.

When it comes to working with confidential information you have to assume the worst has happened. From a PR perspective there's no way he could keep his job. I wish the guy luck in the future, though. I wouldn't say he screwed up but I can understand how other people would think he has

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@BigBoss1911: That's too bad I like finding new music

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Despite the kinda cheesy intro I love this song. The chorus really sells it

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Here's a terrible blog idea. I'm going to post links to music that I would love to hear in a video game some day. I'm going to start it off with one of my favorite artists: Overwerk. The song becomes pretty intense fairly quickly so it would probably be hard to fit into a game without being too jarring. Regardless, I want to see it happen

It could probably work in a title screen that cuts to an action heavy opening sequence. Or in a fast paced moving screen level. What do you think?