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$ 83.12 Million

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The legendary edition has a commentary disk:

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Maybe this is the Spore Creature Creator for of minigames

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I think I might actually be using this to justify the upgrade of my old Pro to a new S.  Thank-you Halo

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If it had been Dance Central packed in I'd probably go for it.  I'm disappointed that there is no 250 GB bundle with the new console.

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Aw, no references to Rich Gallup in the article?

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I would like the code if your so inclined

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Can you give any more hints for the Soule Train?  I just can't seem to find who it is.

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I have someone with all of the requirements, but she doesn't trigger the quest.  Is she a main character in Captain Planet? 
Edit: Never-mind, I found her.

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@Stephen_Von_Cloud said:
" @Glitch said:
" I have to say, I'm really disappointed.    I thought Batman would get the award, especially after Jeff was so pro-Batman at the beginning.  I agree that Uncharted had the better story but, in my opinion, it was close enough that Batman's edge in Gameplay pushes it over the edge in my opinion.  Even Nolan North and the Uncharted cast are canceled out by Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy on the Batman side.  The Jorker, in my opinion, is a much better villain than the guy from Uncharted 2, he didn't even seem like much of an evil leader, just a brute that another fit second chair better.  Also, the Uncharted multiplayer wasn't great and doesn't factor into my decision very much.  It seems like Jeff just got tired of it and went with the Gargoyles as an excuse and thats disappointing.  Honestly, it is a little strange to listen to the whole podcast and see that throughout the whole thing Jeff and Vinny were kind of pushed aside and Ryan and Brad pushed their opinions through in the debated categories. "
I think you're a letting your desire for Batman to win GOTY make you see things that aren't there.  Jeff said he was 50/50, Brad and Ryan felt Uncharted 2 and if he was 50/50 it would make sense to pick Uncharted 2 to break the deadlock. Also the Uncharted 2 multiplayer is great, whether or not you enjoy it shouldn't discount its quality.  Rest assured it is very good. "
Well, when I was saying that the multiplayer wasn't  very good  (I found it to be decent but not exceptional)  I was more or less shifting to my personal opinion on game of the year but I didn't make that very clear and, yes, I was pulling for Batman but I honestly don't think Jeff was 50/50 at the beginning when he said that Batman was better than Uncharted.  And at the end Jeff didn't seem really convinced and just seemed tired, I don't think I was imagining that.  I just think that they maybe should have taken a break like they did last year when the debate got very nit-picky.  I do think that Uncharted is a very worthy winner but just was really hoping that Arkham Asylum would get some game of the year nod and this was, in my opinion, its last shot.  I am not saying that I am not biased, just that I was disappointed with how it played out in the podcast.  I wish they had gotten to a point where everyone seemed good with the decision and not a case of one side just wanting to stop, which is what it seemed like.