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Well, EA, no $60 for you, from me.
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@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
"@Animagess: Yes, but the gameplay itself is horrible. "

But it has a good story. Not like you'd be interested in a good story going by your avatar, right?
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Still out of sync. :(
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Holy crap, I've just been transported back to the '80s. XD
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A great game that lacked polish.  Great story, characters, RPG systems, solid dice roll combat mechanic, lots of replay due to your choices, etc.
There's true potential for a sequel here, but instead Sega will continue to be stupid and try to pretend that there is a large hardcore market on the Wii. 
See you in the unemployment line, Sega employees. :(    
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OMFG, I never thought I'd see something on Stoked and Stoked: Big Air Edition. 
This is completely awesome. 
If you don't already own this awesome snowboarding game -- and I doubt you do -- go pick it up right fucking now. 
Seriously, Stoked is basically Amped 1 & 2 with Skate-style controls. So fucking good. 
Props to GB for bringing Stoked up. This franchise needs more love, especially with Big Air Edition garnering such high scores. 
And about this: 
"Staff Note: Giant Bomb in no way endorses the quality of Stoked: Big Air Edition." 
Nope, the 80%+ Metacritic rating does, however.    
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"And Fable III is the greatest game in forever." - Molyneux 
2 years from now: 
"Fable III was complete ass. That 'Touch' gimmick was shit."

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I loved it. Felt like more of Crackdown with more variety. More of a good thing is never a bad thing, imo. I respect your opinion, but I disagree. 
Crackdown is just as fun as ever and I can't fucking wait to get my grubby little paws on #2. It's become my most played demo.
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The demo is a whole lot like Crackdown 1, but it feels a lot more improved with more impressive vareity. 
That's enough for me. I loved Crackdown, so just give me more and make it a tad bit better, and yeah, I'm sold!
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Yeah, they've been shady on the DLC plans in the past. Were they even making anything, seriously? I doubt. 'The Taxidermist' was already made as a presentation. Beyond that, though, it seems like they weren't planning on anything and are now just using this as the excuse. And, of course, this is a shitty excuse, as motion controls are completely lame.