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When pausing the Giant Bombcast web-player the audio does not start at where it was paused, instead the audio is rewound back 10-15 seconds, but the time displayed does not reflect this and shows the 'current' time.

EX.) Pause at 1:00:00, hit play, the sound is back lets say 20 seconds, but the time shows 1:00:01 and so on. This is happening with the newest Giant Bombcast where the run time has hit the limit of 3:15:40 but the audio is still going, since it is off sync.

I cannot be for sure when this problem started occurring, but I have noticed it significantly with the past 4 weeks of Giant Bombcasts, most likely this extends to all Bombcasts as they all use the same player anyways. I have been using Google Chrome when listening to the Bombcast, have not tested with other web browsers.

P.S. It took me a while to understand what was going on, as I would press play and hear audio that I have already heard and just thought I was going crazy, then I realized it was off sync.

* So checking into this further, it does not rewind 10-15 seconds but rather 10-20 minutes, kinda frustrating.

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@lordxavierbritish: Fuck, that it explains it.

Anywho I'm obviously just being an asshole but I do respect people's opinions of video games, so long as they have a solid argument to hold it up. I think both side of the argument (Is Bioshock Infinite just a rehash telling of Bioshock 2) have good points and evidence.

Personally I very much enjoyed Bioshock Infinite's story and gameplay, loved it from the start to the end. I played and also beat Bioshock 2, and it's not a terrible game but it just kept sticking out in my mind as un-needed.

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If we are going to get into nit-picky bullshit, lets do that. In Bioshock 2, how did subject Delta eat or drink anything if he was sealed inside a suit and helmet? Check-mate.

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It appears that the Xbox Live Marketplace listing for Assassin's Creed III listed "Online Co-Op 2 - 4" before being quickly removed. Currently this information cannot be confirmed, as listings on Xbox Live Marketplace have had incorrect information before. I'm gonna take a stab and say that Co-Op can be assumed, since that would be the only major form of multiplayer missing from the Assassin's Creed series, and it could be another way to sell DLC through Co-Op missions or something similar. Overall I'm quite happy that we will be getting Co-Op since stabbing dudes in the facing is only better with friends.

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:

F2P = Free to play.

FTP = File transfer protocol.

Come on guys, standardize this before the genre gets out of hand.

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So to summarize. Don't drastically change a video games gameplay in an established franchise, and then expect everything to be ok.

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@TheHBK said:

@DonutFever said:

For a few hours, Amazon wouldn't let you buy a black 3DS.

Fucking Racists.
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@ajamafalous: Yeah but writing a single word is almost as bad as the people that get the quest by writing "first"

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saints row seems to be the crazier and more entertaining open world game when compared to gta after the fourth one. defiantly looking forward to this, i just hope that gta will take a hint and continue down the path that tbogt start, with its crazier weapons and missions than the seriousness of gta four.

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