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"Oh God, look at that International prize pool. Dota's pretty, right? Fuck me. BEGIN THE PRETTYING!"

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@klei: The combat feels way jankier. I'm constantly whiffing strikes that clearly should have hit, Batman did his "go flying 20 feet" thing towards the guy, isn't getting hit, and just stops. I'm also constantly getting caught on level geometry while fighting (often mid strike animation, exacerbating the inexplicable misses), and the camera seems way less intelligent when fighting bad guys, especially near buildings, trash cans, light poles, inside... basically around anything that it could possibly get caught on.

The fact that the basic combat IS so good and was absolutely great in the first two games just underscores the fact that it doesn't feel quite right here. Its still better than in most games, but it's not an issue of the new systems or rebalancing, rather more of a general lack of polish that permeates the entire game.

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@alternate: I did too.

"But I'm not on the pill..."

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To quote Crytonomicon: Ask a Russian engineer to design you a shoe, and he'll give you something that looks like the box the shoe came in. Ask him to design something that will slaughter Germans, and he turns into Thomas fucking Edison.

Russians have always been Godlike trolls.

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I've got an extra Diretide HUD I'm looking to trade. Feel free to PM me with offers, as I'm not looking for anything in particular.

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It seems like the drops you get are all the drops you'll ever get. Which is dumb. Even if they reset monthly or something, it's really going to discourage trading unless people REALLY want those cards. Even if you could randomly get a card out of Dota 2/TF2 chests as a bonus or something would be preferable.

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@rapid: They said in the FAQ that they're not planning to right now, but they've been discussing crowd-sourcing it in the workshop so that people can make their own card games, which could be cool.

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I paid .70 cents on the market for an invite. I am a sucker for drops. I have 3 cards so far. Valve is ridiculous in the best way. I far prefer this to achievements, honestly, although it does seem really exploitable since you could just leave games running to farm cards.

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@meatball: Would you be opposed to the dudes on staff who don't care about Dota fucking around in it? I feel like part of the problem with the MOBA scene in general is just how fucking serious everyone is about it, all the time. Having people with zero investment in it would be really refreshing, and given just how little shit Jeff/Ryan/Patrick give about Dota really sets them up for that.

Of course, them drinking would help. And I guess you do run the risk of Jeff figuring out that it's basically a team based hybrid of fighting games, RTSes and action RPGs and then just falling down the same hole as Brad.