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Hey mang,

I like to experiment with my liquor. I have found Ouzo to be really tasty. My favourite is Ouzo Xenia although I don't know if it is available everywhere (Aus). It has a reasonably strong aniseed flavour that is delicious straight but can also be lessened with a little water.

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@wulfgar77: Sydney followed by St Kilda. I have a complete hatred for Hawthorn and never truly feel secure when playing them.

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This is going to be MASSIVE!

I am looking forward to it so much. REallly want hawks to lose!

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A really interesting question to ask. I have actually thought about that day periodically since it happened. I was in fourth grade (Australia) and essentially had no knowledge of, or interest in world affairs. We had class as normal that day until around 10:30 when my teacher received a note which I assume gave some brief information. The lesson was abruptly stopped and we all traipsed across the hallway into a tiny room with a television. We sat there for the next age it seemed (in reality it was probably only an hour or two) watching the various live news reports as they streamed. I can remember seeing the exact same footage of the incident and the same news reports dozens of times.

I can remember my ten year old brain being highly confused about the whole course of events. Intellectually I recognised the destruction of the towers as bad and wrong let alone downright frightening, however it stuck out to me as just so bizarre.

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Yes please!

If all good, my steam acc is Mattjones13

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I have been known to have some bourbon or a beer while playing LoL. Typically it has no effect. The one time I was legitimately tipsy, I played so so much better than usual...

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1. Dark Souls

2. ME2

3. Dragon A O

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Sydney, NSW, Australia

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1) Devil May Cry 3

2) Diablo 2

3) Dark Souls

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Right this second?

Some incredibly relaxed Fat Ffreddy's Drop. It is fantastic to write lesson plans to! Especially 6:30 onwards!!!

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