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Devil May Cry 3

Man... I bought that off a fried for somewhere in the region of $20. Then spent the next six months playing this thing through and through and through... I beat it at least five or so times

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@BiG_Weasel said:

I alternate between cardio (bike/elyptical for 30-45 mins) and weights M-Sat. I cut out sugar/regular soda and have went from 214lbs to 185lbs since Christmas. Goal is 170 (I'm 6'3") by June. I hope I can pull it off because I'm plateaued right now.

Good on you man ;)

I started exercising at the end of January this year and since then, have lost 16kg

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At the mment (uni student), i get gym four/five times a week and I run about the same number

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@TheHT said:

YES YE SYES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@mordukai: ahl-you-min-e-uhm - Australia man

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I like man :)

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Yellow. ALWAYS

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@mikey87144: I don't know if you are being serious here...if you are and this is a legitimate question, then the books are faaar more in depth than the series. I am currently halfway through book three part two and I can say that I haven't been so immersed in a series for a while. Yes, the books are long, but they are not difficult or boring to read - just the opposite. Like one poster said before, if you watch the show first, you won't be able to conceptualise the characters, which, to me, would be a loss.

I do think though, that the most poignant moments in the book (at least the first one -haven't seen the second series) are done so so much better in the book. All this being said, I feel that what you should do is to read/watch them concurrently. Therre is A LOT of mythos in the plot and context that I found quite hard (for the first book at least) to follow - I found this all explained a lot clearer in the series. So, unless you have a friend who is able to explain any questions about mythos or characetrs, I would say to do them together with a focus on hte book (i.e. reading the book before you watch that particular episode).

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