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EDIT: nvm I had this topic open in another forum and have gotten resolution.

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you could wait till the steam machines come out and buy Valves official low end one. Atleast you will know that those prebuilts are gonna be catered for gaming. I dont think they will overprice it like Alienware does.

Its much more gratifying to build, but I really like Mini-AtX cases such as the btfenix prodigy and Valves steam machine prototypes.

As someone mentioned the main thing is to match CPU socket type to the mobo, and figure out if your mobo has dual stream RAM or what. Either way it isn't that hard. Leave your budget here and ppl can help you.

I would help, but I myself am not up to speed on PC parts. The one I built was in 2010.

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I think the Wii U is a great console. I just wish Nintendo evolved their games a little more. Just to shake things up like they supposedly did with A Link Between Worlds. I have yet to play Pikmin 3 or the new Mario, only Wind Waker HD. It feels a bit outdated.

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Ok so I have an old PC that is holding up quite well. However I am thinking about what to do for next gen.

Should I go with an AMD or Nvidia GPU?

I've been reading about Mantle and an wondering if this is going to make a difference in which GPU vendor is going to get the upper hand next gen.

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Im glad there are ppl like him in this world. He is helping Steam out and in turn that makes Steam larger. I want steam to be around for decades to come.

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Im looking for a 27inch monitor. Under $500 bucks. Whats a really good one. Im only going to be gaming at 1080p. Is there a huge difference between 60hz and 120hz? Should I be focusing on getting a 120hz or is 60hz fine?

btw i found this one.

Please let me know what u guys think abt it.


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i really liked the extended endings. Though for a week after i beat it and chose the destroy ending I was yearning for a LI reunion, but now I am satisfied. ME3 is the best game in the best series ever.

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ok guys so I want to be next-gen ready i.e. have a PC AT LEAST on par with the Xbox 720 and Ps4. Now I know that no specs have been revealed for those systems yet, but based of speculation and educated guesses could someone help me upgrade my current PC. I figure my PC will need to be a tad bit better than the proposed next gen specs since it will have to handle OS functions. So my CPU and RAM will have to be a bit better. RAM is cheap so I plan to put in 8GB total. My current rig is.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2GHz ( not overclocked)


AMD HD 6850 @ 1GB VRAM

Antec 620W PSU

some ASUS motherboard that allows GPU's to be crossfired or SLI'ed

Generic 1TB HDD (if installing an SSD would help please let me know. Also let me know what should be installed on this SSD and what should be left on the HDD)

and thats about it. I have a Cooler Master fan for my cpu so im set there.

Now the big question is, should I stick with AMD for my graphics and CPU or should I move to Intel. Also should I crossfire or just buy a new GPU. I hate the sound of a lot of fans running at like 6000 RPM (lol my stock CPU fan ran that hot)

Please, guys, any and all help is appreciated.

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you gotta play the mass effect favorite series to date

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yeh Miranda lived in my game after killing her father. If you warn her about Kai Leng, then she lives.