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I want the robotic bear to come back.

Also, it really irritated me when they kept on saying it is a dream come true... yet they don't even have the money to make the game...

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I think that you should get discounted DLC if you have purchased the game new.

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It'll be called The Blinx Box


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Halo CE / Mario 64

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It's funny people can be up in arms about this but lament pirates, who like buyers of used games, do not give any money to the developer or publisher of the games they buy.

Don't jump down my throat. Just saying that used games is no better than piracy in the eyes of the publishers and developers, and that's why systems like this may come into place.

Technically it is because you can purchase DLC.

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What if Splinter Cell copied Mark of the ninja, but had more realism.

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Do you believe in life after love?

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I've never understood the hate for so-called "animation priority." It seems less like animation priority and more like common sense. Taking actions take time, whether swinging a sword, reloading a gun, or crouching. I just don't get it, how else would you expect these things to work?

I think it's sometimes the inability to get out of the animation that becomes the problem. The inability to interrupt yourself.

To me Animation Priority has become another way to do combat, and nothing else. It's not bad, it's just preference. It's totally reasonable to hate it. The most obvious examples, the Souls games, do it really well. Surprisingly enough, Dead Rising 1 & 2 also heavily rely on animation in combat.

In these sorts of games, a significant part of the strategy is to know how long an animation will take, and plan attacks accordingly. I love it :)

Ninja Gaiden also relied on animation

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Penis Media

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  • Max Payne 2
  • Fear 1 (The a.i is still ridiculously good, nothing really touches it still imo)
  • Fear 2
  • Deus Ex
  • Civ 5

Theme Hospital