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@Fobwashed: This is pure brilliance.

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@TobbRobb: I don't see many IMAX 3D movies but I was impressed with the results. I just didn't like when Dejah Thoris yelled constantly. Especially when Tim Riggins (okay, John Carter) would respond in his soft spoken voice.

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@TobbRobb: Yeah, it was far from perfect. There were some elements that could've been tweaked and the ending was pretty cheesy. We saw it in IMAX 3D and it held up nicely.

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It was a good movie. Going in with low expectations helped. It has great visuals and I was entertained. That's exactly what I would hope for. Plus I miss Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights.

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@ZombiePie: Someone brought this up to me and I remembered someone posted it here. There was just so much love in the Whiskey office for Codpiece. But, you'll notice there was a certain person that was around that day that didn't say "codpiece."

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For some reason, I just watched this again. CODPIECE!!

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@ZZoMBiE13: Sweeet! You're the best. I approve.

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Even Superman loves hamburgers.

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@IkariNoTekken Are saying there is an actual X-Men radio over there? Depending on the quality, yeah, I'd probably listen to that once in a while. As for me doing voices, I don't know if everyone could handle that.
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These "knowing nods" remind me of Fight Club. Maybe we should start Giant Bomb clubs in our respective cities...and fight each other?
Unlike Fight Club, you CAN talk about Giant Bomb.