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nothin wrong with boobs.

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What are the standout animes of the new season? Akame ga Kill and Tokyo Ghoul are lookin good but I don't know about the rest....

Hated the second half of SAO too much to care about season 2. There's not even any decent ecchi/fan-service anime this season. Lookin pretty dull....

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Shenmue 2 for xbox..........

I couldn't catch the flower pedals... :(

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Beautiful Patrick.

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@darkstalker said: they did already with Patrick ?

Patrick didn't count as "youth", guy was a star in the industry for a long time before Giant Bomb...EGM, 1UP, G4, TV host...I think the poster before was looking for an unknown.

I don't particularly care if it's a star or not. I would definitely have counted Pat as a 'youth move.'

But now we need another chosen one.

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How about they get in some youth and not more 30-something guys. Just a suggestion. It should add a new flavor. A different way of thinking.

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One of my most favorite games of all time. I still play OG PD to this day.

I'm kinda actually shocked most people here don't even know of the game. Its a cult-hit and I think it was featured back in the day on a Game Informer magazine. I think that's where I heard of it first then researched online. Great decision on my part. It has absolutely shaped the way I think of video games.

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See..... Anime isnt for jerks after all.....

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I'm already half-gone. Haven't re-uped my subscription nor have I been playing video games much at all. I only seldomly come here for news but mostly to catch a funny quick look moment but those are getting rarer and rarer.

Face it. We're growing up guys. ;P

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My beatles are breaking up.......... :(