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Why not a best video game site award? Instead of this Youtube trash.

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I collect artbooks, I hope i win.

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Very cool, hopefully we see her on Giantbomb once in a while, counter act that Lord of The Rings detractor Ryckert.

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Obama's drone policies are out of control, we can't have drones in the hands of the citizens!

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I bought Ghosts because at the time I needed something to play on WiiU, game sucked.

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You should see rulesets crafted to cover people's illegal asses. Turns out black market asses are pretty well internally regulated.

The snitches-get-stitches referendum is very clear.

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I beat this game during my Extralife session. All I really have to say is, I enjoyed it, but that could totally be circumstantial to the situation in which I played it. If I took myself out of that specific situation (extralife), the game isn't very good, though it could have been much worse.

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Man this whole GamerGate thing reminds me of Occupy Wallstreet. There is a potentially real interesting thing to be discussed, but their message is so unclear, I don't really know what the discourse is about or what they're trying to accomplish. Gamergate, like Occupy, also lacks a leader; and without a leader the "movement" is susceptible to having any old yahoo hop in and hijack the message so long as they're louder, which is exactly what happened with Gamer Gate sadly.

Also, the only thing I have to say about women is that I have always thought of them as people.

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This was one of the reasons why I bought one, but not THE reason.

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I listened to the Bombcast for a few years before ever coming to the actual website. I think one of the first things I watched was a mailbag, but I became hooked after catching a live TNT of Cards Against Humanity and then not long after Fortune Street.