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Dark Souls With The Lights On 0

When I first heard that Dark Souls 2 was coming out, I was extremely excited, I probably watched the original trailer 5 times in a row. When I heard that they would make it more accessible than the original, I became apprehensive. A large part of what made the first Dark Souls so interesting and fun was the lack of direction and the need to learn the games mechanics inside & out if you wanted to get anything meaningful done. This sequel still has some of that learning curve, but not nearly a...

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The Borderlands 2 Experience - Two Years Later 0

I waited two whole years after this games release to play it, so my opinion is well divorced from any zeitgeist surrounding the game. I also played it all alone, singular, nobody else to play it with. I would have played it with my brother but PC games have apparently yet to get a handle on local coop, so that was out. I don't say this as a detriment to the game, but to frame my experience with it.This is a pretty fun game if you look past the silly nature of the story, and the wacky writing, wh...

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