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I've always had problems getting into Black Metal. For me it's always been the more screeching type of vocals that throws me off each time. I love me some growls and grunts and shit, but it just doesn't work for me. I usually crank some Deafheaven for my light Black Metal fix (which isn't "brutal" enough I know). Occasionally some Emperor and Ihsahn (I like his solo stuff).

Good call on Japan. I haven't gotten into them that much myself but I'm familiar with their keyboardist Richard Barbieri through Porcupine Tree and his solo work. Mick Karn was a pretty mean bassist as well.

Post-Rock is my jam. Cranking on some new This Will Destroy You among others and eagerly awaiting new Jakob. GY!BE is a favorite and I love how overindulgent they get. Though I may be in a minority when I say that their latest didn't exactly do that much for me. Music is always awesome to read about and discuss, so keep the jams coming duder.

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@stevetheradroach: Haha, I feel ya. Kreia despises both Jedi and Sith which is why she gives you an earful whichever direction you commit yourself too. Kreia has her motivations and sticks to her guns, which I find super interesting, but obviously, not everybody is going to dig it.

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@stevetheradroach: I'll let others do all the more in-depth of why Kreia is this beloved kind of character, but at least for me it's the pure philosophical difference that she brings to the Star Wars universe. In all of the films and expanded universe, there just isn't a character that brings the observations of both sides to the table quite like Kreia, and than disputes them. Jolee Bindo would be my close second.

I do remember one cool moment with Kreia where on Dantooine (I think it's when you come out of some cave from a quest) and you're confronted with some bad guys. It's a pretty usual circumstance where if you go light side, she bitches you out. Go dark side, she tells you to go get fucked. But pick the option that circumvents the usual and you end manipulating both factions to your bidding and she applauds you and praises you. That Kreia, she likes to talk and berate and everything, but she is a teacher at heart. Go with options that are more in the middle, or manipulative, or don't conform and she sees you as a student that gets it. Any means necessary without conforming to one moral philosophy or the other. I really like Kreia. Even if she tells me to fuck off a lot.

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With all the removed content put back in, HK-47 is a hell of a character in 2. I remember walking away from his philosophical dissertations he just laid on me and was shocked at this killer robot laying the smack down on ideals and concepts. He's less overtly funny in 2, but makes up for it in a ton of other ways. Too bad the base game didn't get it all in (not to mention the whole solo mission to take care of the HK line). I wub you KOTOR 2, even if you are a massive mess without all these mods and patches.

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Been using for a good while now. Always been more of a stat tracker for me, but I've discovered some solid stuff over the years from it. Feel free to hit me up if you feel so inclined.


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@corruptedevil: I want to say that Bioware Austin is a shadow of its former self these days as most of that team got laid off a few months after SWTOR shipped. Possible though that they've restructured a bit over there and maybe staffed up for something, though I believe they are running a smaller ship for maintaining Star Wars.

Either way, I'm interested to see where this goes. Fingers crossed for something legit as hell.

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This seems to me like a "welp, if Hardline isn't gonna make 2014, then we better just goose Dragon Age as OUR release for the holidays". Makes sense in that scheme, though I'm legitimately looking forward to it so waiting an extra six weeks is a bit of letdown. Six more weeks to prep that day one DLC amirite!?

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Since I will definitely be jumping in, I applied as Gnorbooth. Looking forward to jamming with you duders on some hot loot murder action.

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I'm definitely in the negatively effected camp. I jumped on the hype train with episode one and loved it. Then that gnarly four month wait took hold and the season pass was already getting discounted by the time the second episode dropped. I just remember thinking to myself on that basis alone I'll wait next time. Also similar to others when twists started dropping in episode five I was having a rough time of recalling everything correctly cause it'd been damn near nine months since I'd played the first one.

Yeah. I'm going to wait for all the content to be out before I pull the trigger on anymore Telltale games. Save some scrilla too.

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Enjoyed TWAU, though I agree that the episodic nature didn't really do the game any credit this time around. What was that first gap between episodes 1 and 2, like four or so months? Just nuts.

The ending lacked the initial hit of a big moment as like others I was having trouble fully recalling what was being mentioned. But now having had time to digest it, I do like the twist. And I like it way more if Faith is still kicking around. The intrigue builds with her being the puppet master that literally plays everyone in Fabletown so she can get out of her situation (which also matches up with her Fable quite well). She played Crooked Man and his goons. She plays Bigby. I think it also makes a nice nod to the femme fatale stylings you tend to see in noir type settings. And I think it also loops back around to the idea and theme of Bigby is just a tool for others to use.

Anyways, really enjoyed most of it, but I've learned my lesson. Next Telltale game, I'm not picking it up till after all the episodes are out.