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Cosmo is great! I'm happy for him. Thanks for the coverage Patrick!

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So I played the mess out of the beta and really enjoyed wildstar. Thoughts on how its going to turn out? Are the pre-order things worth it? I do know the couple friends I had planned on starting with are not going to be getting it. So I'm kinda on the fence now.

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I have to still believe that the endurance run will come back to us. It is our savior!

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Do it Vin-dawg! I'm alittle scared, but excited too! I can't wait to see what happens next.

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@fameoner: Way to go man. I really enjoyed reading the letter. After finding out about Vinny moving on to NYC and starting a new bomb east. I want to get more involved in this community too. I've done the exact same thing. I just come to the site and watch the videos and comment sometimes. I want to be part of this awesome community more. Just like you are doing!

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@crusader8463: Hmm didn't know about that. may give that a try.

We will see I guess. I mean if its at all like dark souls and I get into it good enough I'll have it on all systems eventually like I do with dark souls.

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@lukeweizer: No doubt. For me it doesn't really matter. I'd prefer to play it on ps3, but either way. I just need to play the damn game. lol

@probablytuna: Yeah basically. We'd stay around the same level I assume and we'd be able to chat now and summon each other I assume.

@roland_d11: I may look into that. Another problem is that of course one of my roomates just doesn't want to get it on 360 so...

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So me and my two other roommates love us some souls games. So we all want to play Dark Souls 2 together. A few problems that we have. We all have 360s but no gold. Me and one other roommate have ps3s, but one doesn't. So either we find a good deal on a ps3 for my other roommate or we all fork over the 50 or 60 dollars a piece to play online together on our 360s. Thoughts? Know of a good deal on ps3s? Also we have tried Craigslist and that didn't work out. Not to mention the recent people getting murdered on craigslist.

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oh ok well damnit! I don't have a damn bit of money right now. AHHH I want to watch the newest Last souls part!

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I had a similar thing happen. I logged into my account today and I'm not premium anymore. I've been a member sense about the time they started the premium up. I also go to my billing info and its completely empty too. I'm confused.