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damn, I already put the funds into my eshop the other day :(

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Gonna get this game on the 14th, here's my friend code:

goalseil - 3995-6975-2500

I am currently going through the list slowly, but please PM me if you have added me so I can add you back quickly

edit: allright, got most of the people in the list now, will start sending PM out to the people I have added, I still have some spaces in my friendlist so you can still add me if you want to, but PM me if you do so I can add you back

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Holy crap, so the game does take up 30gbs, guess I will have to leave my pc on tonight

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A part of me hopes that Ubisoft will get Mr Caffeine to host their conference again.

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BattleTag: Goalseil#1738

Difficulty: all

Class: Monk, Witchdoc

Region: Europe

Currently doing nightmare with Monk, and finishing Normal with the Witchdoctor, I also have a demon hunter but is playing at the start right now

Also not going to play as much until 23/5 since I have an exam on that day

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@Cameron: haven't tried it yet, but I think you can change the resolution in the graphic mode setup in the game folder

Edit: changing the settings by using graphic mode setup doesn't seems to work, you will have to edit the "dosbox.TH.conf" yourself to get it to work:

From MonkfishEsq on GOG forums:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG.com\Theme Hospital
Then open dosboxTH.conf and edit these lines
windowresolution=000x000 (whatever number you want)
output = overlay | opengl | openglnb | ddraw (you cant change the window resolution with surface)

I tried this method and it worked for me.

I really hope GOG can release Sid Meier's simgolf as well, I lost my copy quite a long time ago and I really want to play it again ever since Ryan mentioned it on a video.

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This, I joined and downloaded those episode right after I found this video

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I have got a 50% off AC revelations as well, PM me if anyone wants them

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I am currently doing a Computer Science degree and is quite interested in QA roles, what kind of tasks does QA usually have?

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Would love to join the pc GB syndicate as well, my origin tag is Goalseil