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nice article patrick... on a side note, fish is still being an incredibly whiny baby during this whole tirade.

when he made those racist comments a while back he BLAMED everyone upset for being 'too sensitive' and 'not understanding the joke'... yet when someone calls him out for being a tosspot he throws a massive hissy fit

seems like he is 'too sensitive' and 'not understanding the joke' and should heed his own advice, the dickwad

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honestly, with all of the negative connotations that are brought up around this game already, i am still super excited to actually play it

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i am beginning to think that i am the only one who wasn't pissed and expected a console reveal to be mostly about the console and its new features. i felt even more-so this way after looking back at how sony just trotted out sequels and already-announced multiplatform games the entire ps4 reveal without actually revealing much of the ps4.... after all of the shit, it was only a reveal, and i assume lingering questions will be answered in time and games being announced at e3

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i am hoping this means there will be less of a gap between this and the inevitable pc release, rockstar did right by the pc version of max payne 3 and i hope they can do right again with gta v

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I always blame it on the alcohol, not as a drink but as an accelerant

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plan 9 from outerspace, ive watch it so many times

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M'aiq!!! mai cousin!!! we must go bowling later
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Steam id: goatsoap

origin id: soap_the_goat

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@Ravenlight: i never thought of it that way, and its not getting to me that bad (i am not losing sleep over it :P) its just tiring to look at lurking on boards

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i've become fed up with all of the pettiness involved with the video game community, it seems like lately no one enjoys games anymore :[

brand rivalries, genre disputes, and just petty bitching seem to be the name of the game now, can we all grow up and legitimately love video games again if not we should all find a better hobby to occupy our time and let gaming fall to the wayside.

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