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Warning: if your opinions somehow differ from the multitude of angles explored by Klepek and his collection of various women you will automatically be labeled as an internet-asshole and a misogynist. Please do not disturb the humanitarian crusaders when they are wallowing in self-righteousness. Thank you.

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Good stuff!

Although I don't give a shit about Skylanders or modern Disney, I did buy a bunch of collectible video game thingies as kid. Hell, with the right license (e.g. MLP, some anime) I would probably buy the shit out of something like this today, too.

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I bet that means they've moved up from clunky RE4 controls to clunky RE5 controls:P

I've already seen the game in it's entirety (well, the main story anyway) four and a half times... but I'm still excited to actually play it!

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I count at least 7 or 8 pony references in her skill tree... now there's some lazy referential humor I can get behind!

I'm not a big fan of familiar summoning classes in general, but she seems fun enough to power through the singleplayer with, while my siren remain on co-op duty.

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Heh, glad I waited for the inevitable GOTY/collection version of ME3.

I would play through ME1 again with trophies and, hopefully, better optimized graphics.

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The European PSN store get the shaft every week and Americans whine when some PS1 games almost doesn't work. Oh, cry me a river...

Seriously though, the difference in content across the PSN regions is kinda fucked up. One can only hope that they have better systems and deals in place for the PS4 launch (yeah, right).

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I wasn't waiting for an incredibly difficult unicorn walking simulator... because I've already played one!

Twilight vs Walking

That CLOP one is fun too, though.

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So that's approximately 24% PS era, 28% PS2 era and 48% current gen.

I really wish they had leaned more toward nostalgia. It's supposed to be all-stars, right? Not newcomers & multi-platform swingers.

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Oh it. Is. On!

Being a Mini, the lower resolution and lack of trophies makes it a bit less appealing as a PS3 game, but it seems like a great fit for PSP. Being able to put the system to sleep would also make the game more suitable for shorter sessions.

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This is great! I've been thinking about replaying Doom 3 since Kessler and Steve did it for the Fear Gauntlet.

Also, Doom 1 & 2 on PS3 - about fucking time! Though I really hope they'll have their own trophies (like American McGee's Alice in Madness Returns) and not just be some roms you boot from the proper game (like Splatterhouse 1-3 in the Splatterhouse reboot).

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