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Same Problem. German Visa Card.

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1. The Mercedes were hard on the tires for most of the season, especially in hot weather.

2.Qualifying is split into 3 sections. In the first two the 6 slowest cars get knocked out. In Q3 the Top Ten race for Pole.

3. Red Bull and Ferrari spend the most Money according to the experts. Since engine development has been frozen for a couple of years it all comes down to Aerodynamics.

4. While defending you can only change your line once. No zig-zagging.

5. Sensors. The pilots get an audible Signal when they can activate it.



8. Grosjean got a Penalty for cutting the course and thereby "gaining an Advantage".

9. All the Teams speak in code so as to obfuscate what theyre communicating. Ferrari sometimes speak italian, got to get Vinny in there :)

10. Points are given to the Top Ten ranging from 25 for First to 1 Point for 10th place.

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