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I haven't decided which I will buy first, but I'll eventually have all of them.

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Dead Rising 2

Portal 2

Dead Island

Rayman Origins

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@ajamafalous said:

I never had any issues with the inventory, or the Mako, or the combat system.

I have this nagging feeling that you only say that to be a contrarian, but if you are being genuine, then holy shit you have a lot of tolerance for bland, borderline meaningless exploration, a poorly implemented cover system and an overwhelmingly bad inventory system.

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I never played Morrowind, but other than that, it would have to be Fallout 3. The worst would have to be Oblivion.

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I would kickstart the shit out of a Lincoln Force game.

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I would do this but I am way too weak to try to out-pushup some people on this forum.

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If the games do not run smoother, run natively in all dem P's, and if the visuals aren't as much or more of a jump comparatively from last generation to this generation then what is the point in having a new generation of consoles?

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Yeah, I noticed it too. I like when they whisper because it's usually timely, and comedic.

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The only problems I have are when I see a movie targeted at the brodude audience and they are obnoxious brodudes throughout, as expected, and when the movie I am seeing is quiet and I can hear the movie that is playing adjacent to the screen I am sitting at. That shit is the worst.

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I had a dream where I was locked in my teachers Chemistry classroom with two others when we went back into get something at the last minute. One of the kids started attacking the door with a bat full of nails he found in the cornered and the bat splintered and all the debris went into his face. When the door was finally opened for reasons I don't remember, he was facing the corner covering his face and making no movement or sound.

I also had this dream a while back where my mother and (at the time) toddler brother came into my room in the middle of the night and just stared at me, my mother smiling with my brother in her arms. They just stared and, frightened, I lyed back down and covered my head.