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Super late to the party but thanks for posting the links to the Hotspot! I remember trying to find old episodes to listen to but couldn't find them on iTunes or on GameSpot.

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Dude got caught red handed, proceeded to make dumb excuses for pirating, and then tried hard to change the subject. Great example of shooting yourself in the foot with someone else's gun.

Everything about that guy's Twitter page is incredibly pathetic and now he's asking the people who gifted him the game to also buy him the DLC.

At least Skullgirls got some nice publicity from this, that game and the devs don't get as much recognition as they deserve (especially after the whole Konami fiasco).

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I want to see more of Shaun Mcinnis on GB, both on the Bombcast and UPF.

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Drew's fantastic on the Bombcast, it's great to see him more comfortable with talking on mic now and it's always funny that most of his references go unnoticed.

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Happy birthday to the eternal king of the summer jams.

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Whoa, didn't expect this. Obviously bummed looking at a future of Vinny-less GBSF but incredibly happy for Vinny's family and GB expansion. The humble small business man is now going to be a big, hot shot, business man now over in New York; but hopefully we get more Jeff/Vinny QL's down the road.

There better be one hell of a goodbye party for Vinny before he leaves!

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Los Angeles, California, United States

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Agreed, that was a great stream from Rorie. I didn't even realize that he was streaming from the office until Danny showed up near the end and started talking, for the whole time I thought he was just streaming from home. Also fantastic was him beasting in movie trivia, he has the same level of crazy knowledge about movies as Jeff has about games.

Kind of a bummer though that his talent is being wasted since he mentioned that he still wanted to write. Give him an editor position and all the puppies and Emma Stones he can handle!

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So good! I love how confused and slightly scared Jeff Green looks.