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So good! I love how confused and slightly scared Jeff Green looks.

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"Use the Giant Bomb Steam friends thread and bulk up your Steam friends list in no time, see results in less than 365 days!"

Goes without saying as I've been adding people throughout this thread but if anyone else wants to have me take up a slot of their precious, precious friends list, give me an add.


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Wow, the launch of GB seems like a lifetime ago. I remember having a bad feeling when Jeff was suddenly absent from The Hotspot and On The Spot back in '07, but of course all the events that happened in between led to Giant Bomb's conception. The Sausalito office days were some pretty fantastic times but who would've imagined that Jeff and the crew would be back in the GameSpot offices 5 years later.

The Persona 4 Endurance Run got me through a rough patch in my life and I'll always be grateful for that. May there be many more years of Giant Bomb ahead of us, viva Giant Bomb!

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20 games in my library and I'm ashamed by that number, though I've only been using Steam for about 3 months now. Bright side is that I haven't overwhelmed myself with games to play when I log into Steam.

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Also, here's a good example of old vs. new

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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A lot of it comes from the impossible task of keeping a show fresh and funny after 26 seasons but I have never found any of the newer episodes I catch to be funny or even entertaining.

Every episode I've randomly seen revolved around Homer being either a horrible husband or a horrible father and how he suddenly resolves it by the last few minutes. Episodes from the 90's took their time with jokes and were a lot more subtle with them whereas newer episodes seem to rapid-fire jokes in repetition with most of them being lazily-slapped on pop-culture references. Even the camera angles are just static side shots in every scene with newer episodes.

Sometimes I think it's just my nostalgic love of the hand-animated and painted re-runs I used to watch after school that makes me automatically dislike the new ones but I wonder what people, who grow up watching the newer ones, think of older episodes.

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Happy non-denominational holidays, y'all!

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I love how sketched out and angry Alex looks. Great job, duder!

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Very good to see other people also prefer to get physical CD's, I thought I was one of the very few. Last CD I bought must've been Muse's The 2nd Law.

As much as I prefer physical CD's, I hate that most ship in fold-out cardboard sleeves now.

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Some part of my love for Persona comes from the Endurance Run but it really does deserve the praise people give it, I wholly recommend P4G. It's really weird how much I enjoy Persona 3 and 4 cause I usually stay away from playing JRPG's but it's been fun re-watching the Endurance Run and playing along.

Currently put about 70+ hours into Golden so $30 ain't too shabby for that much game.

I'd recommend using that credit towards a PS Plus subscription and playing Gravity Rush.