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When I think Amiga I always go straight to Agony by Psygnosis. Beautiful sound and art, and the best part is you've kinda seen it all after 5mins :)

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Aberdeen, UK

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Logging into Uplay during a games startup is almost as annoying as Games for Windows used to be. I'm not going to deliberately head towards that client.

All this is going to achieve for me is, I'll just not really notice Ubisofts new games. It's been a long time since I bought an EA game because I just don't see them anymore.

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Oh poops. I thought X Wing was the game everybody always raved about so I bought it the second I saw it... but it turns out TIE Fighter is supposed to be the best one :(

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I can't believe all the hate towards Vib Ribbon.

1. It was and is actually a good rhythm game.

2. The soundtrack is amazing... it may not be to everyones taste, but I'm not just thinking back with rose-tinted glasses, I've ripped my cd of it several times to make sure I always have it in my library (last time I checked it out was a week ago).

3. Just to set things straight: Vibri is a girl. Her final form is like a fairy princess. It was funny on UPF when everyone kept saying 'he'.

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Really sorry to hear about your loss Jeff :(

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seriously, how bummed are you that Ben Kuchera posted a similar article yesterday?

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Also Codemasters had FADE.

Fade worked in a way similar to how some C64 games did it.. where they would have deliberate blank spaces on the disc that would be ignored while copying, but the game could detect if they weren't there. I recommend people read up on old copy protection methods, they're are some really clever ones.

I love the idea of a game having a subtly degraded experience when it's pirated. However didn't that backfire one some dev a few years ago when their game came out and it quickly spread around that it was a buggy mess... they later came out and said that was only on pirated versions but the damage to the public perception of the game was already done.

Also great article Patrick.

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As much as I want Oculus to 'win', point 1 seems like a misdirection. Zenimax said Carmack's code was used to establish the initial Rift, not that it was in it now.

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Interesting article. Thanks Patrick and SnakeVS.