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@sofacitysweetheart said:
" It's a shame you guys are so biased in your dislike you BioShock 2. I guess if they called it BioShock Infinite, it would have been taked about more highly... "
They don't like a game you liked, so they're biased. Mmhmm.
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@vinsanityv22 said:

" Brad, I love you man, but you gotta play more games. Comparing Stacking to Assassin's Creed? Just because you do something to other characters when they're looking away from you? You really should pick up Space Station Silicon Valley (N64) sometime, or Messiah (PC). I demand a Quick Look Throwback! "

He was just using a current, topical game to help explain a concept. When was the last time anyone compared a game to Space Station Silicon Valley?
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@alexfase said:
" I am crying from laughing so much. "
God me too. I haven't laughed as much at Frake's devil face as I have for a long time.
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@SockLobster said:
" Why are you guys so negative about this game and also terrible at it "
They weren't hating on it. Brad said he liked it many times.
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@Raymayne said:
" No Brad no, it's fucking Eye-co. "
Nope, Brad's saying it right.
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I love that text sound that plays for every syllable the characters say. Sounds almost unchanged from the first two games.
EDIT: Oh hey I guess that jump sound is pretty much unchanged as well.

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Watching this is goddamn tiring. STUPEFY! STUPEFY!

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Yes! A Ryan and Vinny QL!

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@ShaneDev said:
" Alex is always so negative and nasally sounding.*  This looks worse than that Kinect game but this QL is hilarious. *Behind the Screened Door joke "
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Wow, that just takes in-game advertising to a whole 'nother level. Ridiculous.