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You sure it's not "Call 'em like you see 'em?"

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@Red12b said:

love the idea, you probably should have named the thread something more indicative of it's meaning as im not sure a bunch of latin will give you many replies, but nevertheless...

"Caveat emptor"

"The buyer beware"

"Cuique suum"

"To each his own"

"deus ex machina"

"god out of the machine"

Veni, vidi, vici

How could you miss the obvious joke of Vinni, vidi, vici? :D

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Odd, it has a 4.68 rating with 98 reviews on the PSN store. I smell shenanigans!

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@Toxeia said:

This seems a little late to be realizing his lady friend was pregnant...

Pretty sure they knew before now, just that they announced it today.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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@Grimluck343 said:

@Superfriend said:

@Grimluck343 said:

@digitalsea87 said:

It's really sad it has come to this.

And to the people complaining about Patrick's 'soapbox': "Oh no, the news guy has an opinion about something! How dare he! Blasphemy!" - This is what you sound like.

Keep it up, Klepek.

Actually, what they really sound like is "Why is there a news article on the front page that's nothing but Patrick bitching about preorder bonuses?"

It´s what they call "editorial content". Go read a newspaper someday.

Editorial content doesn't equal news. Go read Kotaku someday.

It might not equal news, but it sure as hell is a part of journalism.

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@Taka: The way I tackled it was to send the villagers to the nearest totem and then grab the lava-repel music knowledge. Whilst you're sending your villagers off, take every one of those stupid water-bursting and explosion trees near the starting village and go throw them in a lake somewhere. I took evaporate next, as that (along with lava-repel) will help you deal with both the lava and the water. Then I got Infinite Earth, and raised all the totems above the typical level the lava/water reaches.  The rest should be pretty easy, although it can be a pain in the backside getting the 100% trees with the small patches of lava springing up everywhere setting fire to everything.
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@Jethuty: Yo dawg, only our tabloids. And their number seems to be rapidly shrinking, thank god.
@Prodstep: It would appear they are a sub-human, lizard-like species.
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Good going there The Sun.

Although considering it's a Murdoch rag, what did you expect?
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@Branthog said:

So Journey is this year's Braid and Limbo, I guess. We can all self-wank over it to show how clever and diverse we are.

We still know nothing about the game and it looks only minimally interesting. It might be the greatest fucking thing ever, but none of us would know it, yet. We just know that it's the next hip thing to talk about.

Self-wank nominated for tautology of the year.

Heaven forbid it's not another grey and brown shooter. Also, we know a fair bit; there's gameplay footage and everything.

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@AlexW00d: Yeah, that happened to me too (the spoilered bit is the text with the dashed-white border around it). Seems if I just press it it highlights the whole paragraph, so it's probably busted.