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@AlexW00d said:

Spoiler tag.Spoiler tag.Spoiler tag.Spoiler tag.Spoiler tag.Spoiler tag.Spoiler tag.

Spoiler tags don't work for me. Unless I am doing them wrong.

This work?

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Scrolling down the page using the arrow keys seems to be a great deal jerkier (larger, uneven steps when pressed, even skipping large chunks of the page) when there's a box with the new editor on it. Firefox 4.0.1, Windows 7.

EDIT: Ditto for Home, End and Page Up/Down, of which Home and End don't seem to work at all.

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Credit has been received! I can die happy now.
(that Norm picture...*shudders*)

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Hah, you got round to reading the Princess Diana manga I see.

Truly, there are some things we were never meant to understand.

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@guiseppe said:

" I find it suspicious that they've seemingly made a report that's been hidden away for some 60 years public all of a sudden. "

Weird, it's almost as if some sort of act to do with freedom of information existed, which meant documents got declassified after a certain amount of time.

The memo has been available, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act, for some time, but the Vault has made nearly 2,000 records all the more readable and searchable, so expect more conspiracies to bubble up in the future.

I don't know about you, Mulder, but I'm stumped. :D
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@Leafhopper: Mine says Shoji Meguro haha. I mean, it's a valid reading, but a lot of the occurrences of the name seem to be translation mistakes.
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@Devoid: I ripped the text-only version from the page source for you.
「ねぇ、マヨナカテレビって知ってる?」 家庭の事情で都会から伯父の住む稲羽市へと越してきた鳴上悠。 閑散とした町並み、寂れた商店街、若者たちの集まる大型ショッピングモール……。 穏やかな時間の流れる田舎町で八十神高校の新しいクラスメイト達と過ごす生活が始まる。 しかし転校初日の朝、市内でとある女子アナウンサーの遺体が テレビアンテナに吊るされた状態で発見される。 町を覆う原因不明の霧と、若者達の間で囁かれている「マヨナカテレビ」の噂。 雨の夜の午前0時、消えているテレビをひとりで見ると画面に映るという 自分ではない別の人間の正体とは……。 個性豊かな友人たちと過ごす日々の中、 徐々に迫りくる異変は、果たして何をもたらすのか--?

The rough approximation for which is:

 "Hey , you know Mayonakaterebi ? "

Yu has been ringing over and over to the City of Rice feathers from his uncle who lives in the city for family reasons .
The deserted streets , deserted shopping mall, a large gathering of young people ... .
New life begins spending time with classmates through high school in a rural 八十神 peaceful time .

Transfer first morning but the bodies of certain female announcer in the city
Be found hanging in a TV aerial .

And unexplained fog covering the town has been whispered among young people , " Mayonakaterebi " rumors .
Rainy night at midnight , that reflected on the TV screen is off by herself
Myself and not the identity of another person ... .

Spending time with my friends every day in a quirky ,
Gradually approaching catastrophe , what really brings something - ?

Sifting through the Engrish, it seems it's pretty much the plot of the game. Not sure what the first bit's going on about, though.
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@mutha3 said:
" @Godot said:
" Looks like Shoji Meguro's doing the music again at least. "
Source? At least that sounds good. "
On the staff page. Google Translate if you don't believe me (although they read the kanji in his name as Masashi rather than Shoji).
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Looks like Shoji Meguro's doing the music again at least.

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@Hailinel said:
" @kingzetta said:
" I actually do not like the new name pronunciations. Cao Cao ((tso tso)) I like, but Sun Ce being "Soon Ha" instead of "Soon Say" does not sound good. "
Well, it's the correct pronunciation, so hey. "
It also stops the pronunciation of Cao Cao's son (Cao Pi) being cow pee. So that's something.