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" All of the launch games look kind of bad.  I would just wait until a game that I actually wanted to play came out. "

This can be said of most launch line-ups. When I first bought my 360 I came this close to buying Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie for lack of options (although had I known of the craziness of Amped 3 at the time I would have bought it in a heartbeat).
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" @project343 said:

" @Laketown: Been a while. Believe it was a temple guardian--guarding the entrance to a temple. I remember lots of sand, and oil platforms. Then giant firey bird. Characters were not built in such a way to handle it. Failsauced. "
I quit at the same place. I wasn't really enjoying the game up to that point, though Tim Rogers' adoration of it has made me consider going back in. Unfortunately I don't own it anymore "
Same here. I was doing quite well up to that point as well (doing a decent amount of the sidequests to boot), but the Garuda effectively demolished my team. The prospect of going back and grinding isn't exactly tempting.
EDIT: Although looking at a guide now, it apparently helps if you blind it. Might have to go back and have another crack at it.
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The thing about The Polar Express is that it was the dead-looking, barely moving eyes that helped plunge the characters down into the uncanny valley. It's one of those invisible things that doesn't get noticed when it's correct, but when it's done wrong it's incredibly noticeable.
I'd like to think Square learned a lot about avoiding the uncanny valley when they made Final Fantasy: Spirits Within; like The Polar Express, people also put the poor box office performance down to the unnaturalness of the characters.

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@DerekDanahy said:
" @Gizmo: Yeah last time I used the wiki it seemed to be a cesspool for pornographic material instead of any information. "
To be fair, Ethan's been doing a good job at cleaning that shit up.
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Currently slogging through The Answer on Persona 3 FES. Seems like I'm not alone in playing P3 haha.

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@SMTDante89: You have my blessing. :D
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Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is another example of this. I think it's probably just an older way of doing subtitles that fell out of fashion.
Uncharted 3; or, Drake's Deception does have a nice ring to it though.
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I feel like already being English is like using a walkthrough.