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I'm going to list what I feel are the OP (overpowered) attacks and such from each class. 
Assault - This class can keep a good distance and still do decent damage. Not so OP, but the main thing is their Charge. And when upgraded to level 3 it becomes an insane grapple move that can easily knock you out of the arena. 

Tank - Their health is high and with custom armor they are completely beast. They also have a Charge attack that does substantial damage. Fully upgraded grenades are also quite powerful and when they cluster usually kill anything within range. 

Support - This class at first isn't OP at all. Very weak it would seem, until you upgrade the Air Strike ability. This ability is very, very strong. It can kill anything in it in one hit (besides Jackbots). Their turrets are also quite powerful and the shotgun, though it has quite a short range, is very strong and can destroy Assassins ans Soldiers. 

Assassin - This class' cloak is somewhat annoying, but can still be seen. Dash plus cloak is pretty strong, but still not too OP. Their assassination/grapple move coupled with lunge is very, very strong though. Basically a two-hit KO for any class that meets her in a dark alley. 

Gunner - The gunner is somewhat balanced, but still a bit too powerful with the dual miniguns. This plus crit is very strong and can mow down most enemies. Also with extended clips, he basically shoots forever and with a quick reload it's hard to fight him off. 

Sniper - I hate this class and yet this class is prolly the weakest one. The strongest thing is their headshots which is pretty legit for a sniper class in a game. The traps and stuff can get annoying, but they don't make me hate the sniper.

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@HairyMike87: I sent you a friend request. I'm about to play some MW2 with my brother, but I'll be on again in a bit.
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This game is pretty good and if they release cheap/free maps for it, then I'll definitely keep playing. Maybe even new gametypes. All speculation at this point though. 
Anyways, if anyone wants to play with me, I'm pretty good if I have a good team. Doctor XIII is my GT.

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@Baillie: Sorry that I didn't add you yet. I've been a tad bit busy. I'll do it tonight.
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@Baillie said:
" @GodSlam: Name/Handle (doesn't have to be your real name): Iain Baillie (Call me Baillie)Age: 21Gamertag (if you have one): somekindof FOZYLocation (state if you want privacy): Glasgow, ScotlandFavorite Movie: Way too many, movie aficionado.Favorite Band/Artist: Muse, Biffy Clyro.Religion: Athiest, or maybe slightly agnostic?Any other interests: Football (read: soccer), MMA, Gigs, Boxing, Web/Video Design... PODCASTS AND YOU (L). "
Hokay, I'll add you on the Xbox in a bit and see about your accent.
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@ebritt: Lulz. I'm not a fan of them. There's not many bands that I dislike though. Prolly only Green Day. -_-
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@ebritt said:
" Pirating things is baaad :( ... as are the foo fighters "
Yes, it is. I buy what I can. I changed it in my post to show that I just try to keep up to date on what has leaked.
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@Berezov: I sent a friend request to you on Xbox.
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@Baillie: Heh. Yeah, I've heard some really heavy Scottish accents. If you'd like to apply, go ahead.
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 So, I was on my way home from McDonald's today when I had the idea that I'm gonna make a podcast or something of the like. Thing is, I'd be alone. So I had another idea where I'd try and find people with similar interests. Views on those things can be different, but the interests should be the same. So I guess I'm here looking for candidates now.

My interests include:
TV Shows.
Modding games.
Leaked movies, games and programs. (This is more so just to stay clued in on what has leaked)
Exercising when I can.
I'm an Atheist, but I'd just like someone with a vast knowledge of religion no matter what side of it you're on.

Those are what I have for now.

I'd like to make my first show as early as tomorrow, but whenever, I guess.
For this you have to have a microphone and X-Fire. I'm also open to other ideas for this.

The general idea will be me hosting this on Livestream and letting others watch my desktop as I surf the internet and they can listen to us talk. I'll gather a list of things to talk about for the week and we can check everything out. We can also take live questions and give out answers to basically anything. We can show our opinions and maybe even have shows that are set towards certain topics. There will be a short resume if you'd like to apply. Just reply to this thread with it completed and I'll check it out. If you do apply, I'd prefer that you live in the US because accents may be hard to understand and I'd like to get away from as much lag as possible.
EDIT: Another reason for being in America is the time thing. I can be up at anytime, but if there's multiple people in my group and conflicting timezones, then I'd have to cut someone. 

Name/Handle (doesn't have to be your real name):
Gamertag (if you have one):
Location (state if you want privacy):
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Band/Artist:
Any other interests:    

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