Zelda isn't about story and Puzzles, it is an action/RPG

Today Zelda defined by the following definitions, story, puzzles exploration, characters and adventures.  I make this conclusion not of my opinion but on what others discuss of Zelda .  If we were to call Zelda an Action RPG today, we would find a lot of confusion today.  Today, nobody defines Zelda as an action RPG.  We call it an adventure game.  It shouldn't come to much surprise.  After all Nintendo no longer calls Zelda an action RPG but an adventure game.  Just take a look Nintendo's listing of Zelda 1 , Zelda 2 , Zelda a Link to the Past , Zelda Ocarina of Time , and Zelda Majora's Mask .  It would make a lot of sense on the surface with proof like that.  But then what about games that are Zelda like?  There are some games that without a doubt can be dubbed "zelda clones" or "Zelda like games" made by other companies.  Would they label their games as adventure games?  Here is a partial list of them:
Neutopia II
Wonder Boy 3
Beyond Oasis
Secret of Mana

If you were to look at all those links, they are defined as Action RPGs (with exception of Secret of Mana, which is defined as just an RPG).  Isn't bizarre that Nintendo would term their games different from the competition?  I would say it is bizarre that Nintendo decided to relabel their games.  Zelda was once defined as action RPG just like the rest of these.  Take a look at the last paragraph of this Nintendo Newsletter.  Nintendo defined their series as a combination of action and rpg games.


So how did this new label come to be?  There are two reasons for this, the hybrid principle and productivity purposes.  Back in the NES days, video games were rarely defined by their genre.  Games were being designed to be hybrids and mixes and matches of games to make brand new ones.  What do people call a game that plays like Zelda and a vertical scrolling shooting game?  It is called Guardian Legend .  How about taking Zelda and Mario together?  That is called Metroid .  What about Metroid and Zelda?  That is called Blaster Master .  How about blending Contra and Mario?  I'll call that Megaman .  Thanks to to blending of games, fresh, exciting and new games were coming out.  When you look at the Zelda series, it isn't as action intensive as other games such as Mario and a few others that come to mind when you think action games.  Then there is the other extreme, the RPGs, where Zelda fails to have that intensive RPG values of stat building that previous RPGs had.

The second and more important reason is productivity purposes. Go into 1995 and the industry made the jump from 2d to 3d with consoles and Nintendo wants all their games to be 3d.  Now you need to produce a game that was once 2d into a 3d setting.  Such a rule can be hard to apply if there distinct guidance how to go about.  So how do you go about getting those results?  Redefine what you are working with.  As long as matches some of the features built from previous games, it gives a designer some wiggle room.  That is how Zelda Orcarina of Time was built.  They did this by maintaining certain features, such as combat, item acquisition, dungeon crawling, and maintaining common experiences such as exploration.  However, the features would become later redefined.  Instead of defending against a hoard of enemies in one room, a player in Orcarina of time is likely to face off one enemy at a time(However, the illusion of being attacked by multiple enemies was created).  Items which had previous had preserved most of its value extensively through out the game became tied mostly to one dungeon (where events would be triggered to make an item look useful.)  In the original zelda, bombs were just as important for combat as the sword in the same manner that it was important for exploring.  Today, most of a bombs use is for exploration.  Dungeon Crawling, the place of the most dangerous combat in the game, got replaced with the use of puzzles to restrict exploration.  Even exploration has been redefined in Zelda.  Just check out this speed run.



Notice how the person decided to follow which order of doing dungeons is being done.  Today, a player MUST move from dungeon 1 to 2 to 3 and so forth.

Keep in mind another mentality of today.  Isn't there much complaint about how Zelda feels stale?  That each new iteration loses its "magic."  What it does well is to attract new gamers who will get that "magic" where as old gamers feel like their eating stale bread.  Zelda 2 is always gets poked at for being the black sheep for being different from the other zelda games.  It is perhaps the most Zelda game out there with being the most intensive in the action and rpg department of the series.  Ask someone who played Zelda 1 "how many times did you playthrough this game?"  I can tell you right now, more times than the number of fingers they have.  I know  this to be true for myself.  I played the game back in the 90's, when the collector's edition was released and even today.  The same is true for Zelda 2 and Zelda 3.  Ask a person "How many times did you playthrough Orcarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Windwaker and Twilight Princess?"  I played through Orcarina of Time probably about 5 times, and once I beat the rest, I would only scratch the surface with them playing in no more than 2 hours.  This is a clear problem in regard to quality of those that is being designed with the new games.  They simply lack the replay value that the older games had.  Zelda doesn't need new gimmicks to try to fresh (such as boat sailing or a link transforming into a wolf), but instead needs to go back to roots as an action/rpg.  So here is my check list:

Combat:  When a player entered a room, players were attacked by hoards of monsters at the same time, something that could keep a game from going stale and staying a classic.

Items:  Most items are almost exclusively useful in the dungeons they are found in.  They should be more useful for combat and have a flexible tactical use for the player to use.  in addition, it should also reshape how the player explores the landscape of the game, which modern zelda games aren't doing.

Get rid of Puzzles:  Is a puzzle in a zelda game interesting again once again when it is solved?  The answer is no.  It is simply no longer fresh and becomes redundant in every sequence of play since the player knows how to solve the puzzle again.

Exploration:  There was a time when the player shaped most of this.  This allowed for the experience to be ever changing from the first playthrough and allow for a unique experience every time. The new zelda games do this for you and result in a redundant experience.  

Keep the story to the instruction booklet:  In the old days, most of the story was told through the booklet.  It gave more sense of myth to create a sense of premise or purpose for why the world of zelda exists.  Then once it became in game, the rest of it was left to the imagination of the player.

Anyways sorry I haven't been very active in the forums.  I have been pretty busy with school work and what not.  I should be coming on more frequently since the school year is ending.


Am I a Jerk?

 On valentines day, in my psychology class, when class had just ended, one of my classmates came up to me and asked "Do you have a valentine?"
My answer was no.
Then she asked "Would you like a valentine?"
I then replied "No, I am not interested"
I think when I said it, I sounded a little cold.  However at the time I was sick a few days prior carrying 64 oz of Gatorade just so I can avoid
dehydration while in school.

It isn't uncommon for women to hit on me.  Then let it play out casually until she falls out of interest.  It's not that these women are unattractive or anything, its just that I find dating to be a vice in the current point in time.  It eats away at ones resources rather than acquiring assets.  In addition I am trying to make life more comfortable when I get older.  Rather than working for thirty years because I need, I want to choice to work or not to work. Maybe I'll have a family, and I know I can support my son at his little league games or something.  I do like the idea that I can give someone else a better life than I got when I was a kid.  I always took measures to look into future and neglect most of the experiences I could have in the now, because it has been extremely important to me to have a strong future with as many doors available to me of all different sizes.

However, this is the first time I have been seriously been reflecting on my decision to effectively reject a woman.  I remember being asked out at prom by a handful of different women and rejecting each and everyone of them. Never went to prom either. Never was considered important to me.  Never regretted the decision either.  Now a random person asks me to be their valentine and NOW I am reconsidering my stance on dating.  It has been eating away at me. I think it was because of the way she frowned the following class.  I looked into her eyes and saw in her facial expression of despair.  But why should that bother me? I already rejected women who showed similiar expression.  Whats wrong with me?


Stock Simulator Day 48: KaosAngel needs to learn to be patient



Account Value (USD)
Today's Change in Value
Overall %
Mean $103,431.04 $185.55 3.43%
StDev 6419.176327 1062.504383 6.42%
Today's Top 10 Performing Investors
Current Rank Today’s change in value Previous day's Rank
51. ErrEff $3,606.15 96
50. Godwind $2,541.43 91
24. Warrozo $2,321.00 32
12. ihaveasteak $2,174.37 16
18. AmonHouston $2,028.40 25
21. resident4t $1,920.34 27
4. Lantean $1,840.88 5
5. MarbleKnight $1,429.12 6
6. FluxWaveZ $1,375.00 7
10. Chaotic13 $1,315.87 13
 Video Game Stock Index
 So news on the street is that Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed again.  Before this was announced, KaosAngel had apparently bought some video game steering wheel controller to play the game.  As the phrase went, "Got Wheel for Christmas.  Nothing to play."  To this I have a few responses:
1) Does this really surprise anyone?  Is this really news worthy?  I know I am looking forward to Gran Turismo 5, but it isn't as if nothing else is around to play.
2) Who the hell buys an accessory without having a game to play?
3)  We all know the statement, "Got Wheel for Christmas.  Nothing to play." is a lie.  KaosAngel is actually a Muslim.  He tried to trick me into believing that he was a Christan.  He should have tried Druidism, or Taoism, or Judaism.  I would have been tricked much more easily.  You couldn't put the wool over my eyes this time.
Also, we should chip in money for KaosAngel and buy him an Xbox360, Forza Motorsport 3, and Project Gotham Racing 4, and a wheel.  Then give it to him on Thanksgiving day.  The trade off is that Kaosangel would have to dress up as a female pilgrim.  That would be fun to watch.

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Stock Simulator Day 47: Adding new content to the Daily reports



Account Value
Today's Change in Value
Mean $103,099.28 $216.24 3.10%
StDev 6473.537708 1113.875212 6.47%
 Today's Top 10 Performing Investors
Current Rank
Today's Change in Value
Previous Rank
2. Matfei90 $5,467.00
3. Daveyo520 $2,404.65
10. Saminougat $2,401.61
48. Godwind $2,296.18
5. FluxWaveZ $2,275.00
4. Lantean $2,077.87
31. laserfrog $2,043.10
13. Korone $1,977.00
17. RiftTrax $1,770.00
 Good work guys.  I decided to make some addition to the daily reports.  The first you have already seen is the "Today's Top 10 Performing Investors."  It basically ranks out the people who had the largest change in value for the day.
The next new content I am adding is the Video Game Index.  Since this is a website, about video games, I thought it would be an interesting addition.
Company Ticket Modifier Outstanding Shares Day 0
Majesco Entertainment Co. COOL 100.00% 39,510,000 24,733,260
Electronic Arts ERTS 100.00% 330,300,000 5,486,283,000
Interplay Entertainment IPLY 100.00% 122,600,000 7,356,000
Konami Corporation (ADR) KNM 100.00% 133,460,000 2,347,561,400
Microsoft Corporation MSFT 12.89% 8,650,000,000 27,685,077,550
Nintendo (ADR)
NTDOY 100.00% 1,130,000,000 35,391,600,000
Sony (ADR) SNE 11.76% 1,000,000,000 3,750,264,000
THQ THQI 100.00% 67,760,000 290,012,800
Take-Two Interactive TTWO 100.00% 84,980,000 905,037,000

Index Total 75,887,925,010

Percentage 100.00%

Base Percentage Change 0.00%

Inter day percentage Change

So what does all this mean?  I took 9 companies that are traded in the United States to represent the index.  The Ticker is just the ticket symbol.  The modifier represents the portion of the company that is represented as video game profits.  This only applies to Sony and Microsoft since they extend beyond just video games.  Outstanding Shares are the shares that exist on the market.  Day 0 happens to be the base day.  This will be the day which all days will be judged against.  The Index Total is the total value of the index for the day.  The percentage is the value against day 0.  Base Percentage change represents how many points it changed from day 0.  Interday percentage change is just the change in value from the previous value.

 If you want to test your luck against the video game index, you should consider going to this site.  Search for Giantbomb and the password is "duder".   

Stock Simulator Day 46: What happened to Day 45? Conspiracy!


Current Rank Previous day’s rank Account Value (USD) Today’s change in value Overall%
1. DrFeelgood38 1 $126,203.88 ($144.99) 26.20%
2. Matfei90 5 $121,746.52 $8,301.00 21.75%
3. Red12b 2 $116,747.53 $1,377.24 16.75%
4. Daveyo520 3 $116,335.36 $1,240.95 16.34%
5. Lantean 4 $114,881.78 $865.74 14.88%
6. MarbleKnight 8 $113,701.81 $934.49 13.70%
7. FluxWaveZ 6 $113,207.77 ($50.00) 13.21%
8. Sinbearer 7 $113,139.01 $1.75 13.14%
9. Nolor 9 $112,962.13 $198.95 12.96%
10. jorojoserojas 11 $112,164.92 $1,156.00 12.16%
11. Pazy 10 $111,370.45 $193.78 11.37%
12. Saminougat 15 $111,319.39 $1,919.56 11.32%
13. Chaotic13 12 $110,914.60 $518.09 10.91%
14. Slax 14 $110,001.92 $12.52 10.00%
15. Idgitt 13 $109,411.89 ($792.00) 9.41%
16. ihaveasteak 16 $109,030.12 $542.75 9.03%
17. Korone 19 $109,000.46 $1,339.50 9.00%
18. mrcap123 17 $108,710.07 $767.00 8.71%
19. RiftTrax 22 $107,971.26 $1,020.00 7.97%
20. angelkanarias 18 $107,852.60 $32.40 7.85%
21. tineyoghurt 20 $107,316.68 $180.51 7.32%
22. RiotBananas 21 $107,229.64 $259.94 7.23%
23. C2C 23 $106,773.77 $340.00 6.77%
24. jinkelus 27 $106,525.58 $634.70 6.53%
25. AmonHouston 24 $106,428.85 $123.20 6.43%
26. SPiercey 25 $106,126.19 $99.00 6.13%
27. resident4t 30 $105,890.33 $552.72 5.89%
28. mm665 32 $105,602.01 $598.10 5.60%
29. Bionicicide 28 $105,283.99 ($291.00) 5.28%
30. crusader8463 29 $105,235.85 ($241.25) 5.24%
31. MattyFTM 31 $105,084.07 ($240.00) 5.08%
32. Warrozo 26 $105,072.18 ($920.00) 5.07%
33. chainreaction01 34 $104,670.32 $131.58 4.67%
34. laserfrog 44 $104,622.60 $1,438.55 4.62%
35. thatduder 35 $104,589.58 $144.00 4.59%
36. Undeadpool 33 $104,517.69 ($434.00) 4.52%
37. Xeiphyer 36 $104,240.47 $220.51 4.24%
38. Manhattan_Project 40 $104,023.08 $301.51 4.02%
39. tdk08 39 $103,871.72 $56.00 3.87%
40. tastyaubergine 38 $103,795.76 ($22.70) 3.80%
41. GIANT00buckets 42 $103,609.43 $246.51 3.61%
42. reuelthomas 41 $103,589.52 $195.80 3.59%
43. TheN00B 46 $103,585.85 $736.50 3.59%
44. diezeitgeist 43 $103,559.91 $256.51 3.56%
45. mracoon 37 $103,444.52 ($446.00) 3.44%
46. LazPsEG 45 $103,081.10 $57.01 3.08%
47. Timoyang1996 48 $102,586.83 $79.00 2.59%
48. CheezeStick 47 $102,400.79 ($354.51) 2.40%
49. Allprox 50 $102,116.52 $16.40 2.12%
50. c1337us 52 $102,040.28 $67.20 2.04%
51. Theavsfan 51 $102,035.81 $50.00 2.04%
52. Sonjo 49 $101,845.06 ($444.00) 1.85%
53. one2nd 55 $101,836.48 $555.60 1.84%
54. Gav47 53 $101,499.56 $12.00 1.50%
55. foggel 54 $101,201.21 ($84.24) 1.20%
56. Bolt3 56 $100,923.04 ($84.00) 0.92%
57. KaosAngel 59 $100,835.41 $220.59 0.84%
58. mauveforest 57 $100,819.76 ($83.00) 0.82%
59. The_John 58 $100,800.09 $58.80 0.80%
60. Bo17 64 $100,535.87 $381.80 0.54%
61. LincoIn 61 $100,445.51 $5.00 0.45%
62. Laticsfan 62 $100,303.75 $0.00 0.30%
63. MartinHval 63 $100,190.03 $0.00 0.19%
64. CRAzYKiLL3R93 60 $100,169.54 ($357.70) 0.17%
65. destruktive 66 $100,084.93 $0.00 0.08%
66. Flappy 70 $100,084.93 $0.00 0.08%
67. TheSeductiveMoose 71 $100,084.93 $0.00 0.08%
68. Jimi_2 67 $100,084.93 $0.00 0.08%
69. Banggoo 68 $100,084.93 $0.00 0.08%
70. jeknod 69 $100,084.93 $0.00 0.08%
71. reptar77 73 $100,082.19 $0.00 0.08%
72. Krenor 72 $100,082.19 $0.00 0.08%
73. A_Wet_Shamwow 77 $100,080.42 $10.80 0.08%
74. Mr_Skeleton 74 $100,079.45 $0.00 0.08%
75. SaucepanMan 75 $100,073.86 ($0.60) 0.07%
76. T0mF5 76 $100,071.23 $0.00 0.07%
77. CL60 80 $100,065.39 $6.70 0.07%
78. act26 79 $100,063.01 $0.00 0.06%
79. ErrorOperator 78 $100,063.01 $0.00 0.06%
80. L1GHTN1N 81 $100,046.58 $0.00 0.05%
81. StarFoxA 82 $100,046.58 $0.00 0.05%
82. ahriman22 88 $100,041.67 $19.80 0.04%
83. Conanfan 83 $100,035.62 $0.00 0.04%
84. No0b0rAmA 84 $100,035.62 $0.00 0.04%
85. DaSoul 85 $100,035.62 $0.00 0.04%
86. whitesox_gb 86 $100,030.14 $0.00 0.03%
87. lemoncookie01 87 $100,024.66 $0.00 0.02%
88. Dermont 89 $100,000.00 $0.00 0.00%
89. fwylo 90 $99,958.13 $0.00 -0.04%
90. ErrEff 91 $99,930.18 $261.70 -0.07%
91. Godwind 65 $99,899.85 ($241.24) -0.10%
92. BionicMonster 92 $99,653.73 $10.00 -0.35%
93. cide 95 $99,596.55 $802.22 -0.40%
94. Falx 94 $98,856.28 $0.00 -1.14%
95. Steve_C 93 $98,691.78 ($219.65) -1.31%
96. Leon592 96 $98,531.28 ($100.00) -1.47%
97. s7evn 97 $98,301.98 ($50.00) -1.70%
98. sarahsdad 98 $96,705.97 ($20.00) -3.29%
99. jadeskye 99 $95,444.41 $238.98 -4.56%
100. Metalideth 100 $94,487.92 $0.00 -5.51%
101. visariloyalist 101 $87,526.56 $600.00 -12.47%
102. ZimboDK 102 $86,239.21 ($66.00) -13.76%
103. Fripplebubby 103 $84,728.15 ($355.00) -15.27%
104. EvilTheSlayer 104 $78,573.19 ($543.36) -21.43%


   Account Value  Today's Change in Value  Overall %
Mean      $103,130.98 $228.90 3.13%
StDev 6611.644535 917.0559492 6.61%
 So you might be wondering "Godwind, what the hell happened to Day 45 of the simulator?  I see Day 44 and Day 46."  I have an explanation for that, it is called a conspiracy theory.  Like all conspiracy theories, they must be true, like Roswell and Aliens.  You know that they are real.  Anyways, onto the theories.
Theory 1:  My eyebrows caught on fire.
Why this would affect reporting Day 45:  The fact of the matter is, when I raising my eyebrows like The Rock, I created a lot of friction between the air and my eyebrows.  When a lot of friction occurs, it can heat one's eyebrows to the point of incineration.  This also caused me to have my skinned burned and catch a sexual transmitted disease.  I would try to perform some voodoo rituals in order to replace the burnt skin, the missing eyebrows and remove the STD.  As a result, I couldn't attend to doing computer work because that would destroy the effects of the voodoo magic.
Theory 2: I lost my virginity!
 Fuck you guys.  Why the hell would I want to report the performance of the group when when I can be humping and rumping some hot bitch?
Theory 3: Poor communication between me and Kaosangel.
This is the most unlikely case because, as we all know, Kaoseangel and I are the same people.  That or we were both banging the same woman at the same time.  But let's assume that such a case of poor communication occurred.  For example, an agreement made between me and kaos, where I report the the dailies and he reports the weeklies and monthlies.  However, I assumed Friday was when the weeklies would happen, and Kaos assumed otherwise.  That would result would be that day 45 not being reported.  Of course, as I have said, Theory 1 and 2 make a lot more sense.
P.S.  Kaos, that woman we banged was actually a Transvestite.

  If you want to know where two men who bang transvestites go to make money, you should consider going to this site.  Search for Giantbomb and the password is "duder".    

Stock Simulator Day 44: Goldman Sachs downgrades Microsoft


Mean $102,519.46 ($429.64) 2.52%S&P500 (0.12%)
StDev 5859.886547 1226.504405 5.86%
 We slipped by 6 basis points, not a huge dip, just means you slackers need to improve.  Now go out and whore yourselves for some stocks. 
In other news, Goldman Sachs downgraded Microsoft from a buy rating to a hold rating.  Is Kinect to blame?
To quote the article
" The analysts are bullish on the potential for the Kinect motion-sensitive controller to broaden the market for the Xbox 360, but they say profitability "remains the biggest challenge" for Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, when factoring in corporate overhead

That leads to what might be the most radical proposal in the report -- the suggestion to "carve out" Microsoft's consumer businesses from the rest of the company. Another excerpt:

A break-up of the consumer businesses could potentially unlock hidden value, or more discipline on cost could turn the businesses into contributors to profitability and shareholder value. For example, the Xbox products could be an appealing stand-alone entity, given the historical success of the Xbox and the products’ brand strength, and the business could show unlocked value with forced cost discipline compared to as a piece of Microsoft. To date the company’s comments suggest that management still sees significant value in combining the consumer and enterprise efforts, but we view a foot in both camps as preventing a successful focus on one strategy, a la Oracle in the enterprise or Apple for consumers.  "
To those who own stocks in Microsoft, BANGKOK!   

To those who are interested in getting Bangkoked by Microsoft, you should consider going to this site.   For those interested in making money and not pissing it away, consider joining this site.  Search in game for Giantbomb and the password is duder.

Stock Simulator Day 43: The Citizen Kane of Daily reports



Account Value
Today's Change in Value
Overall %

Mean $102,602.09 $489.10 2.60% S&P500 (-0.07%)
Stdev $6,082.32 $1,092.26 6.08%
Well not really, shit isn't really booming, but it has been an odd day, a lot of stocks have shifted in weird ways, especially with cloud computing.  Now is a good time to be investing not because time is good, but because the times are bad, and there are a lot  of chances for expansion.
 Since I had to bring up Citizen Kane, I just watched it for the first time in my life.  It is a fun movie to watch.  It is kind of weird.  It is plain and complex at the same time.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to watch the last 15 minutes of the movie.  I still don't know what Rose Bud is.
Anyways, tomorrow is a new day, and for those that lost money has new chances.  If you are new to the game, you should consider going to this site.  Search for Giantbomb and the password is "duder".

Stock Simulator Day 42: I carry the torch for daily reports


$102,977.73 $778.13 0.03S&P 500 2.01%
Standard Deviation
$6,574.51 $1,249.54 6.57%
 Whether you learned of the news or not, Kaos is studying legal studies.  Always fun stuff.  It is a large workload.  So I decided to help out and get the news out.
Anyways, the market moved quite a bit today.  Good stuff guys.  The top ranking investor is DrFeelGood38, who is taking his e-penis to whack the competition.  However, the greatest change in value goes to ErrEff.
Anyways, if you are wondering what Kaos will be doing, he will still be doing the weekly reports and the monthly reports, while providing you guys with the daily slut reports.

 And here, showing off my sluttiness.  And you guys thought I was a guy.


To all new users who want to get in on the action that is confusing as hell right now, feel free to do so! Go to THIS SITE, search for Giant Bomb and remember the password is "duder".


Metroid: Other M review

I was initially going to make a video on this, but I couldn't find the time.  So I'll just keep my thoughts written.   The other reason I am doing this is because Hailinel's complaint on people's complaint.
  Let me give you the short hand review of Metroid: Other M, it sucks.  It isn’t that Metroid: Other M is unplayable, your time and money is better spent elsewhere.  It’s a shame because Nintendo has seen better days with Metroid.  To state the greatest criticism, it’s not a real Metroid game despite what the box might say.  The game is best described as a cross between Metal Gear Solid and Ninja Gaiden, both which outclass this game on what it is trying to achieve.

                     The content offered by this game is weak.  The game divided into 4 sectors, the main sector, and sectors 1, 2, and 3, all which take place on a space ship.  The main sector is the laboratory of the ship, while sector 1, 2, and 3 are meant to simulate a forest, lava, and snow zones.  While it sounds generic, that really isn’t the problem.  They have been the staples of the Metroid series.  The problem comes from not being fleshed out.  It gears itself only to serve as a barrier from point A to B while in previous Metroid games, these worlds were the point of interest.  There simply isn’t enough going on to care about it.  They also lack that “organic” feeling that previous Metroid games had.

                    Gameplay takes quite a beating as well.  The game demands a lot of trial and error.  If it wasn’t for that, the game would have no challenge at all.  You meet the same bosses over time, with very little variety at all.  It was as if they had no new ideas to bring to the table.  Every so often, the game stops and forces you into what is called “Search Mode”, which forces you to look for a particular “thing” but you aren’t instructed what this thing you are looking for is.  It is basically a poorly thought up version of “Where Waldo?”  What is even worst, these searches really don’t provide anything meaningful.  At times, the game fails to inform you of important information to complete the game.  It became very obvious to me with the final boss.  The only way to defeat the boss was with a newly acquired weapon, and the game gave you 20 seconds to figure that out, randomly, which would require you to pause the game, go to your list of items and learn about your newly acquired item.  Throughout the game, you have been informed of the skills and items you have unlocked?  Why stop because it is the final boss?  Then the entire game seems to have been built around the Wii remote.  While it certainly works well, the game has a strong sense of being “watered down.”   I’ve played games which supported button mashing, but this takes the cake.  You needed to be somewhat coordinated (eg: Dynasty Warriors, any fighting game), but with Metroid: Other M, it would have been a far more challenging action game if it was a turn based RPG.
                   The story itself is utter garbage.  The game is trying to tell a few stories at the same time, and it all collapses together.  The Federation with their conspiracy to keep the project a secret, a creator’s experiment gone wrong, the relationship between the Adam Malchavich and Samus Aran, and Samus’ own past.  No amount of “high quality” CGI can offset this stinker.  It seems to conflict around a lot of the lore and story behind the Metroid series.  Simply put, it is a waste of money that could have been used for improving gameplay and increasing content.

                   Simply put, this game can easily be passed out, even by Metroid fans.  Hell, even if you are a fan of Metroid, you probably want to skip out on this game.  If you really need to get your Metoid hook, I suggest you do one of the following, Buy Metroid Prime Trilogy, The original Metroid, or Super Metroid, and all are playable on your Wii.


Just how far can I troll on youtube? Episode 1.

So there is this "clique" on youtube making console war debates.  It is a fascinating a little bit.  Besides the fact these dudes are fairly retarded and make shit up, I wanted to see how far I can get away with trolling on youtube.  Now most important thing to remember is that this more of an experiment and a way of having a little fun. I plan on posing as a Wii fanboy (which people accuse me of anyways, so it shouldn't be too hard to convince this this clique)
My first victim is a young Canadian lad by the name GeneralMLD.
To give you a quick profile on this guy.

  1. He is the leader of the Xbox Republic
  2. Is obsessed with Metacritic ratings
  3. Wants to see the destruction of Sony
  4. A former Nintendo fanboy (Go figure)
  5. He doesn't Drink Molson, he drinks Blue.
I originally I made a video response to this guy, however, he decided to remove his video.   Apparently he is pansy that can't take on a lowly subbed lowly viewed youtube user.
Anyways, here is the response I made to that video.
  Half Grown Beard included too.
To summarize what occured for those who can't use adobe flash player.
-He called some PS3 fanboy "The Bitch" because the PS3 is losing to the Xbox360.  So I told him in his place as the 1st place "Wii Owner."
-There was an argument whether PSone classics should not be acknowledged because it is not on Metacritic.  I am advocating otherwise because there are more games available to the consumer.
-Discredit him because he doesn't want to include the shitty emulated Xbox Originals.
-Tell him the Wii has more games available on simply virtual console available. 
-70 or above is bullshit as consumers are the selectors of the games, not scores.
-That games on XBLA should included because they have additional content.
-Use games such as Pulseman, Space Harrier and Sin and Punishment.
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