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So, I received a $20 gift card for PSN for my birthday, and I'm wondering what to get. I'm tempted to get some of the Neo-Geo games recently announced, but I may be missing out on something wonderful. What say you, Giant Bomb community? What are the treasures of PSN?

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Just thought I should mention that the 'goo' mechanic is from the student game TAG: THE POWER OF PAINT (download here:  http://tag-the-power-of-paint.en.softonic.com/). It's basically the same story as Narbacular Drop becoming Portal 1: some Digipen students make a game, Valve sees it, and hires them.  TAG is quite fun and bodes well for Portal 2, because the original TAG is crazy enough WITHOUT portals to worry about. My head kinda hurts thinking about their fusion.
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@MackGyver :

It's already been done.

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Spy has the steepest learning curve, as he in only really effective once a knowledge of the map is attained. Otherwise, it's difficult to gauge when and where to cloak while not being seen. That, and people are far better at spotting Spies these days. Early on, Spy was pretty easy because no one thought to look for them, but now you'd be hard pressed to find an unguarded sentry gun or a Medic without his head on a swivel.

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A swift kick in the junk

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steam id: nodforlife
name: THE HYPNOTOAD (with an icon of him)

I'm on the west coast, but I think a server anywhere in the US with a decent connection should be playable. I've played on east coast servers before and it was fine. You just can't play the precision classes like Spy or Sniper as well, since the lag conflicts with stabbing or headshots.

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Hello, Logan, this is Hypnotoad....I see we meet again....

Oh, and Steel is OK. I once played this map that was a giant pool table and the objective was to knock all your own teams colored balls in the holes before they did. Basically, it was all scouts running around. Chaotic, but very fun.

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It takes exactly 3 stickies to kill a level 3 sentry, so you can shoot n' hide pretty easily to kill one. Oh, and Demomen are the best to uber for sentry killin'. Pryos used to be good, but the air blast made them too easy to knock around. And ubering a heavy only works if the heavy knows what he's doing.

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As a spy player I am SO GLAD they are doing Heavy next. This 5-6 Pyros per team garbage is messing with my mojo.