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Scorched Earth policy by the media for random reasons. Remove the flags from public property and comply with the news-cycle. Removing Civil War games? Bah, you cannot erase history....nor will the Library of Congress remove The Birth of a Nation because its one of the most important movies ever made, or books won't be forever forgotten.

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@conmulligan: Littered? That's pretty hyperbolic considering it consisted of some 30 second one-time intros and the Top Gear Test Track!

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Some say.......

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Haven't been back since they fired Jeff. My last post as I recall was "I'm never coming back because you fired Jeff." GB is my nice little niche now.

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That's what makes us all critics of what we purchase. We all put value into it. I don't consider the critics who write about video games to be any different from the rest of us. I had the happy middle ground because I think the game was of appropriate length and I think anyone buying something should be savvy enough to know that. It's not like Hitler is holding a gun to your head making you buy it.

It's like spilling hot coffee on yourself at a restaurant and suing McDonalds....only you've burned yourself by clicking purchase and bitching after. Right?!

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Lets be sure that our little niche part of the Internet makes an impact elsewhere. We're all smart savvy folks. Lets sift through all the bullshit and get to the point for everyone else. The world changes because we are changing it!

Gamers are not ignored, we drive an industry.

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Did you know that almost all the heads that worked in the xbox one have either left microsoft or have been fired? I saw it in the gameinformer magazine. This really shows the product you get will not even be connected to what they had in mind since basically they have all new people taking over

You saw it in Game Informer magazine? What exactly are all the heads? All I know is people have bosses that have bosses that have bosses. Surely the final extremely important product wouldn't be affected by losing a few suits.....

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I definitely felt different after I finished it. I was able to complete it in one morning with some coffee. It did affect me on an emotional level that I wasn't expecting, nor have I gotten from almost any video game ever. I got that feeling in my stomach that I usually get from a movie or book. It was sad and nefarious in the beginning. The red herring (almost quite literally) in the bath tub for example, was obviously just a misdirect but I completely bought it.

I'm impressed it was pulled off.

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I used to look younger than my age. Unfortunately a stressful life and alcohol has brought me up to speed. Now I do that thing I used to loathe, I find myself envious of younger looking people. I definitely do it subconsciously.

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I feel that for the most part, the "gaming press at large" manage to do a pretty good job of dismissing and shitting all over video game kickstarters. It's viewed as kicking scheckles towards creepy thieves or something.

Heartbreaking for the people doing the work who need it funded to have jobs. These businessmen at the top of this and the previous company are so sleazy. This one deserves the scrutiny if only to get word out that the demons haven't been totally flushed out of this company.