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The OP just admitted that he misquoted Brad, but people are still calling Brad names for something he never actually said...

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This game has over twice the bosses from the first game, and they reskin one or two and now they are "lazy"...

Even though they have as many original bosses in this game as Demon's and Dark combined...

Yup, so lazy.

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Thanks. Although Yesterday I did actually do a backstab on a hollow, and two other hollows tried to attack me, and it went through me, just like the DS1 invincibility window. I guess time will tell if this is all overly complicated, or whether we will figure it all out eventually.

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Obviously, there have been some changes to these from Dark Souls I.

Could anyone who has a decent grasp on these mechanics possibly break down what has changed, please?

Parrying now stuns and knocks over enemies?

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Bastard Sword. Love the rolling attack and the quick followup.

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I played about 5 hours last night. The game looks amazing. The level of detail, the frame rate, all NOTICABLY better than Dark Souls 1, which I played through three times and have a platinum trophy for.

If you want to spend hours searching for videos to bitch about, reposting every complaint you can find from other sites (while of course not reposting ANY positive comments, as if they don't exist), then more power to you. So far, I am having a blast with the game, and I think it's gorgeous.

You folks have fun being bitter and devoid of the ability to enjoy anything besides utter cynicism. I'm going to explore Drangleic and pretend you don't exist.

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@sterling: Your level headedness has no place in this thread. It stands out like the sun, a wondrous body. Like a magnificent father! If only I could be so grossly incandescent!

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@sterling: But it "could have been so much more!"

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I find it incredibly amusing that a handful of people here are spending literally HOURS of their lives trying to convince people they should be upset.

I loved Demon's Souls. I loved Dark Souls. Metacritic currently has 22 reviews for the PS3 DSII, the lowest of which is an 8/10. I don't care what anyone here says, I'm super excited to play this when I get home after Amazon drops off my copy. I'll be having a blast thanks to the guys at From while some of you sit here with clenched fists and hemorrhoids.