TES V: Skyrim Dragonborn thoughts *Spoilers*

I was really excited to play Dragonborn once I learned that we would be going back to Morrowind. Seeing as Morrowind was my first TES game, once I got to Solstheim, I got an instant rush of nostalgia. Morrowind looks amazing on this new engine. From the houses and cool looking armor, to the creatures that inhabit it was amazing. It makes me wanna install morrowind and go play it and experience Morrowind again.

The main story is really, really, short. I haven't played Dawnguard yet, so i don't know how long it is, but the Dragonborn main storyline is only 3-4 hours max. I think there's only 5 main quests another you get to Solstheim. That just seems a little too short to me. I think if they made you find all the black books before you can get to the end of it. That way you would also experience everything else in the dlc so that you can't beat it in 3 hours. Either that or put more story into it. I thought it was really interesting until i got to the end and was shocked that was it. I really wanted to keep playing through it but then it was over. It was disappointing to say the least. You spend most of the time in realm of Hermaeus Mora, which honestly was really cool. I've always been a bit of a sucker for the lore behind the deadra and so i thought the highlight of the whole dlc was being in that realm. There are new enemies like seekers which can be tricky to deal with because they can transport and make multiple copies of themselves. The realm is actually really well done and its not just the same old go into dungeon, kill 5 draugrs, get word wall or a shitty sword.

The reward is really interesting, it basically allows you to respec at any time. You can reset any perk points you have in any tree if exchange for a dragon soul, which shouldn't be a problem if you've played this game for any length of time. So its a nice reward, for what is honestly a pretty disappointing ending . There's also dragon riding which is also really disappointing. Your not actually controlling the dragon, its very onrails and the only thing you get to do is control who the dragon attacks. You also can't attack while on the dragon unless your a caster so since i was an archer, i just had to sit there and click l3 over and over again. The ai pathing on the dragons is pretty horrible also. They basically circle around in a predetermined path which i guess anyone knew who's played Skyrim for any length of time but you really notice how bad it is when your actually riding the dragons. I sure there will be some mod on the nexus that will fix this and actually make dragon riding fun, but if your playing this on the ps3 like i am, your going to be stuck with the horrible ai pathing that the game has for the dragons.

There are a lot other quests you can do like the rest of Skyrim. One quest will get you a house. I've also found two followers. One is a caster and the other is a mercenary. But i haven't tried them out yet. I've found two other black books but i think there are 5 so there is some more exploration you can do. There's also new armors you can make as well as new ores.

In the end, I think there is a lot of content in the dlc, I guess the question is whether the content is worth your time. I would say that if you can get it for $10 like I did, then its worth it but i wouldn't pay $20 for it.

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