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Also, I'm left wondering why the last line of this news post was needed? There is already enough steering of the cultural narrative from games journalists, and all Patrick had to do here is simply report that this is a thing. His opinion is irrelevant to this.

He's done this on literally every article like the Destiny article about the dlc. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else.

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Preach it Patrick.

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These dlc policies are terrible. Seriously stop buying them so pubs will stop doing them.

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Someone should tell IGN that it isn't really official if Sony denies its been cancelled. Embarrassing.

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Sympathies about your loss. It always hurts to lose someone close and that young especially to cancer. Glad to see your doing better.

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I have no issue with embargoes if they are before the release day though I'll listen to the argument that the embargo should lift a few days before b/c of the preorder bonuses. But release day embargoes are shady as fuck. There needs to be a balance between what is fair for the publisher/dev, the reviewer/website, and the consumer. I think the day before is a good compromise but that seems to happen less and less these days which I find a bit sad honestly.

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Well looks like I'll be able to run it at least on medium but its definitely time for an upgrade since I'm assuming the specs are only going to get more demanding.

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A dead island moba? When did this happen?

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Don't like the idea of google controlling everything. And since they haven't fixed anything with youtube in regards to improving the quality of the videos, I highly doubt this will improve the quality for twitch. Its a great move for twitch, but I don't see how anyone who actually uses twitch benefits.