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RIP, Ryan Davis. I was never fortunate enough to have met you, but I immensely enjoyed your work, humor and personality.

And condolences to everyone who knew him, loved him, and cared for him.

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@thellama042: How many WiiWare GAMES are available? All of them. How many DEMOS are currently available? Two. How many TOTAL demos have Nintendo put on the service? 43.

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"Only a handful of games received playable demos on WiiWare"

That's not true. Starting from when Nintendo first put up WiiWare demos to now, there have been roughly 43 demos made available. The fact that all but two remain is astronomically insane, though.

"Companies will have the ability to limit the number of downloads on demos"

Well, what Iwata said could be interpreted in a couple of ways. Yours is certainly one of them, but according to the quote ...

"Another addition is the ability for the software publishers to provide the owners of Nintendo 3DS systems with demo versions of their software, for which they can put a limit on the number of trials."

... it could also mean that demos can only be played X amount of times before it's rendered useless (similar to what Battlefield 1943, SkyDrift and the first Sonic Generations demos did).

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@Jimbo: I do agree that he was optimistic to a hilarious fault. I was merely just saying that he corrected his overenthusiastic numbers and that NPD can't track everything (even if it's been trying to do so recently).
As for how it did in the rest of the world, it spent 3 weeks in the top 10 in the UK and is at 21 a month after release. Of course, without hard numbers that doesn't mean much ...
Trust me, I usually give Pachter plenty of shit for his ridiculous "analysis."
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@Jimbo: He revised his numbers to half that, NPD can't account for all PC sales, and his numbers could be worldwide instead of just North America.
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The problem isn't that it's a Capcom game being overlooked. The problem is that there's little in the way of "major hype" for the game, and thus stores aren't going to order copies of games that are perceived as unsellable.
Thank the heavens for Amazon/CAG.