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I guess, at this point, I have just lost the thread on what both sides of these arguments want and are trying to accomplish.

As I see it there's generally the following:

  1. GamerGate people who want the yellow game journalism to end and want game journalists to stop acting like a clique.

I know you're summarizing here, so you're intentionally leaving out details, but it's absolutely vital to mention that GamerGate people are against feminist criticism. They want what they perceive as political perspectives out of games commentary. This goal is closely tied to the origins of the group, as it developed from the harassment of feminist critics and commentators, done in an attempt to silence them. This activity has not ceased.

Abso-effing-lotely false. As someone who has been around since the beginning, and honestly it's really offensive that people just throw this out there.

Hell, because people were fed up with this offensive strawmanning, pro-women charities have been given funds, female characters were introduced into video games and there was the whole NotYourShield by all the women and minorities who were sick of being called white male sexists.

I can't speak for everyone, but my personal problem is against the use of feminism as a shield for yellow journalism. Do I want more diversity in games? God yes, everyone is sick of the bald white male protagonist. But if one of the first articles after an exciting E3 demo is "Why was this character not a woman?", well I think that's just shitty journalism.

The gamergate hashtag was concocted directly by people jumping at the opportunity to slut-shame Zoe Quinn, full stop.

If you really want to talk about the editorial direction of games journalism you really should come up with a new hashtag.

First sentence is untrue. Second sentence is terrible advice. What's stopping people saying untrue things about the new hashtag?

As @splodge said, 100% the first instance of the GamerGate tag, as you all love to point out, was by Adam Baldwin. Have you actually looked at the tweet? I assume you haven't because if you had, you would see that the content is a link to one of the original "5Guys" videos. It is 1000000% slut shaming at it's inception.

As for the second sentence, I absolutely agree, making another hashtag is not an option. What should be done if you are honestly serious about ethics in journalism is create an official, not for profit, watchdog group. That is a legitimate way to go about this. That way the group controls the message, it has publicly identified members that can speak for others, and you can control the message from being "hijacked" by trolls because you will have an official outlet. Once you do that, and prove your worth to the industry beyond being anon shit bags, then you will be taken seriously. Good luck with that.

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@tejini: This so much. I'm so incredibly frustrated that as soon as something like this happens, everyone immediately jumps and says "It's Gamergate!".

There is absolutely nothing linking this death threat to GamerGate.

Also, I find it to be in INCREDIBLY bad taste to actually take Anita's input on a news article about her, specifically adding a part where she mentions that there were other threats that mentioned GamerGate?

Two things there; we're supposed to unconditionally believe that? And two, what does that prove? Absolutely nothing.

I'm getting the feeling that I've gotten shadowbanned or something for voicing my opinions.

Are you honestly saying that the subject of an article making comments should not be included in the article? No where does Patrick say this was GamerGate, he says Anita says Via Twitter that one of the death threats she received about this appearance claimed affiliation with GamerGate. Exactly what is in bad taste about reporting the facts? Oh I'm sorry, the facts don't fit the narrative you're trying to build. Please do go on about how reporting the facts is in bad taste. Keep in mind the fact here is Anita saying there was a GG affiliated threat. Nothing beyond that. Anything beyond that is reading into it what you want to read into it, and not in fact what is published above.

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@tomservo50: Could not agree more. For 2 months they have been trying to build a narrative that there were two sides. GG and anti-GG, when in reality it was just GG and EVERYONE ELSE. I don't hide behind a banner. I don't need the support of trolls and the deeply disturbed to try and get my point across. All I need to do is speak up. And I'm glad others are realizing that as well.

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@sleepydoughnut: sorry, but no. Sweeping these stories under the rug is the absolute worst way to address them.

Reporting on it just drives more people to make threats. It encourages copycats because they realize they can see stories about themselves and their actions in the media. Constant reporting on this isn't going to make the problem better, it will make it worse.

While I don't disagree that it does, there's a much darker side to keeping quiet you seem to be overlooking. If you stay quiet, they win. If you stay quiet, no one else knows what you're dealing with.

However, if you be loud and vocal about it, others see that. Yes, some will see that as it working. But, as we saw overnight, far more will stand with you as say fuck no, no more. Being quiet does nothing for you. Be loud, it's the only way anyone will ever know about any of it.

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Join me won't you?


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I don't want to start a new thread over this, but can we (as a community) get together and try to send some sort of nice gesture to Samantha Allen for the shit she went through today? Like some kind of thing to show our apology for a couple of dickheads that exist (from the forums and from 4chan)?

I hate how the people that are being blamed are the "Giant Bomb community" when I know that our community is filled with amazing generous people.

I completely disagree with her just about 100% of the time, but I feel truly sorry for what she had to go through today and I think the community can come up with something to show our condolences.

Fuck yeah, this. +1

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I'm actually about to finally start playing this one after being severely disappointed with Wildstar. Talked a couple of guys at work into it to (Thanks Steam Sale!). If there are still Duders around on there let me know.

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I'm in, never played the beta, but everything I'm hearing sounds amazing. Can't wait to jump in!