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Join me won't you?


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@turboman said:


I don't want to start a new thread over this, but can we (as a community) get together and try to send some sort of nice gesture to Samantha Allen for the shit she went through today? Like some kind of thing to show our apology for a couple of dickheads that exist (from the forums and from 4chan)?

I hate how the people that are being blamed are the "Giant Bomb community" when I know that our community is filled with amazing generous people.

I completely disagree with her just about 100% of the time, but I feel truly sorry for what she had to go through today and I think the community can come up with something to show our condolences.

Fuck yeah, this. +1

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I'm actually about to finally start playing this one after being severely disappointed with Wildstar. Talked a couple of guys at work into it to (Thanks Steam Sale!). If there are still Duders around on there let me know.

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I'm in, never played the beta, but everything I'm hearing sounds amazing. Can't wait to jump in!

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I put this on twitter a while ago, but felt this should be said here as well.

All we can do is try to learn from his example and attack life with a ferocity rarely seen. Rest well Ryan Davis, be at peace.

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I did some quick searching of the forums and couldn't see anywhere these were linked. I just discovered these guys and it looks like they are part of the Machinima Network so I'm sure some one has to have come across them a while ago. At any rate enough jabber, I present to you 3 of my favorite parodies from Screen Team

Truly amazing stuff, laughed my ass off the first time I saw these and they have a bunch more that are all pretty good too, these are just my favorites. Another great musical item I've known about for a while and figured I'd mention here is the band Kirby Krackle. They have some great songs and a good chunk of them are based on games while all of them are geek culture related in some way. Here's a couple of my favorites.

So my question to you all is this: What awesome geek/game related music/bands do you know about? Let's get it all out there!

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I'm having a great time with it. But something I have learnt with other MMOs is to take time away from it. I have a huge backlog of games to play (I'm a little OCD so that list is currently at the 3+ years worth of games mark) but I can walk away from SWTOR and play anything else for a bit, usually on weekdays, and on the weekend come back to SWTOR and play the living shit out of it.

Also for me, I could not give a shit about end game content, good or bad. I hate it. Just the idea of raids makes me sick to my stomach. I will however level a character to 50, complete the story and then start all over again with something new. Currently I'm playing a Trooper and loving it. My next class is going to be whatever the Sith Tank is called, then I'll do a Jedi something. Bouncing around like that helps keep the game fresher for me. Will my end goal of having a 50 of each class be achieved? Not likely. But it's fun to try.

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With the Kessler Run having their own podcast, anyone have any thoughts of us Bothans starting one of our own? I mean, they might have done it first, but we can do it better.

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FUCK YES!!! Now if only they would bring over the ancient Japan Yakuza title too!

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