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Hey guys, I'd like to join if possible! My gamertag is GolazoDan.

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So sorry for your loss, Patrick. All the best.

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I have no idea what this multiplayer's like but I may give it a go! PSN ID is GolazoDan.

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I think you're supposed to be suspicious of the guys immediately. I played along at first (I always gravitate to the "good guy/action hero" archetype in these games for the first playthrough) but it was kinda clear the direction it would go. Two big burly overly pleasant men living on a farm with their momma, mysteriously padlocking doors? Something's going on. Would have been funny if they ended up being nice though. One thing I did really like was how Mark got his injury and just vanished. I like to use every dialogue option I can and I swear he didn't come up until right before the meal was being served. From the start I was like "Nah, they won't be cannibals", which developed into "oh god", then "Oh God", then finally "OH GOD".

Also really liked the Kenny/Lilly stuff. I obviously sided with Kenny throughout the first, Larry's a jerk and Lilly's kinda uptight, but around halfway through this episode things changed. I kinda started to interpret Larry's behaviour in a different way and Kenny seemed to be losing it. I decided I was going to save Larry's life to make amends for our arguing in the past. Then Kenny dropped a brick on his head. WHAT THE FUCK. I laughed out loud when that brick appeared on screen and crushed his head because it was fucking PERFECT.

So me and Kenny kinda have some beef right now. I've got his family's back, gotta look after the kidz man, but I ain't forgetting this!

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  • Hacked the leg (and boy, did he hack it)
  • Gave food to Duck, Clem, Larry (to get Lily on my side) and Mark.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene. Was interested in what she was gonna say.
  • Warned Clem before she ATE THAT MAN.
  • Sided with Lily. I thought Larry was a dick until I had a conversation with her and she kinda persuaded me to give him a chance to the point that I was genuinely gutted when I didn't get the chance to fully make peace with him. This, by the way, is the moment of the two episodes for me. I literally put the controller down and laughed out loud, not because it was funny but because it was SO amazing.
  • Killed the first brother, let the second brother live. I felt bad for Clem seeing the first murder so I wanted to turn the page and walk away this time. Plus Andy's pleas were amazing. In a way killing one and letting the other live with that knowledge is kinda fucked up.
  • Took the food. I know Clem was disappointed but if I was in that situation I'd take it. This is the zombie apocalypse, we can't just go around assuming every car full of food is someone else's!

This episode was absolutely brilliant.

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I'd play an entire Rayman underwater game if they kept that bomb ass Gregorian chanting music for the entire thing.

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We all know the Kessler and Lemon, masters of the Fear Gauntlet, must be used as a tag team.

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I like Alex. However, his beard is silly.

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Thanks to my choice of hardware, never played an Uncharted game or a God Of War game.

Own the MGS collection but haven't played it yet so never played an MGS game.

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I like Baird and all but if you want Cole Train (baby) in a game you gotta spend the dollaz and get Big Bo in.

Literally just started Bulletstorm (I got it a while ago for a whopping £5 used) and fucking adore it. I adore Gears of War. I approve of this. If they can get a leash in there somewhere, DO IT.