Game of Thrones Characters as Video Game Consoles

This is probably the nerdiest thing I've ever put together, but I couldn't let this vast stock of Game of Thrones facts that've been piling up as I make my way through the books go to waste. This list is not conclusive; it's missing Robb and Catelyn specifically, but I couldn't think of a good console parallel for either. Also, it's supposed to be a joke, so there's that. What I enjoyed the most about putting it together was how just looking at the character next to their console made sense, like the way dogs supposedly look like their owners. So, without further adieu:

Joffrey – Wii – Rules the land, but many seek to defy him. Has broad reach, but not much respect.

Sansa – PS3 – Bold and naive. Thinks everyone will love her because of her noble bloodline.

Arya – Genesis – A dark horse with a rebellious spirit. Proved that she can hang with the boys.

Eddard – Dreamcast – Head of a strong household killed off too soon, many claim unjustly.

Jaime – PS1 – Brash and confident, with the strength to back it up. Dethroned previous ruler.

Tyrion – 3DS – Has a rough go at first, but gains power through cunning and persistence

Petyr – Xbox One – True motivations unclear. Purportedly powerful. Will spy on you.

Bran – Game Boy – Can’t do everything his big brothers can, but has other abilities that none of them have. Green dreams.

Cersei – Xbox 360 – Orchestrated the greatest seize of power for her family in recent history. Loved and feared in equal measure.

Jon – Xbox – Powerful for his years, but also awkward and a bit clunky. Wears black like it's going out of style.

Daenerys – PS4 – Descendant of once dominant dynasty bent of returning to power. Fan favorite.

Jorah – Vita – Desperate for affection. Best hope is to latch on to more respected up-and-comer.

White Walker – Wii U – Everyone has forgotten it exists except for a few, weirdly obsessed folks.

Stannis – N64 – Stubborn and traditionally-minded. Decided to go it alone, and has little outside support. Heard from infrequently.

Melisandre – N64 Expansion Pak – Dons a red hood and empowers her liege. Not really sure how she does what she does.

Tywin – PS2 – Powerful reputation with an enormous warchest. Decimates all whom he faces in combat.

Sam – Gamecube – Gets little credit for what he’s good at. Really into connectivity, but not a great communicator.

Theon – 3DO – Thinks he’s cool, but no one really likes or supports him.

Brienne – Saturn – An outlier, fierce and loyal. A bit awkward, but dependable for those that seek her out.

Robert – NES – Claimed the throne by force when the opportunity presented itself. Ended the old dynasty and began a new one.

Renly – PSP – Little sibling to powerful stalwart. Defenses are easily compromised.

Ygritte – Ouya – Free of the rules that most obey, an outsider of questionable credibility.

Varys – Kinect – Loyal to the realm, in service to his liege. Cordially bows to his master. Watches your every move.

Viserys – Virtual Boy – Comes from a strong pedigree, but squandered all goodwill with his off-putting manner.

Dragons – Steam Machines – Legends speak of their coming, but little is known outside of rumors and speculation claiming what they’re truly capable of. Could bring about a new era.

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Posted by Guesty_01

Haha absolutly loved it mate, you nailed them all! Gave me a good chuckle.

Posted by Humanity

I was ready to bash this as it reeks of a cheap Kotaku hot 100 list, but these are actually pretty clever and well thought-out. There were several where I saw the picture and thought "nope" but when I read the caption I instantly realized "oh yah.. thats clever"

Posted by Sackmanjones

..... well played sir *slowly claps*

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The caption explaining your choice for Renly was hilarious. All in all, I came in expecting to roll my eyes at this and ended up just enjoying it. Nice work!

Posted by CrazyRah

Absolutely loved it! So well done and everyone totally "fit" with their hardware

Posted by StarvingGamer

I don't know why I opened this thread. What is a game of thrones? Sounds like musical chairs.

Posted by JTB123

This has got to be one of the best posts ever, PSP one was great :)

Posted by Stete

Heh, 3DO was the best one!

Posted by SamStrife

That was way better than it had any right to be. Very well done indeed.

Edited by Carlos1408

That was hilarious, well done good sir! I praise thee and the sun on this day.

Posted by Venatio

Well that was an amazingly acccurate list

Edited by Yummylee

Ha, superb. Well done!

Edited by Olqavtoras

Laughed more than I thought I would, well done!

Posted by Pop

I don't agree with some of them. But I would feel like an asshole if I pointed out some stuff that I don't agree with. So, I'm just gonna say. Sweet, duder.

Posted by MX

This is awesome duder. If you sent this list to Kotaku, you'll be editor in chief.

Posted by Rick_Fingers

Hahaha brilliant, not what I expected at all

Edited by Jeust

Good one!

Posted by Sanj

Haha, wow. Bravo.

Posted by Rattle618


Posted by TheKramer89

N64 expansion pak was probably my favorite. Spot on.

Posted by AlexW00d

I was expecting this to be awful, but it wasn't, so well done.

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You're right that this is super nerdy, but green dreams really made me laugh.

Posted by TheCreamFilling

I've never seen Game of of Thrones, but now I understand it perfectly.

Posted by themangalist

You deserve kudos for this!

Posted by Gold_Skulltulla

@mx: HA! Thanks, man, and hey, if Kotaku wants to republish it, I'll gladly take their money.

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Wii-nter is coming.

I'll let myself out.

Posted by StriderNo9


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Front page stuff!

Posted by Vexxan

Lost it at Xbox One, well done duder.

Posted by mintyice

Can't wait for this to be stolen by Kotaku/Polygon/Buzzfeed. Great job though!

Posted by LiquidPrince

Well I laughed my ass off... So kudos to you.

Posted by xyzygy

This is actually perfect. Well done. Favorite one is Bran and Melisandre.

Posted by Fobwashed

This is pretty fantastic. Well done =D

Edited by Aegon

Daenerys as the PS4 is probably the most apt comparison.

Here's a secret of the Ice and Fire series: It's a game between two players, Varys and Petyr.

Posted by Clonedzero


Posted by TobbRobb

Haha oh man. Those were all good. Chuckled more than once. <3

Posted by Milkman

I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones but I still enjoyed this a lot.

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Interesting, but definitely leans towards Sony's side... the Cersei/360 connection seems thin. If the 360 was anyone it would be Robert, who fought to become the king then eventually got lazy and mishandled it once he was there. I've seen this done for politicians and countries too.

Posted by SlashDance

Ygritte is no Ouya, you take that shit back! :(

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Posted by Marino

@gold_skulltulla: This is pretty great. You're on the front page of the site now.

Posted by Patman99

Well, this is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen.

Posted by Gold_Skulltulla

@marino: woot!

Thanks for the compliments, everyone!

Posted by Psycho_Rich

Nice list duder. Nailed every single one of them. Jorah as the vita to Daenerys' PS4 is genius... and now I really miss Game of Thrones. Damn you ROOSE BOLTON!!!

Posted by GalacticPunt

I expected this to be terrible, yet it turned out amazing. Poor, dickless 3DO! PS4 is the Mother of Dragons!

I don't know why I opened this thread. What is a game of thrones? Sounds like musical chairs.

You win or you die. Just like musical chairs.

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Got to admit, I expected a really dumb post. Turned out to be the best thing I've read today. Well done mate! :)


This is much better than it should be.

Posted by mus209

Wow I'm impressed! Amazing stuff man.

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Wow you did a real great job with this! These comparisons worked out a lot better than I thought they would.

Posted by SilentPredator

Melissandre being the N64 Expansion pack was fucking genius.