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I was clearing out my DS games not too long ago & saw this, having completely forgotten that I owned it. It was then that I remembered reading somewhere years ago that Bioware were developing (or at least thinking about) a sequel, with no word about being spoken about it since then.

So yeah, do you think this game deserves a follow-up? I mean it did end on a cliff-hanger which, while nobody's on the edge of their seats to see what happened next, would be nice to have some resolution to.

Or should the game be forgotten about, with another Sonic-based RPG that suits his style better (i.e, more speed-based combat)? Like how Mario RPGs were sort of rebooted after Super Mario RPG by Paper Mario & Mario and Luigi.

Or should the phrase 'Sonic-based RPG' be a crime if uttered in a public place?

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Ah I see... well thanks everyone for the help, I probably will pick it up once I've finished the original (and others). Only problem is the price of the PAL version of this sucker seems to have boomed over the last 6 months (£70 (~$105) for a two-year-old Wii game?!)

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@DeF said:

Just to be clear, I didn't mean spaceships and mass effect-y bland hallways ... I meant something mechanical (like that desert area in Skyward Sword)

To me, Zelda is not tied to a medieval setting that always seems to be at the same kind of technological development stage.

Ah fair enough then, your point kinda threw me when it said "fight a Metal Gear at the end".

I haven't got to that bit yet, but if it's anything like the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask or the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess then I understand your point.

And I know what you mean about the series not being "tied to a medieval setting", but I think that's the best way to make the story believable (ie, with the magic, weapons, monsters, importance of royalty, etc). Plus the games are supposed to be telling a "legend", a story that occurred a long time ago.

But as you say, it's all personal preference.

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I agree with many others here, don't fix what ain't broke.

Yes, there are nitpicks with the franchise that we can pull out 'till our keyboards set on fire, but most of them mean morphing it into other games (ie, Skyrim and Assassin's Creed) which are completely different games, save for a similar timeframe. It's like saying Star Wars is like Star Trek, yeah they have one or two obvious things in common, but scratch away the surface and you'll find they are radically different, targetted towards two types of people.

So while it would be nice to see some of the things on here, like a darker, more in-depth story where your actions affect the outcome, it's clear now that Nintendo do not want to do this with Zelda (save for Majora's Mask and, arguably, Twilight Princess). They wish to keep it light-hearted and, first and foremost, fun. Whether this is a good direction overall, I can't say, but what I do know is that I have fond memories of every Zelda game released (so far), thus do not believe that the franchise needs "fixing".


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I'm currently playing through the first one and I feel the end is in sight, so I'm giving this some funny looks as a future purchase.

When I say "is this a good sequel" I mean is this the sort of sequel that takes the story and characters in interesting new directions (like Majora's Mask, Half-Life 2 and Mass Effect 2), or is it the kind of sequel that just shrugs and feels like a blatant cash-in (like Bioshock 2, Kane & Lynch 2 and Red Faction: Armageddon)?

Thanks in advance!

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It's a shame there's no Nintendo console release, because I'd be quite interested to see where the series is heading. I must admit though, the idea of a mostly new character roster makes me raise a suspicious eyebrow. However even if it worked, this would only be a day-one purchase if *holds breath* Link was announced as the guest character...