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Best of luck. I know I've shat on Patrick many a time, but mostly it was because I wanted to see some improvement in his writing and video presentation, and I believe we have seen some of that, especially in these recent videos and group activities. I hope that he continues to improve and grow wherever he goes next, and I have no doubt that he will have a positive venture.

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I'm not a Halo guy (or an Xbox guy for that matter), but it really impressed me with the treatment they gave this collection of games. The way level selection stuff works, the way the multiplayer maps can fall into any category, just the huge breadth of options that you don't typically find in any game. It's really quite impressive.

It just bums me out that lots of games are all being marred by these serious online issues. Driveclub, the original launch of GTAV, and this just to name a few. It also bums me out that a game like AC: Unity, which I feel is pretty decent at its core, and takes a lot of steps in the right direction for the combat, just completely bombs out due to all these technical issues. I hear LBP3 has its own set of technical problems as well.

It's such a bummer that lots of these major releases are just not finishing on time. This November should have been a precursor to all these great games, but instead it's mostly a trainwreck.

Well, apart from the Bayonetta games on Wii U. That's been solid.

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I'm not sure I understand the "choice" argument. To me, it seems like another moment for EA to screw the ease of use for the consumer just so that they can have their piece of the pie. It's like Origin all over again. Origin is not a choice, it is a mandate. Do you want to play Battlefield 4? You must use Origin. If there were choice in the matter, I would also be able to purchase under Steam or Uplay, and use it through those systems, without needing the Origin client.

If there were a choice with this, EA would also put some of these games on PS+, which I don't think they will (and vice versa you should see Sony and others' games in this access thing). They put Dead Space 3 on PS+ just this past month, which was nice, but this sets a precedent for them to not include it with my existing service. It's the problem you see with cable companies right now, where if you want to watch Dodgers games or even entire major channels, you can only see them with one of the carriers. This is not choice. It is hording, and creating an environment where customers get less value and have to double dip in order to get their content.

tl;dr: I'm all for multiple services, but they must all have the same or mostly equivalent offerings in terms of content. How they should sway are the extra perks to that service that are either an added feature, or an enhanced way of experiencing that content.

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@devise22 said:

That isn't a good thing for them. You don't come out on a stage and publicly announce you were wrong about the Kinect and your price point when you launched.

They are definitely admitting they were wrong about the Kinect, but they are standing by their price point. The Xbox One with Kinect is still $499, and they're only getting to the same price as the PS4 because they took out the camera.

The worst part is that Microsoft has come out and said publicly that the camera cost almost as much as the console to make (probably both in production and R&D), and yet the console only drops to $399 without it.

If anything Microsoft is saying they think their product is worth more than it actually is.

The Xbox One, by itself, should be $299 or less.

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There's a very simple reason why you get the kind of blow back on Patrick that you do: Critical Mass.

It starts with the simple notion that Patrick sucks as a writer, entertainer, and overall critic of anything with his half-thought points (often glaringly ignoring any possible counterpoints). That's not to say he isn't a wonderfully nice guy (at least through the visor of the Internet), can often add great perspectives to a discussion, can be pretty killer at games, and honestly cares about his work. It's just those first negatives that initiate the next step.

You have a build. One person points the above out, another agrees, another yet further concurs, and then it starts to be a game of telephone where points originally made start to get more outlandish, whether due to hyperbole or due to an inability to more solemnly express and explain, until it balloons into something just stupidly absurd (SJW PANDERING SHILL BLAH BLAH BLAH), and now there are so many people wrapped up in this that you've got a giant mob mentality until it eventually reaches:


And here we are today. The reason it persists is that Patrick still exhibits the original issues as a writer and public figure, so they can easily continue to balloon and carry on. Is it his fault? Not entirely, but I personally don't like his writing and ham-fisted opinions that almost always carry a one-sided tone that has already decided what's right. It's not for me, and it's not for a lot of people as has been clearly evidenced, but there are definitely a fair amount of people who are into it, so there's no reason he can't continue doing what he's doing if that's what floats his boat (and yours).

No one has to change, or should be forced to, but occasionally public figures do have some of the power themselves to curb their detractors.

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I own Pro Wrestling for the NES, and played it a ton in its heyday. It was easily one of my favorite NES games to play with and against my brother.

Thank you, Masato Masuda, for the good times.

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I think you have to leave that typo as is. It's too ironic to do otherwise.

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I read news that the new Mario game was outsold by Knack.... crazy.

As someone who purchased both games, I can tell you that I played Knack more, and was more invested in it during my play-time. That says something about Mario.

Mario is definitely a better game, undoubtedly, but it's also so much more boring. There is just nothing interesting about Mario anymore, and the Duplo Blocks aesthetic is really not fooling me anymore.

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My old 37" Westinghouse monitor from 8 years ago let me do Picture in Picture from any of the inputs on the TV. Back in my college days (as my time was limited), it was not uncommon for me to have Giant Bomb down in a corner somewhere (which I got to manually place wherever) while I played a game on my PS3, PC, Dreamcast, whatever. It didn't minimize my screen or leave a bunch of empty space; I was just able to place content wherever. I still have that wonderful monitor and, even though it has a little bit of burn-in in one spot, I don't think anything will ever be as good as that one.

It just baffles me that the solution Microsoft is involving is doubling back cables to a game box, rather than the thing that hosts the image. I'd rather see Panasonic, Samsung, or even Sony come up with a voice activate television that handled that sort of input switching. It would be a much better experience overall. Hell, my monitor without voice recognition is a better experience overall.