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I forgot to ask how you guys felt about Parasyte? I watched the first two episodes and it looks REALLY good.

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I watched all of Madoka Magica and man does that series go in some dark places. Enjoyed it quite a bit though, it's a nice deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre.

Don't forget to watch the movies. I'd watch all 3 even though the first 2 are the tv episodes.

So is the third movie a sequel then? That sounds interesting. Where would I legally watch these?

I don't know of any streaming options for the movies. It would all be bought through DVD or Blu Ray. The third movie is all new. I wont explain how though. However, you can get hyped by watching this trailer and the OP for the movie.

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I watched all of Madoka Magica and man does that series go in some dark places. Enjoyed it quite a bit though, it's a nice deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre.

Don't forget to watch the movies. I'd watch all 3 even though the first 2 are the tv episodes.

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I haven't killed Atheon with the ledge knock off strategy. It's all been legit, but I haven't done hard mode since I'm only 28. If I'm understanding things correctly I need to do the hard raid with the cheese strategy before the update or else it's all going to go to hell right?

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Hey is anyone else kinda of intrigued by the points raised by Toph? That maybe Korra is afraid of being the avatar due to the trauma she received? It's and interesting concept, which makes a lot of sense actually, considering that for the past 3 season every single villain's main goal was to get rid of the avatar, and having Zaheer come so close may explain why she feels so crushed right now. This is a good contrast to the world Aang lived in. In his time everyone needed the Avatar so he got peoples support one way or the other. Plus, unlike Korra, Aang's personality wasn't heavily imbedded with his Avatar identity; to him, being Aang the Airbender came first. With Korra, she can't exist without being the avatar, which not only explains her current situation, but her disconnection from the spirit world in general.

Even in the real world you can never get rid of the "bad guys" because someone will always rise up somewhere else to take advantage of the situation. History has shown us that as long as the system allows people to suffer and wallow in poverty this cycle will repeat itself.

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I see that the Anime Thread has sprung a leak again. If anyone is feeling particularly confused or disoriented please make your way here to get a nice boost of moe girls and hot blooded protagonists.

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@golguin: Man, I'm currently going through the 2006 Deen F/SN adaptation and the animation in the Ufotable adaptation (from the video you shared) is A LOT better. I'm really forcing myself to get through this one since I find the pacing and the story to be boring as hell... I know I could have just skipped it but man I'm almost at the end. After that, it's time for some Urobuchi goodness with Zero. :D

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Starting reading Hajime no Ippo today, and I'm liking it so far. Going to take a long ass time to get caught up with it, but it's something to keep me busy.

That's a looooooooooong road ahead of you but don't fret! There's a lot of catching up but you'll realize that even after 25 years of serialization, there's still A LOT of ground to cover in the manga.

I've never seen the 2006 version of F/SN since I've only heard bad things about it. I'm glad that the series is getting this current adaptation. I would also recommend Prisma Illya if you need more Fate stuff in your life.

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Hey guys, I like to watch anime with my 7 year old sister. I kinda really push the boundries of what a 7 year old little girl can watch. She loves Death Note and Attack on Titan, for example. but one thing I most certainly won't let her see is full frontal nudity and sex scenes.

With that being said, I've been wanting to watch Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, and RWBY. How heavy on sex/nudity are these shows, if at all?

Just for reference, I let her watch Kill la Kill with me and that was ok because the sexualizatoin stuff is done for ridiculous, bombastic comedy and/or empowerment(except for the scene where Ragyo pleasures and spanks Satsuki. I made her leave the room at that part)

Now, on the opposite spectrum for reference, I got Ghost in the Shell knowing there was full nudity in it, and absolutely will not let her watch that.

To anyone who has seen all or one of those shows, please let me know!

There is some stuff in Soul Eater. I don't remember any nude or fan service like scenes in RWBY at all.

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@golguin: Looks good, does the story match it in your opinion? I know nothing about Fatestay other than its been around a while as a thing.

Story is very compelling. It's the type of show you want to keep watching to see what happens next.

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Let me see if I understand the situation here. The game to dethrone Bayonetta as the best character action game of all time is Bayonetta 2? I guess that confirms my future Wii U purchase.

I can't believe I'm still salty about this, but Brad seriously needs to play Bayonetta 2. If he thought DmC was good then he should find out what perfection is directly from The Queen.