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Remember how Aldnoah Zero was written by Gen Urobuchi? Yup. That was an ending. Bad Luck Slaine till the end.

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Man that episode of Tokyo Ghoul had an amazing change of pace. It became super psychological and then climaxed with what everyone had been waiting for. I think it's one of those episodes that will be remembered as "that episode" in the same way as "that episode" in Madoka, Gurren Lagann, and Attack on Titan.

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I just saw the trailer a few minutes ago. Did it literally just drop? Holy shit it's fucking amazing. That monster at the end is like a mini Manus and he's fast as hell.

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It sounds like the game is essentially done so Nomura doesn't need to be there for the polish. The trailer for FFXV looks like the natural evolution of Kingdom Hearts so I'm super hyped about. Now that he can focus on KHIII we might get that game in the next 3 years.

Just to be clear I think Nomura is great. Not sure where all the hate comes from.

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@golguin: dead or alive?

No, I saw Misaka from A Certain Magical Index in a fighting game and then some Sword Art Online characters.

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Woah, was that an anime fighter?

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Finally, I was waiting for some loli up in here.

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Time for another Dragon's Crown like controversy. Did you see that archer and sorceress? So kawaii!

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Finally some ANIME!