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I've finally uploaded the video and I looked back on why I was so angry. In retrospect it was total bullshit and I should have been angry with those Brainsuckers taking my Insight.

I break at 18:55 and literally throw the controller at my bed once the thing happens.

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Frenzy is awful and there is no defending it.

Also in retrospect I'll take DS2 bosses attack tracking any day over Bloodborne bosses attacking you off screen like Roms homing shards or the many bosses that tend to jump up off screen and land on you.

The singing ladies have eyes in the back of their heads right so you can't sneak up on them. I'm tried using the invisibility juice while walking and they still saw me.

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I didn't know the Coil of Bahamut stuff had that much story in it. It's the only content I didn't start before I took a break for Heavensward.

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Pimpin in Dungeons AIn't Easy 04 - Meh, I enjoyed it, but nothing really stood out to me aside from a few good, chuckle-worthy reactions. Still not sure why I'm enjoying this show so much.

All the SAO voice acting? The SAO vibe? Hestia? Probably Hestia. I'm really enjoying the show.

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Word is that the Cosmic Daughter elevator is finally fixed! Time for that rematch.

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@golguin: I feel like I got spoiled (for mainline fate) somehow from that Illya clip. But, I don't mind because that was really cool. Also, it made me appreciate Archer much more. I should watch that show.

No, there isn't anything spoilery about that clip unless you are currently watching the Illya series.

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I knew Jeff would eventually come over to the Souls side, but I think it needed to be Bloodborne. The game is a lot more fast paced than the other Souls games and it rewards people who prefer a fast in your face style of gameplay.

Jeff would struggle with Dark Souls even now because it's a lot slower and methodical with a sword and board unless you get the Uchigatana early and two hand it like the true Katana master race should.

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@golguin: Can you show us your sliders to your character if there's any possibility?

I can't make my character look "human" and pretty and the character creator is too difficult...

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I've been recording my Bloodborne gameplay so you can start with this video and keep going until character creation done.

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Just stumbled upon this post! haha This is my first character (male "Balen Morholt") and my low level coop one (female "Alexia of Rhyia") both took me a looong time to create... XD definitely easier than in Souls, specially Demons, those were some ugly SOB's!

I do believe that Bloodborne has the best character creator in the Souls series or games. It can always get better though.

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@giant_gamer: I know it is level based, which is probably why there is less of a chance of it happening in NG+ unless you just stop leveling yourself intentionally.

@golguin: If you are level 86 in the nightmare areas on NG+ then you are artificially limiting your level progression. Sure I could go read up on what the hot new PVP level standards are for Bloodborne and head to the designated meeting spot, but it would be nice if it worked organically. I don't remember my level but it is definitely in the high 100's, which isn't really surprising since just a few dogs will net you 10k souls in NG+ and what else am I gonna spend it on. The way they give you a maximum limit of items for your storage is also pretty ridiculous since it means you can't even stock up on blood vials etc for the long run.

In Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 I was running around with tens of millions of souls on me to maintain a specific soul level. Soul Memory in Dark Souls 2 made level range pointless, but I still maintained my level.

Dark Souls 2 was the only Souls game that allowed for organic PVP since invasions were always active for the most part and you could do things to ensure you were constantly invaded. My sin level in Dark Souls 2 was Wretch so I was invaded by Blue Sentinels every few minutes. The invasions never stopped. There was also the bonus of the arenas and the consensual invasions via red signs and dragon eyes.

Bloodborne is not very keen on allowing players to get invaded. With the new expanded audience it's become clear that the majority of people can't handle invasions. You don't need to look too hard to find topics with people complaining about the invasions in the Nightmare areas since that's where the PVP is currently concentrated. We need to do quite a bit now to set up PVP fights. Some people are heading to the designated PVP chalices, while others are moving into NG+ and leaving the optional area bosses alive.

I just checked the trophy list and only 51.1% of the online player base has defeated Vicar Amelia. The vast majority of people are no where near your soul level. If you aren't looking for PVP in the right areas I don't see how you are naturally going to find it.