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I had been wondering why the last story mission on the moon wasn't unlocked, but I knew that there was going to be some PVP stuff on Saturday. I took a break from PVP and noticed the moon was open so I went for it and found the trail the Guardian had left.

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I finally beat Elena solo on NG+ after 30 or more tried and I took out Sinh in 2 attempts. With Crown in hand I went to talk to Vendrick (I had already talked to him before and got some great dialogue) and he basically reinforces the fact that Nashandra played him. Elena played the King who's name is no longer remembered. I believe we will encounter all the shards of Manus by the end of the DLC season and maybe run into Manus and the Primordial Serpents again.

Kaathe was initially the cause of Manus appearing in the world. He'll make an appearance again. Shanalotte and Aldia the Ancient Dragon will also have some part to play in this repeating cycle.

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After hearing some editor on Kotaku talk about how masterful the editing of Satoshi Kon was, I decided to pick up a few of his films. I also grabbed two "classics" and was hoping to get some opinions on all of them. So here they are.

- Perfect Blue

- Millennium Actress

- Tokyo Godfathers

- Paprika

- Memories

And for the classics.

- Akria

- Evangelion (Original Cut)

Outside of Miyazaki films and some cult classics like Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh, Steamboy and a few others, I don't have much experience in the genre. Of course I've watched some anime shows, but never to the extent where I could call myself a fan. What is similar to these movies above?

Also, Monster is a great show.

Given your list you should watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There are several anime films on your list that fall in line with what Madoka is laying down.

I would also recommend Death Note and Attack on Titan.

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Tales of Vesperia is pretty amazing. They need to make more RPGs like Vesperia and not just additions to the Tales series.

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@golguin: Slight necro of your post, but legit question. I've ran through the game on CoC (albeit with an extremely overpowered character) to see what if anything is different. Overall, most bosses seemingly just get an HP buff and are more "aggressive" put simply, but for the Lost Sinner, he/she actually friggin' parried and riposted one of my attacks. Did you see this as well? The animation is similar to a 2-handed "super parry" of a heavy weapon, and it scared the crap out of me because it changed the fight from just-another-damage-sponge boss to "oh crap I have to actually be careful". Too bad it only happened once, and for what was a largely uninspiring boss, it offered a brief glimmer of hope that the game could've achieved greatness.

The only other thing to note was that Duke's Dear somethingorother got stuck spamming its beam attack in CoC, while the Throne Watcher (or whichever one is in white) actually has a magic projectile attack that I have literally never seen outside of the covenant run, either in all my other runs, online, or in NG+. The Iron King is still completely lame on any difficulty.

Other than that pretty much every boss was just a slightly hardier/faster/more aggressive version. And yeah, Darklurker is no fun to fight, even if you're specced for magic.

The enemies also get something like a 30% damage buff increase so during my run a lot of bosses could one shot me. I don't believe I've seen Lost Sinner parry, but I have seen Throne Watcher use a magic projectile.

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Hold the presses! Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3 was the best third episode from Urobuchi I've seen since a certain someone went in over their head!


It's true that it didn't top Madoka's 3rd episode, but it was still good. I like that tactics are being used instead of OP mechs with divine powers.

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Just finished up the third episode of Tokyo Ghoul and I feel I'm totally on board with the show now. Here's the opening for some potential hype building (mirrored).

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YES! The hype is real! Fatal Frame is the BEST horror series.

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So Akame ga Kill! started off kinda meh, but before the end of the 1st episode SHIT GOT REAL! I saw the 2nd episode and enjoyed that as well. I think this is something to look forward to.

I will check out Aldnoah.Zero next. Since Gen Urobuchi made it I'm sure it's going to be a very happy series.

Have you read the manga? Because if you like the way the first episode ended, then I think you will enjoy what is to come. I am so glad this thing is getting a fair shot, each chapter felt meaningful and the action is very entertaining.

That Aldnoah music is very hype (the kill la kill is strong in it), can you tell a little about what you liked? I feel like I have been looking for a cool mech show for a while and nothing caught my interest. The last thing I tried was Captain earth, seemed ok but didnt really hype me up.

Speaking of Hype, Don Flamingo from One piece is seriously an awesome character, he was only in the newest episode for a short time but he dropped some plot that I am excited to hear about!! He is such a cool character.

I haven't read the manga and I didn't know anything about the show before I started watching it. The thing that I liked about the show is that things are pretty messed up and the "heroes" are up against an invincible invasion force. The show is not going to be some mech power fantasy. I predict things will continue to go bad.

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I just used the Target "Cartwheel" thing to get 15% off some new ear buds. It's a legit thing and it's still on tomorrow.