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Attack on Titan is one the best shows to come out recently and it's really easy to get into since it doesn't have the tropes that most anime shows have.

You're joking right? Sure it starts off off that way with a unique premise, then that 6th episode hits and you're like "Oh, this is just another anime-ass anime isn't it?" Even before that they introduce just about every anime character archetype you can think of. Then again I'm saying this as one of the very few people who thinks that show is no good.

I'm not joking. Where are the pantsu shots? The beach episode? The harem?

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Hey duders I need some help, I'm looking for a new Anime to get into. If possible I'd like it to be on Netflix (ease of use) and to be as badass as possible. Any suggestions for me? I'm generally newer to anime so anything is in the mix. (I've recently started Sword Art Online but I'm not 100% sold on it yet). Thanks!!

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Attack on Titan is one the best shows to come out recently and it's really easy to get into since it doesn't have the tropes that most anime shows have.

For @i_stay_puft

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In preparation for KH3 I've been watching some KH: Dream Drop Distance videos to get caught up on the story since I never played it and wow is it anime as fuck. Looking back I realize that KH had a lot of anime elements and it's the reason why a lot of people complain about the story being complicated or hard to understand, but I enjoy stories that are into their own lore and care about what they're presenting. Want backstory on a specific character? KH has a game that probably dives in the backstory of that character.

Also, I'm not sure why it took me this long to see that Kingdom Hearts also uses STANDS!

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toonami viewers reacting to SwordArtOnline 2 rapper scene, so good.

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What have I done?

The sad thing is that that describes a staggering number of anime.

2 true

I probably missed the scene with Sinon dropping mad rhymes all over Deathgun, but I am familiar with the SAO II attempted rape scene. I always find it rather strange that people are fine with bad guys killing and torturing people in fiction, but somehow rape is going too far.

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Hestia Dungeon had a great end. I believe there is more source material to pull from and given it's popularity I expect a 2nd season.

Unlimited Budget Works is over so now we wait for Illya 2wei Herz.

Food Wars continues to be epic with food and drama.

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I don't have a Vita, but I do have a PS4 so there has to be some way for me to be able to play the game on my PS4 right? Isn't there a cross buy feature or something where all Vita games can be played on the PS4?

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It's been mentioned before I think, but when Cloud dresses like a girl he needs to somehow end up looking like Lightning.

It also need it to fulfill it's anime heritage and go all out with a beach episode at Costa Del Sol featuring Hojo and his ladies. They will be smashing watermelons, all the girls will be wearing their skimpy outfits (except Yuffie because she's going to be wearing a typical school one piece), and the dudes are going to get into some hijinks with Hojo as they try to peak on the girls when they head into the hot spring.

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I found the trailer live and running on crunchyroll To Persona 4 trailer and it was amazing. Is the game really coming out this year in the US?

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I dont know why, but all the voice I've heard so far sound better acted.