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I am here to announce that Aldnoah.Zero is legit as hell. Add in some amazing Kill la Kill/Attack on Titan OST stuff and the first two episodes were very hype with all the stuff that went down. Video is a little taste from the 1st episode.

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In order to show anime to people that "hate" anime you have to know what they like. I was successful in showing an entire anime series to my cousin and friend because I knew that they liked T&A, killing, and zombies. The perfect solution was the Highschool of the Dead dub (dub because normal people don't want to read subtitles and can't read subtitles at the required speed for enjoyment).

Both of them wanted to the see a 2nd season (currently doesn't exist) and have asked me on several occasions if the 2nd season had been made yet.

You guys are coming at this problem from a flawed perspective. It doesn't matter what you like or what introduced you to anime. Find out what your friend likes. Ask if they want to have fun, see sexy stuff, cry, get scared, get traumatized, think deeply, etc. and you'll have more success.

I'm not going to bust a Madoka on someone just because it's a top tier anime.

EDIT: For guys you generally can't go wrong with violence, sex and lots of action.

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So Akame ga Kill! started off kinda meh, but before the end of the 1st episode SHIT GOT REAL! I saw the 2nd episode and enjoyed that as well. I think this is something to look forward to.

I will check out Aldnoah.Zero next. Since Gen Urobuchi made it I'm sure it's going to be a very happy series.

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I got the white PS4 Destiny bundle so I'm set to pop with my upcoming new PS4.

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Now that the new season has started what should I check out? I have crunchyroll so if something is cool on that service that would work out great.

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I'm liking the Persona NG+ approach to Golden. Did you see Yu's Persona awakening? Totally maxed out stats and didn't give a fuck.

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I chose to imprison The Crooked Man because once everyone saw what a cool guy Bigby is he would be in charge. All the characters backed him up during the trial and that final decision sealed the deal as seen during the "prologue". Forcing The Crooked Man to live has a crow is a pretty great punishment.

At the end I was left with a big question mark. I was like, "Is the game saying they were the same person? How could they be the same person? Did they randomly have the same speech mannerisms? I literally forgot about the glamour."

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I finished watching Madoka Rebellion last night and holy shit did it blow my mind. We were so close...so close...and then THAT happened. I know a lot of people got mad, but I saw the movie by myself and then with my sister and upon the 2nd viewing I was able to see all the signs. Once you know what happens you are able to see the dialogue from the "correct" perspective.

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I think I'm going to watch the Madoka Rebellion movie very soon. I stumbled across the OP for the final movie (I have caught a few scenes here and there due to my curiosity from the trailers) and holy shit is it amazing. It's cute in the way that all Madoka openings are cute, but it's also super depressing if what I think I know is going on. Poor Homura.

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I think it's officially time to start the Sword Art Online 2 HYPE TRAIN. We all know the 2nd half in elf land wasn't as good as the first part of the season, but everything seems to be back on track for the HYPE. How are people feeling about it?