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I don't have a Vita, but I do have a PS4 so there has to be some way for me to be able to play the game on my PS4 right? Isn't there a cross buy feature or something where all Vita games can be played on the PS4?

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It's been mentioned before I think, but when Cloud dresses like a girl he needs to somehow end up looking like Lightning.

It also need it to fulfill it's anime heritage and go all out with a beach episode at Costa Del Sol featuring Hojo and his ladies. They will be smashing watermelons, all the girls will be wearing their skimpy outfits (except Yuffie because she's going to be wearing a typical school one piece), and the dudes are going to get into some hijinks with Hojo as they try to peak on the girls when they head into the hot spring.

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I found the trailer live and running on crunchyroll To Persona 4 trailer and it was amazing. Is the game really coming out this year in the US?

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I dont know why, but all the voice I've heard so far sound better acted.

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I downloaded a 1.5 gig thing for the PS4. Is that the whole expansion?

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@thatpinguino: Ah, but there are also other black characters in the game who do not speak like Barrett. It's a slippery slope, I guess. If there were ten Hispanic characters and one spoke like Speedy Gonzalez, that would be offensive. but what if there were ten black characters and one spoke like Morgan Freeman? Would that be offensive?

I'm genuinely asking, by the way. I don't know if it would be. I just don't see Mr. T as being stereotypically black. He's more like a superhero.

Speedy Gonzalez eh? Why is Speedy Gonzalez offensive? I don't know if you come from a Mexican background, but Speedy Gonzales was popular when I was a kid and I remember there being an outcry from Latin communities when it was initially shelved for POSSIBLYbeing racially insensitive.

I'm not directing this to you, but there seems to be a lot of "I'm being offended on your behalf" going on in this thread. Is Barrett stereotypically black? I don't know because I'm not in a position to make that assessment. Didn't Deus Ex: Human Revolution run into this exact situation with Letitia? People were criticizing the game for her characterization, but people literally had to step forward and say, "Hi, I'm black and I know people exactly like Letitia. She's fine. Please stop being offended on my behalf."

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@tobbrobb said:

@golguin: The point is that there isn't a point. Writing about perceived issues in anime from a western perspective is almost entirely a waste of time. It's so small that very few people will read it, even less will agree or attempt to understand it, and more importantly no one with any direct control over anime production will ever hear of it. And even if they did, they have no reason to care. Japan just simply doesn't care about western fans opinions. And the established western fanbase is already ingrained enough in it's ways that dissenting opinions will just get drowned out.

Does this line of thought extend to Japanese game developers? Square Enix probably wants to market its Final Fantasy games to a Western audience, but the games always have an "anime" feel to them. Final Fantasy 7 really felt like an anime back in the day and now that we are getting FF7 Remake it seems that it will retain those sensibilities.


"How the new, slightly darker aesthetic sits with some of the crazier elements of the original game remains to be seen, but it seems they'll be intact. Can't wait to see the delicious sight of Cloud in a dress in glorious HD? "Please look forward to it," said Nomura as the interview came to a close."

The game was just announced and we already have people raising issues with some of the content that existed in the original game. This is the same type of content that can be found in various anime titles. Should Square Enix care that a minority of its Western audience has issues with tropes that are readily found in some of the most popular anime titles?

The discussion is already happening in the Giant Bomb thread Why is Cloud dressing up as a lady transphobic?

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Hibike! Euphonium 11 | Auditions went as expected. And yuri baiting continues.

Good looking real places.

This is how I know the yuri to be true. They wouldn't keep pushing it in the show and advertisement without having a payoff.

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So I spent those last several minutes hitting my desk and yelling "NO!" at my computer screen. It's fine though because the Red Woman is there and she can bring people back to life like that other guy right? Jon has king's blood and there was a whole lot of blood right there. She's just going to walk up and say like, "No yet Jon snow."