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I really like this lore video. I think you guys should watch it.

I watched it and it's a really good video for someone who played the game and didn't get the story's main points by missing stuff. I think @vinny would really get the main story beats from Dark Souls 2 if he saw it. It's all backed up with in game evidence and it's simple to follow. Production levels are nice.

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It's a very different experience from my other playthroughs. Much more of a learning experience with the boss fights. I'd say I've only solo'd about 50% of the encounters prior to the champion run, so in this regard, it often feels like an all new experience.

I'm pretty selective about what bosses I'm tackling. I'm going for mandatory bosses first, and try to go for all the easy ones first. Thus far I've beaten The Last Giant, Dragonrider, Fexible Sentry, Undead Lords, Covetous Demon.

Looking foward to beating the game like a Champ.

P.S. Did you join the Rat Bros inbetween bosses, to earn some Titanite Chunks? I'm still debating if it's in the spirit of this playthrough or not. I guess I'll do it, since it's all about soloing the bosses for me.

I experience as much of the game as I could so I'd leave the Company of Champion to check out the other covenants. My only rule was to solo all the bosses through the Company of Champions. I kept my SL relatively low and I left the SL 99 limiter because I didn't want to become over powered.

You defeated Velstadt, The Royal Aegis! The last few boss fights I discussed were fairly easy with the exception of the Looking Glass Knight that has the potential to be unbeatable if he summons a human PVP vet, but Velstadt brought it. He has a very simple moveset, but the timing to dodge his attacks as a melee only Uchigatana user got tricky. He has an overhead attack that has a very slow wind up and slam that seems to vary with your position. He misses and you get several free hits. It lands and its a one shot kill. It would be fairly simple to avoid if I just continued to dodge backwards, but I'm a dodge forward kind of guy so I was set on figuring out the i-frame window.

There was one attack that I was unable to figure out and that was his Dark Homing Missile attack. I tried several times to dodge roll to the left/right and forward/backward, but no matter the timing it always seemed to land. During one of my dodging attempts I kept my shield up and actually blocked the attack on accident as my dodge was too late. I saw that it only took off around half of my health so I decided then and there to block that attack whenever it came at me.

I ended up dying around 5-7 times and Velstadt forced me to drink more Estus than any boss before him. The boss isn't exactly difficult, but the fact that I needed to dodge roll his one shot attacks left little room for error. I enjoyed the fight.

You Defeated Throne Defender and Throne Watcher! My full impressions of this fight can be found in the thread The Throne Bosses are Officially the Hardest Thing so you can head over there to read about my trails and tribulations and the difference between fighting the Throne bosses in a normal game (easy) vs a company of champions game (hard).

HOLY CRAP IT'S OVER! Throne Defender and Throne Watcher are done! What can I say after 30+ defeats that hasn't already been expressed here? About 2 hours ago I got them both down to less than 1/4th of their health and I panicked. I made 1 stupid mistake and I died. I thought I was going to sleep on it, but then the Bombcast came out and the description said they were going to talk about Dark Souls 2. I thought, "Why the hell not?" and I turned on the game again.

As soon as the podcast started I felt myself relax and just zone out. Before I knew it the bosses were at less than 1/4th of their health again and I died. I was "meh" about the game at this point because Brad was talking about playing Dark Souls 1 again and the PC version of Dark Souls 2 and before I knew it the bosses were at less than 1/4th of their health again and I died. I had become extremely loose at this point and I was just going for that 2nd hit knowing full well that the other Throne was going to land a hit. I didn't care. My poise was up to 66 and they weren't going to stun lock me so I just had to dodge that 2nd hit to avoid death. I became extremely liberal with my Estus because I was just letting them smack me to get that extra hit. My main issue was fatigue and that extra hit was making everything go a lot faster.

I died a 3rd time and before I knew it I was on my 4th attempt. I suddenly found myself entranced by Vinny's description of his end game and the lore that he didn't quite get compared to Dark Souls 1. I lost focus on what I was doing as I pondered the Dark Souls 2 lore that I had uncovered so far (those Artorias looking dark colored souls are very reminiscent of a few souls in Dark Souls 1), but my attention was once again focused on what I was doing as I saw both Throne Defender and Throne Watcher at around 1/5th of their health. BOOM! Throne Defender took a Flame Swathe to the face with a few HP left. I rush him and stab him for the kill. Watcher lands a hit and I narrowly escape the combo and death. I'm out of Estus. No boss has ever pushed me to the point of running out of Estus. Watcher keeps that shield up as we dance and I land a single 3 hit combo. I'm out of stamina, my Uchigatana hasn't had a buff for like 3 minutes, and Watcher is running over to revive Defender. I've been planning for this since the past 10 defeats and I'm ready. Watcher stops for the revive and I let loose my final Flame Swathe cast. 1 second. 2 seconds (HURRY UP!). 3 seconds. VICTORY ACHIEVED! *exhale and celebration begins*

This is why I play Dark Souls 2. This is why the Souls series is one of the best things to come out of the last generation consoles.

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@humanity said:

@gerrid: I certainly understand all that, but unlike the Souls game, that ending with the spinning top is basically the only part of the entire story that the viewer decides upon on their own - whereas Dark Souls is littered with such "moments" throughout. Undoubtedly there was a narrative they followed, but it seems that at this point the games have become so cryptic in storytelling that people quite literally develop narrative paranoia: this ring is in a cave, so wait a second, what does the cave symbolize? So he had to go through boss-A to get here, oh so boss-A must have let him come here, oh so they are related... so on and so forth.. when the actual answer might be that the developers just put the ring there without much deeper meaning. I sincerely believe there is a very real possibility that the lore isn't nearly as deep as people think, and fans have filled in 70% of the blanks based on 30% of actual story. People believe because the ancient dragon drops a soul of the giant that this clearly means something, but what if, and I'm not saying this is the case, but what if thats just a bug? And now you have thousands of people arguing about the significance this, and it's all just an error? Everyone has been so thoroughly conditioned to look for any minor discrepancies that the thought of From Software not doing something intentionally has become an impossibility.

Like I said though, if people have fun with it then thats great, I just think the stories have become so obtuse that they're in danger of what people on the internet refer to as being "up their own ass." I mean if Metal Gear is up it's own ass, then certainly Dark Souls must have made the loop several times over. I still enjoy the games though, but I hope they really change up the formula for the inevitable next-gen release.

I pretty much know everything that there is to know about the lore in Dark Souls 1 with item descriptions, item placement, cut dialogue/content, etc., and while I can understand that it might appear to be fan headcanon from outside observers I can tell you with 100% certainty that the things in the game have a purpose and they aren't being randomly assigned item description and locations.

Your ancient dragon example is perfect for this. What does the Ancient Dragon drop if you kill it? It drops a Soul of a Giant and a Petrified Dragon Bone. What's the point? We know from the Aldia Key that Vendrick, "condemned his own elder brother to the mansion." Various item descriptions indicate that experiments and strange rituals were being conducted in Aldia's Keep. We see the place full of scientific trinkets, caged experiments, a somewhat active dragon corpse, and giant corpses. The key also reveals that Aldia and Vendrick,"both sought the truth, but through different means, and their fervor meant the eventual withering of their familial ties."

Aldia was in charge of the experiments and he sought a different solution than his brother. At some point Aldia vanishes/disappears. We are told in the Dragon Acolyte equipment description that, "Several of the greatest minds converged in Aldia to weave strange new rituals, but rumors suggest that during the course of their work their thoughts were not their own." This isn't the last time mind control is brought up. During a loading screen the description for either the Dragon Aerie or Dragon Shrine asks if the "Dragons" guarding the place are under some kind of spell.

The game has an Ancient Dragon Soul, but it isn't dropped by Aldia. We need to do a bit of time traveling to the place seen in the opening credits of Dark Souls 1 to pick up that soul. Why doesn't the Ancient Dragon drop that soul? Why does the game throw in time travel when you have a perfectly viable Ancient Dragon waiting for you? Well Nashandra certainly has a pretty good explanation if you talk to her after you meet the Ancient Dragon. She says, "Brave Undead, you've met that dragon? That living, breathing, sham? A false deity offering nothing."

It doesn't take much to put everything together and arrive at the conclusion that the Ancient Dragon is made with the power of the Soul of a Giant and the Petrified Dragon Bone. The part that's speculation is whether the dragon is Aldia himself and if Aldia is controlling the Drakes through his telepathy.

That is essentially the set up for Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2 lore. You are given bits and pieces of truth to put the overall frame together, but the minor details are always left up to interpretation.

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Now that I beat the game I can finally join the Lore party. I'll have to read through all the conversations to see what people think. I initially heard people complain about the lore of Dark Souls 2 or even suggesting that it was only "somewhat" connected to Dark Souls 1.

As a person that was WAY into Dark Souls 1 lore I can't believe people even thought that Dark Souls 2 wasn't directly connected to the events in Dark Souls 1.

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@seppli said:

I've officially quit Dark Souls 2 after beating it with 4 characters, beating every boss, and one NG+ run. But I can't seem to let it go. My thoughts are still drawn to it. So I'm pondering doing a Covenant of Champions playthrough. Not sure if I actually should go through with it.

I just beat the game 5. Credits are currently rolling. I've got around 6 boss screens I need to update. My Company of Champions run with the SL 99 limiter is almost complete (2 optional bosses left). I think that once you see my thoughts on those last 6 bosses you'll see that the Company of Champions is not something to fear.

It was my first run through Dark Souls 2. I couldn't imagine playing without it now. It promised the true Dark Souls 2 experience for veterans of the series and it's a bit sad to see that only A COUPLE HUNDRED PEOPLE DID THE COMPANY OF CHAMPIONS AS THEIR FIRST RUN.

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Game is great. Combat can get very tactical unless you over level yourself on purpose to steam roll everything. It was visually very striking for it's time (sparks are flying everywhere) and I enjoyed the dialogue.

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I saw the video and the comments pointing out the fact that the conductor saved his life. Would have lost his head if he didn't get the boot to the face.

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@sweep said:

Everything you said is true. However:

Holy shit I'm dying here.

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I have now watched the first several episodes of JoJo and now I finally understand...DIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought episode 3 was the strongest episode so far and I really enjoyed it. I thought it strange @alex that you needed to mash a button during the Bigby transformation scene. On the 360 version you just press forward as you shrug off the shotgun blasts. It was an extremely hyped scene for me so I killed the Tweedle without hesitation because I got caught in the moment.