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There's no way to change that text size but you do have an option to have the npc dialogue in your chat box.

Go to Main Menu>System>Character Config>Log Window Settings>Log Filters.

Go over and pick the General log and a filter window would come up. Tab over to Announcement and you'll see two options, one is NPC Dialogue and the other is NPC Dialogue (Announcement). Make sure they are both marked, hit your Triangle button to apply the changes and you'll have the npc dialogue in your chat box.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. Some cutscenes will take away the chat box. Just hit Enter on your keyboard, which I really hope you have, and it'll bring back the chat box.

I don't have a keyboard just the PS4 controller as it's the PS4 version of the game. Would I need to move the chat box to the center of the screen so that it would display like the NPC dialogue box or will the NPC dialogue box still stay at the center of the screen? I can read the small text in the NPC dialogue box, but it sounds like I would need to make the chat box huge to get the text to display at the size I imagine in my head.

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There are plenty of HUD elements you can make larger in the game, but I can't seem to find a way to the make the NPC dialogue text size larger. The size of the box doesn't bother me, but I would like the text inside the box to be larger so I have an easier time reading it. I'm playing the game on my PS4 and it's a hassle reading all that small text.

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Looks like we've gotten all the votes we're getting this year. Polls are officially closed!

Will the votes be tallied soon? I'm curious to see how my top 3 anime did.

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Slaine making dat comeback,

s1 spoilers ?

Princess is Back, i did not see inaho in this trailer am i blind ?

i cant embed videos in spoiler tags so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEn7nqWONC0

Fuck Slaine

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I need more. Now. What the fuck am I supposed to do for the next 7 days?

fuck it rewatch Penguindrum

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I have watched aw hole season and a half of Love. Chunibyo & Other Delusions in a day and a half. I may have spent all of last night watching the first season in one sitting. Crunchyroll and the ability to binge watch things may be a bad thing.

I think I like the show? It is nothing too special but I like watching it because I am a sucker for people falling in love.

S1 was good, s2 i thought was turrable.

Chunibyo is really good. You start off watching the show thinking that Rikka is super awkward for pretending that she lives in a supernatural world, but then all that changes once shit gets real sad. Season 2 is less sad, but overall more fun with more drama.

PS: Fuck Slaine.

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Thanks for the advice on not worrying about combat macros. I'll just keep fighting and leveling up some classes to 20 until I purchase the full game on Friday. Then I can finally continue the story, join a company, and see what these holiday events/quests are about.

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Let's say I wanted to, at some point, try and get into FFXIV. Is there an "everything you need to know" thread / website / database online that gets updated frequently (since there are going to be expansions and what not)?

The only thing I've looked up with mechanics was how to set up macros for the PS4 version of the game and I've essentially never played an MMO before. The game seems really good about throwing out help screen whenever you run into any new systemy type thing in the game. I've sometimes referred to the help option in the game to bring up an old topic.

As an example I don't know shit about crafting/materia/cooking/sewing/etc, but I assume that when I attempt to join one of the guilds to level up that skill it will tell me what I need to know. If I had to read a guide to play the game I wouldn't be playing.

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As a past player of this game, I still believe macros are limited to 1s increments, theres no half second or quarter second.

Learn to not rely on macros, they're handy but later on they'll start to gimp your DPS. I've met bards who specifically put their rotations into a series of macros and based on parsing they had some of the worst DPS i've seen in an MMO (approaching 200 DPS at ilvl 110).

I'm new so I don't know what it means to have 1 second increments, but I know that pressing the button that has the 3 buffs applied to it only makes the first buff activate because it has no waiting implemented into it to fire off the 2nd and 3rd buff. I believe that putting in the wait would allow all 3 buffs to activate with a single button press because it waits for the animation to finish for each one. By manually spamming the button it fires off the buffs in order as soon as the others are able to activate.

That was my understanding when I read on how to make macros for the PS4 version.

I don't know if I'll make macros for attacking because I don't like the idea of not having control over what skill activates if I only want X skill to activate, but the macro first has to go through V and W. I saw it as a possible issue with...

/ac Bloodletter <t>
/ac Misery's End <t>
/ac Heavy Shot <t>

I have my own order for going through Venomous Bite, Heavy Shot, Straight Shot, Blood Letter, Repelling Shot, Quick Knock, and Misery's End with the order being whatever I need and what's on cooldown. I'm only a level 20 Archer so that works for now, but I imagine being a Bard is going to become hectic as I watch the timers tick down.

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@golguin: I was standing idle out there scrolled through the chat log and yep def did see your message there. It might have just been that everyone was idle or AFK. A lot of people will log in and idle near or at the house and check in occasionally while doing other things. So if people don't respond to you right away its mostly because a lot of people tend to idle a lot while playing.

I've learned that in the trial the only way I can talk is with "Say" as every other chap option is disabled. I've read up some more in the game since I'm fairly certain I'm going to buy it by Friday (14 days will be up) and I already have $10 in the PSN store just sitting there.

I've learned about macros and I've implemented my first macro in the game. It's a buff macro that combines the Archer and Pugilist buffs (3 of them) into a single action for my Archer. It works great because the first action is always the 60 second one, 2nd is 90 seconds, and the last one is the archer buff raging strikes. I press it once to activate the first buff or spam 3 times to activate all 3.

I've leveled my Archer and Pugilist to 20 now and I've been farming the instance/small raid thing (big level with light party and boss at the end) to get some of the unique gear. I'm leaving some of the LV10-LV20 quests for my upcoming lancer. It sucks having no quests for leveling purposes. Mostly cleared our Gridania and the desert place. My 3rd class will work in the pirate place to start.

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I think I like Love Live! too much.

I just finished the 2nd season and found out there is going to be a movie. Guess I have to watch the movie when it comes out.

If you think that's liking Love Live you should see my coworker's desk. It's literally all Love Live stuff as well as photos of her cosplaying Honoka with other Love Live cosplayers.

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I've been meaning to check out The devil is a part timer, I should get on that. Oh yeah I have three crunchyroll guest passes I've been meaing to give out. Here are the codes. Just tell me which ones you got in a comment.




Thanks. I almost forgot about this. Will go nice with my Hulu Plus anime weekend. I took UG4F6EBVWL9.