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It appears that I missed some big brouhaha over the two new hires. I don't know much about them, but I did see the link to the "Giant Bombcast E3 2011: Internet Dating Pranks and Crazy People" part on an old bombast and Dan Ryckert was the dude that set up the blue shirt date prank. The guy seems okay to me.

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I don't see anyone talking about the season ending of No Game No Life. The show is so damn smart. I love watching smart shows with complex plans that don't pay off until the end and then you saw how all the pieces were laid plainly at your feet, but YOU JUST DIDN'T SEE IT!


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You should play it co-op with people that you know. If you play it co-op now you'll have people pushing you toward the objective as fast as possible with no exploration because they want to get their stuff fast.

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Ah, this is the thing I wanted to check out the stuff I missed.

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20 minutes left for Yoshi donation. If you're going to do it do it now.

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Announcer finally mentioned the Jeff total bid. Time to push!

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this going to be good, only chipped in $5 but every bit counts right?

i guess the bidding goes up right to the moment they get to yoshi?

Yes, it's important to keep a huge lead to build momentum. Need more GB bids! The French will try to push towards the end and GBeast and GBwest will be sleeping. BID NOW!

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Alright people it's time to make the push and represent Giant Bomb and Jeff's Yoshi love! The Thousand Year Door Run is starting now.

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Who know's what those sneaky French are up to. There's a plan for a big push from GB right? Who's leading that?