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So this is not the official "Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice" list that Jeff announced on whatever stream it was but something entierly different? Im confused and my list doesnt seem to be included but its all well, its a good list after all.

I dont agree with every game ofc. and being an GB list its console focused but i can clearly see good arguments for every game on the list.

If you'd like, you can still send your list's url to this google form. I wont be updating the final list, but I can update the site.

Hold on, what is this "Game of the Year 2014 Users Choice" list that Jeff announced?

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The PT vote was strong.

84Silent Hills386.25


It's almost like it should have its own wiki page...

I don't know why it doesn't. It's advertised on PSN as a game you can download and I believe it's been widely reported that what you see in P.T. WILL NOT appear in Silent Hills. Hell, Silent Hills might not even play like P.T.

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Dark Souls 2 was my number 1 and Dragon Age: Inquisition was number 2 so I wasn't too far off the user's top 3. I didn't play Shadow of Mordor because I don't really care for LotR or what I've seen of the Batman combat system.

It's interesting to see that 2 games in the user top 3 Goty 2014 games (Inquisition and DS2) aren't even on the site's top 10.

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Thanks for the info everyone. I wonder if I can join The Giant Bomb company with a trial membership.

I also totally saw a GB member earlier today. I figured it would be "gbomb", but I saw a "VinCo" tag and thought to myself, "The VinCo thing came after the release of the game so it's probably not officially GB related." Seems I was wrong and the tag changed at some point.

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Two questions about The Devil is a Part Timer

1. How do they suddenly just start speaking english? I think I missed the explanation on that.

2. I'm not supposed to be seeing subtitles when they're speaking their native language, right?...There are still long stretches where they speak it and sometimes there are zero context clues to what they are saying. It's just weird.

1. I think it was magical in that they magically learned it or their magical nature just made them pick up the language very fast. The only language thing I remember is Sadao saying in the first or second episode that learning another language is nothing for him since he's the Demon King.

2. I saw subtitles when they speak their language. All Japanese and fantasy jibberish language was subbed.

I finished the season and I enjoyed it. I was bummed to find out that a 2nd season hasn't been made even though the source material is still ongoing.

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@golguin: You just won't be able to progress any more in the trial. And Yes, you'll have to both buy a licence for the game and pay a monthly sub but you should be able to actually use the same client you already have downloaded i do believe. Its either 12.99 per month for an "entry" subscription which allows 1 character per server over 8 different servers you can also go with the Standard for 14.99 which lets you have 8 characters per server and 40 characters total over all servers.

If you think you might keep playing consider joining on Ultros if you want to join up with other Giantbomb duders. And to be clear PS+ is NOT needed to play this game as it doesn't operate on Playstation servers.

If I reach level 20 with my archer before my 14 day trial is over, I can change my class and play as something else right? It looks like each class levels up separately (tied to weapon it seems) so I can have each one reach level 20 until I'm done with the 14 day trial.

Once that is done I can buy the game digitally on PS4 since I've already downloaded the thing. I've read that the game automatically comes with 30 days free and it isn't part of the 14 day trial thing so I wont need to worry about a subscription until after those 30 free days right?

I made my character on the Ultros server and from what I've read I get to keep my current trial character even if/when I buy the full game. Is that correct?

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This is essentially the first MMO I've played and I've enjoyed what I've played so far, but I'm currently level 17 and the 2 week demo cap is level 20. I've only played for a few days, but what will happen once I reach level 20? Will the game suddenly lock me out? Will I be able to play with level, gear, and ability restrictions since I hit level 20?

What if I want to buy the game? Do I have to pay full price for the game and then buy a subscription on top of the PSN I already pay for?

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Very interested to see this. Even though another Souls games (Dark Souls 1 was immediately mentioned and eliminated right?) failed to make the Giant Bomb Top 10 GOTY list I believe Dark Souls 2 is going to win the user top 10 with the number 1 spot.

This is why I love the way Giant Bomb releases the podcasts of their deliberations so you can get the context behind the decisions with the list. The result almost always is there are only about 4-5 consensus games among the group (and this happens with any site it seems like) and every other game that makes the list is the result of politics or who can scream the loudest for their pet games. And every year there is one decision at minimum that seems baffling.

For 2013, that was the way Super Mario 3D World, widely considered a top 4-5 game in most circles, went from a mortal lock to make the list to suddenly cut when none of the guys wanted to give up their pet indie game. This year's decision like that was Dragon Age: Inquisition, which seemed baffling given it's winning a good chunk of GotY awards around the web. But after listening to the podcast at least the logic behind what happened became clear: Matt Rorie wrote the review for Dragon Age, and wasn't there to advocate for it. With him not there, you had Jeff who had finished the game and wasn't a super big fan of it, Patrick who was 15 hours in and wanted to save his energy for Divinity (and amusingly had to give that one up as well to placate Brad with Destiny), and Vinny who wasn't that far in either. With nobody there as an authority to debate Jeff, they had to give it up.

The original Dark Souls didn't even make top 10 the year it came out between stiff competition and the fact Vinny was the only big fan of the series at that point. If you redid that list now, it'd be top 5 between Vinny, Brad, and Dan. With Dark Souls 2, what happened was for the purpose of a site top 10, it seemed hard for any of the guys to muster up the energy to lobby for it when everyone but Dan thought it was a big step back from the original.

I think the interesting things about Dark Souls 1 is that most video game media type people "found" the game after it had already been figured out with very detailed guides and lore explanations. This time around they had early access to the game and there was nowhere they could go to understand what was happening with the lore or how to overcome certain challenges *coughShrineofAmanacough*. Artorias of the Abyss was already in the PC version so everyone jumping into the game was able to experience the best part of the DS1. From what was said in the podcast it seems like NO ONE played the DS2 DLC, which was the best content in that game.

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Very interested to see this. Even though another Souls games (Dark Souls 1 was immediately mentioned and eliminated right?) failed to make the Giant Bomb Top 10 GOTY list I believe Dark Souls 2 is going to win the user top 10 with the number 1 spot.

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I watched the first episode of The Devil is a Part Timer.

I was laughing my ass off almost the whole time. Very enjoyable

I've been meaning to check out what Devil is a Part Timer is about. Going by the title I assume it's going to be something like the show "I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job" and I really enjoyed that show.

In other news I completed the first season of Love Live. It turned out to be more than what I expected it to be and I'm currently making my way through the 2nd season.

Also, Maki is best girl because she doesn't give a shit about the nonsense in the group.