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I'm currently trying to get my Queen rep up so I can reach Rank 2 and buy the AR Her Right Hand.

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pyscho pass new edit or aldnoah zero? which should I watch first?

edit: or maybe... season 5 of breaking bad?

Aldnoah Zero will be faster to finish so do that first. I finished both last week and they are both really good for different reasons.

I like that Sword Art Online 2 has kept the creepy raper guy tradition alive. You can't go wrong when you have a creepy raper guy as a bad guy.

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Got the Queen's chest piece and helmet and I'm very happy with them after getting nothing of value from the Loot Cave for 2 days. The Queen missions bumped me from LV 23 to LV 24. I will get the full set.

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Is it almost time to see the satellite feed?

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I like Chie. Definitely best girl.

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I'm level 23 and I'm ready to start doing the heroic stuff with the modifiers on the left hand side and the strike playlist.

Playstation 4 ID is golguin

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Remember how Aldnoah Zero was written by Gen Urobuchi? Yup. That was an ending. Bad Luck Slaine till the end.

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Man that episode of Tokyo Ghoul had an amazing change of pace. It became super psychological and then climaxed with what everyone had been waiting for. I think it's one of those episodes that will be remembered as "that episode" in the same way as "that episode" in Madoka, Gurren Lagann, and Attack on Titan.

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I just saw the trailer a few minutes ago. Did it literally just drop? Holy shit it's fucking amazing. That monster at the end is like a mini Manus and he's fast as hell.