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VaatiVidya released an ending explanation video that I feel does a very good job of visually representing the discussions that have taken place in this thread. There is also a 2nd video that discusses the motivations behind Vendrick, Aldia, and Nashandra.

I don't remember if it was in this thread that I posted the reason why Nashandra was meant to be an easy fight at the end, but the 2nd video touches on that as well.

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I don't know what you all are talking about with Clementine, but my Clementine is raw as fuck. I was waiting for an opportunity like that and I didn't even wait for the characters to finish their dialogue before I had her jump at the chance to see him die. I was hyped as hell during the entire face smashing. My only complaint is that Clem didn't get some hits in herself.

The ending was really good as well because once Carlos went down you didn't know who was getting out alive. Overall the episode was slow to start, but it really picked up steam midway through and finished with a fantastic ending.

And I just saw the moment again with a little musical editing and I've got myself all hyped up again. Holy shit. I'm calling this the best gaming moment for the entire year. For people that didn't see the scene you have to see it.

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Hold on. Do we own the free games we downloaded with "Games for Gold" months ago? They can't retroactively say, "You don't own them anymore" right? @patrickklepek

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[Finished] 1-12 Outbreak_Company - guy teaching japan "Otaku" culture to a different world, i enjoyed it. I even learned some things.

It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time that had no business being that good, but it all works out.

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Now that was quite the ending. I don't read the books, but I saw the trailer for the season a while back so I knew exactly what was up when Tyrion demanded a trial by combat. I know who's going to fight thanks to that trailer.

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I remember someone mentioned Mekakucity Actors in this thread so I popped it into Crunchyroll without knowing anything about it.

1) Opens with a clock and timer. Reminds me of Madoka.
2) Extremely detailed backgrounds with color gradients and lens flares.
3) Art shift to very sketchy pencil style
4) cryptic dialogue with more very detailed backgrounds
5) head tilt

It took 1 minute and 22 seconds to realize that this was indeed made by Shaft and that means it's going to go crazy. I've seen the first two episodes so far and it's pacing is VERY similar to the Monogatari series right down to the way dialogue flows. I have more episodes to watch so have some Shaft head tilt in the meantime.

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I laughed my ass off during episodes 6 of JoJo. Jotaro has it pretty rough compared to Jonathan and Joseph since they were able to rely on Speedwagon as their hype man. Jotaro literally had to tell Avdol to provide the hype after his amazing attack. It's good that Polnareff was able to also pick up some of the slack.

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If you don't care about your job then you can do whatever you want. If you care about your job then don't get involved with anyone at work.

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You guys made me realize that at some point in my life I'm going to have to invest in some anime figures. I watch way too much anime to not have anything. I would also mix in some video game figures that may or may not be super anime and Japanese.

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So I guess you guys are pretty happy there is that ring that makes you always appear human?

I have it, but I've never used it. I'm just always human.