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Two things need to come out of this. An explanation on all the jokes in these fan arts and best of video (with chat) that sums up almost everything (xpantherx?). I have already missed too much of this and any one minute is not interesting to watch and the amount of time it would take for me to find it interesting is way to long.

You should probably check out the subreddit for the game. I officially joined before Misty was defeated and it didn't take long to understand why Helix is the true savior.

EDIT: http://www.twitch.tv/trakof The BLUE stream went through the team rocket hide out and just fell to Gary. Blastoise was basically soloing and ran into Venasaur at the end. The stream chat was 1 hit away from victory when it got into the item menu and screwed up the attack order. A water attack was used. Blue blacked out. Back outside they go.

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The maze is too much for now. The blue stream http://www.twitch.tv/trakof is making progress thanks to only 700 people. Wonder if that one will catch views as people get frustrated.

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I hear that people have lost their way and unleashed Flareon into the world. Any other update?

EDIT: Just tuned in and chat is fighting at the PC. The end might be here.

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Trolls are trying to end the game by releasing Pidgeot.

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It's happening again...

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This shit is over. Oddish was just captured.

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What is the update? Has any forward progress been made since the loss at the PC?

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Stream died. Reset will bring back ABBY?

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I had no idea ABBY was clutch in the Surge fight.

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A SACRIFICE. This is way too much. PC will never be seen again if this has any hope left.