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I totally need to work on this logo right now, but I'm finding it difficult to focus. I need to finish it by the time 9:30 PM rolls around (less than 4 hours) because once I get my hands on the game it's all over. The client should have got back to me on the weekend is all I'm saying.

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I leave in 6 hours for the gamestop midnight launch thing.

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This thread as convinced me to snap my Dark Souls 1 disk and throw my 360 in the garbage. Thanks From Software.

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@jacanuk: Rebecca explicitly tells Clem that the baby isn't his at one point depending on the choices you make. I'm not sure what I did to prompt it, but she definitely straight up told her that the kid isn't Alvin's.

True. Rebecca straight up says that the baby does not belong to Alvin. I asked her who it belonged to and she wouldn't answer. There is really no deny that Carver believes the baby to be his and that Rebecca believes that Carver is the father. If the game was any more direct with it would pull out a paternity test.

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Umm that means they toke it out then... 1 handing or 2 handing the staff makes spells deal exactly the same damage , + i tried focusing with 2 handed staff and i didn't get to aim like i do with a bow.. that's really disappointing :(

This is literally the first time I've heard anything about this. If they had taken it out I'd assume there were would be topics raging about that change from the Beta. I don't think it's possible that no one else is playing a magic user right now.

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@golguin: As of yesterday afternoon they still weren't up, I haven't played since then though. I think I'm going to start over with a new character come Tuesday anyway so I can get in on all of the online stuff, read and leave messages, stuff like that.

That's probably a good call. Who knows what kind of stuff could happen when the servers are online. Red Phantom enemies might spawn into your world (similar to the Dark Souls Gravelords) and killing invaders would probably award you with human effigies. I'm hoping that rating messages would give some kind of in game bonus. It might restore your health or increase your max health if you're below 100%.

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@golguin: Effigies seem very limited at least at the point in the game I'm at. I've seen two drop from two different enemies and found a handful on corpses or in chests. The first merchant in the game has three for sale, but it looks like those are the only three she will ever have. I haven't seen any for sale at any of the other merchants I have access to, yet.

If restoring humanity is currently an issue I can think of 1 sure fire way to restore your humanity...JOLLY COOPERATION! I wonder if the scarcity of effigies is going to encourage more players to drop their signs. When Dark Souls first came out I'd spend an hour or two waiting to get summoned because I didn't want to use my few precious humanity items. I'm guessing it would probably take a day or two for people to reach the area you're currently in.

Have the servers come online? I would think they'd be up by Monday.

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@golguin: The system only seems to affect enemy spawns in the zone you're in. It's not clear whether the reduction is permanent or not, I suspect they may come back after the area boss is killed but I haven't made it that far yet.

15 deaths seems at or about what I experienced, I wasn't really counting though.

I see. The human effigy is a limited item right? A developer a few days ago was non responsive when asked if the item could be farmed.

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@ike7779: Yes on both counts. I haven't nailed down the system exactly but it seems like if you die enough in an area, some (or most) of the monsters stop spawning and don't come back. It is VERY noticeable. How noticeable? Imagine a path from the bonfire to a boss and there are maybe...3-4 groups of 2-3 enemies along the way. This was reduced to there being almost no enemies at all in the area. There is no way you won't notice it.

In fact, let me relay a little story of how this affected me. I was dying a bunch on a particularly difficult boss, maybe 10-12 times in a row. I haven't found the ring that prevents hollowed health from being reduced below 75% of maximum, so I was sitting at 50%...not good. I was out of human effigies and souls so I went to start farming a few souls in order to buy one from the merchant I knew had them. Guess what...almost no enemies were near that boss anymore at all. So I had to warp around and find some to farm. I got enough souls to buy two effigies from the merchant, but she was sold out.

This put me in a position of having 50% health against a difficult as hell boss and no apparent way to fix the problem, either. Very frustrating and this is my least favorite thing I've ever experienced in either Dark Souls 1 or 2. There may be a way around this that I just am not seeing, but being punished beyond losing souls for dying in a game that makes a point about you dying a lot is sort of lame. Being hollow and not having any effigies meant I was also prevented from summoning NPC help. I had no way to progress, and I actually still haven't made it past that boss, and I'm still at half health and hollowed.

(Effigies have replaced humanity and they don't stack. You use one and it returns you from hollow to human and restores your maximum health to full, but if you die you go hollow again. Every death while hollow reduces your maximum health. So, if you're not making real progress and dying too much, the health reduction and lack of souls and available effigies can hinder your progress like you wouldn't believe. This is not fun for me. If you thought that section or boss was hard when you had full health, try it at half health!)

I think it's a bit ironic that the enemy removal feature was implemented to make boss runs faster. You wouldn't want to keep killing all of the enemies just to get another shot at the boss. I believe the number that was thrown around before anyone got their hands on the game was 15 deaths to see enemies disappear.

You would still be able to farm enemies in different areas right? The game also wanted to limit the ability to farm to prevent the "I'll just level up more to kill this boss" strategy.

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@kishinfoulux: You cannot. I found this out this morning when at a blacksmith's shop. It's pretty shitty.

You couldn't compare directly in Dark Souls either because it didn't matter. Stats are never going to match up because your weapon is probably upgraded and you're trying to compare it with a vanilla weapon. Your upgraded weapon is always going to show as better. The weapon moveset is what you want and that can't be compared on a stat screeen.