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@golguin: You're right, that makes way more sense. It's similar to Artorias, although at this point I have to question why we're fighting Alonne if we're in the King's memory? Are we meant to be the OIK in this memory? Was Alonne rebelling against the OIK? O_o

I believe it's just an unfortunate thing that happened and the death was covered up by the King saying he just left. The reason you enter the memory in the first place is to get the final smelter wedge (behind Alonne's throne) for the Nadalia Idol. Destroying the final idol gives you Nadalia's real soul (12 pieces make it whole.)

It's the same way you end up killing the Giant Lord in the memory. If you talk to Chancellor Wellager after killing the Giant Lord he'll recognize the fact that you were the one to do it You were always the one that stopped the Giant Invasion just like the player character was always meant to kill Artorias and stop the spread of the Abyss in Oolicile.

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Well I finally got around to playing more of it, and it's really putting a sour taste in my mouth now. I had a great first impression, but now I'm getting frustrated because most of the difficult bits of the DLC rely HEAVILY on simply outnumbering you. It's no fun to climb down a ladder and immediately be forced to fight 3 guys who charge you. The worst bit so far would have to be this room where you have to fall through a trap door and fight 5~ guys in this pit. Their movements are so predictable and easy to dodge, but when you're forced against so many, inevitably they'll go off your limited camera and land a hit on you that you couldn't see coming. Whenever I die, I just groan and let out a tired sigh because I have to go through so many tedious sections all over again.

And what is with these DLCs and having the bosses be SO far away? The first DLC had them back to back at the end, and I feel like this is going to be a repeat of that. I want to fight these bosses man, they HAVE to be better than slugging through dozens of enemies at a time, right?

The main boss is literally 10 seconds away from the Bonfire. If you have issues with fighting 3 guys at the same time I don't know what to tell you because you are essentially saying you'd prefer to fight 1-2 guys. You know Bloodborne is going to throw 5+ enemies at you regularly right?

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The more I think about it the more I'm starting to see how The Old Iron King and Sir Alonne are gay.

Telling maybe that the memory's name is not Alonne's, but the Iron King's? Is there speculation that the kingdom fell due to a lover's tiff between OIK and Alonne?

Sir Alonne having a throne has already been mentioned. There was no Queen since the King was already gone by the time Nadalia arrived. There's the fact that the memory of the Old Iron King features Sir Alonne (his armor and weapon are prominently displayed). The Old Iron King renamed his knights after Alonne and made them abandon their swords for katanas (there's no reason for them to have katanas before Sir Alonne arrived).

The final bit is that Alonne left for no apparent reason. There had to have been some reason for Alonne to leave without his weapon and armor.

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The more I think about it the more I'm starting to see how The Old Iron King and Sir Alonne are gay.

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And so my White PS4 Destiny bundle just exploded with Persona 5. It's going to be all over it.

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PS4 Persona 5 bitches!

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I just got here. What big things have been announced?

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I expect Persona 5, Bloodborne, and The Last Guardian.

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@golguin: Say again?

You guys need to stop watching Vati videos. The queen had jack all to do with the fall of shulva. The drakeblood knights lead by Yorgh invaded to kill Sinh or however you spell it and Yorgh killed the King during the invasion. Then he tried to kill the dragon but sadly one big ass spear impaling it was not enough to get the job done. It did piss it off though and wake it up, whereupon it bathed the whole place in it's poison breath killing everyone not undead. In game lore, item descriptions, et all spell this out clear as day. Elana had nothing to do with it and her whole job was just singing to the Dragon since she was the head of the dragon priests.

I agree with most of this. For one: yeah, some of you guys need to stop watching videos and just think for yourselves. Vati makes up all kinds of unsubstantiated crap, and I don't think he's ever admitted being wrong; all he says is "this is just my opinion," which... well, no shit. I really don't like the guy's videos.

I disagree that she had "nothing to do with it." I don't think we're given enough to say either way. I think we're meant to think she had "something" to do with it, being that she's a piece of Manus, as was Nadalia, as was Nashandra. Nadalia wasn't responsible for the fall of the Iron Kingdom, however, because the kingdom was lost before she got there. She did, however, seem to corrupt (with little trouble) Raime, who was all for it.

The idea that, "Elana had nothing to do with it and her whole job was just singing to the Dragon since she was the head of the dragon priests" isn't a matter of disagreeing with something left vague. It's literally ignoring the fact that the game tells us she's a piece of Manus/Child of Manus via the item descriptions and Vendrick's new dialogue.

"Seeker of Fire… I see you subdued another foul creature. One of the father of the abyss spawn… that confounded quintessence of humanity. The abyss once had form but then dissipated. And yet… traces of it's existence endured. Each fragment thirsting for power spread dark with no relent. My dear 'shandra was one such fragment. A feeble, tiny thing that thirsted for power more than any other. Driven by insatiable lust for a worthy vessel."

The theme that runs through both games is that Dark will spread if left unchecked. Oolicile was toppled by Manus. New Londo was lost to the Four Kings. Kaathe had a part to play in both those incidents. In Dark Souls 2 we have the pieces/children of Manus toppling kingdom and spreading Dark by getting close to the kings.

Why did Sinh have poison stored in his body? We can't know for sure, but we do know that the poison flowed out and destroyed the city. Once the poison was gone Sinh was pure once again. When you arrive to fight him he's once again filled with poison. No one was left in the city once the poison destroyed the place except for Elena. Her full title is "The Squalid Queen" so it isn't such a huge leap in logic to assume that she had something to do with the poison that destroyed the city.

The descriptions for the souls of Sinh and Elena show an undeniable connection.

"Soul of Elana, the Squalid Queen, who rests beside the sleeping dragon of the Eternal Sanctum. This child of Dark accompanies the dragon, slowly amassing souls in anticipation of the coming day of vengeance."

"Soul of Sinh the Dragon, who sleeps in the lowermost depths of this land. The King erected a magnificient city, and the dragon slept soundly. Until Sir Yorgh disturbed it with a single great strike, and the dragon could bear its store of poison no longer. The rain of death toppled the city, but restored the dragon's purity."

I fail to see how the current discussion has anything to do with Vaati videos.