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30 minute fight with RIVAL in BLUE stream and victory against the lv 40 Venasaur was accomplished with lv 14, 16, and 24 pokemon. Pidgey, Weepin Bell, and Diglet.

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AAIAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pidgey and AAIAA new GODS.

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@dethfish said:

I've been watching the blue stream try and put blastoise first in the party for like 2 hours now and I think I've lost my mind.

Tell me about it. I was the controller trying to make that move for a time.


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Blue was so close to beating Red! Just failed to beat that darn Venusaur. A clutch full life hit from Blastoise, but once we started just throwing Pokeballs at Red's Pokemon, it was over.

Still more fun than the darn Red stream.

Dome be praised.

It's been 1 hit away from victory twice, but Venasaur had that crit. The other time was from a DOWN troll.

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Chat has rebelled. It's time to move on to BLUE until RED loses all the trolling.


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BLUE did the impossible. Everyone in chat stream stopped playing to allow an order change to get Blastoise in number 1 position.

EDIT: As for RED I think this is one of the best images I've seen come out of this whole thing.

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@golguin Are you in the Blue stream? I saw a Golguin1 inputting commands while we were spinning around in the street. ha

Yes, I'm currently in both streams. I was there for both losses against Gary's Blastoise. I seem to have good timing with my random check ins because I've been in RED for big moments as well as you can tell from my previous posts here.

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Blue has fallen again. Venosaur beat Blastoise despite the level increase to 50 and the perfect move usage. Out they go again.

RED has the new system with less time on the voting. I guess we'll see how the deposit goes. Hasn't worked yet.

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New system in place I see. When did that happen?

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@super2j said:

Two things need to come out of this. An explanation on all the jokes in these fan arts and best of video (with chat) that sums up almost everything (xpantherx?). I have already missed too much of this and any one minute is not interesting to watch and the amount of time it would take for me to find it interesting is way to long.

You should probably check out the subreddit for the game. I officially joined before Misty was defeated and it didn't take long to understand why Helix is the true savior.

EDIT: http://www.twitch.tv/trakof The BLUE stream went through the team rocket hide out and just fell to Gary. Blastoise was basically soloing and ran into Venasaur at the end. The stream chat was 1 hit away from victory when it got into the item menu and screwed up the attack order. A water attack was used. Blue blacked out. Back outside they go.