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Hey hey all. How is everybody doing in the Company of Champions? I'm on my first playthrough and the difficulty seems wildly uneven. Even in the covenant I managed Skeleton Lords & Covetous Demon on the first try without any idea what I was going up against, while Scorpioness had me crying for hours. Has anybody beaten Baleful Queen while in the Company of Champions yet? I'm at SL 111 and she just seems impossible. Maybe there's a trick I'm missing, if so please don't spoil.

I've mostly been keeping my SL around 70, but several fights with a few bosses convinced me to level myself up to 82. I'm about to take on the gargoyles and the fatty near the poison place. Are you a magic user? There are several bosses early on that literally one shot you, but have huge HP pools.

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Now I know I can just defend the Bell to become human so that's nice.

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I can think of two pretty big uses for the torch in the early game (I've only killed 8 bosses) and I'm guessing there are probably more. Actually, I believe there is a 3rd pretty big one with the boss I'm currently fighting.

The two hidden things that I know of are...

The blacksmith in the Lost Bastille doesn't seem to start working until you light the fire next to him.
The long arm monsters in No Man's Wharf are afraid of fire. You can avoid fighting them with a torch if you don't have a Pharros Stone for the huge fire.

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Fix Soul Memory. After Soul Level 100 it should disengage and no longer be calculated into the summoning and invasion formula. Anyone over level 100 no longer needs its "protection." It's currently ruining PVP.

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I just saw the same thing happen to Vinny except the "Victory Achieved" didn't pop for him. For him it was a legit double KO.

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I just became human after invading a player as part of the Bell covenant. I went in to fight and I was human when I returned to my world.

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@humanity said:

@golguin: Ironically yesterday was the first day I also didn't get to play as I came home late and decided to listen to some more of the Bombcast while ironing etc, and when I got done with that it was around 10pm and Vinny's Castlevania thing came on and it was like "well fucking great.. I can't miss Vinny content!" so sadly, no soulsing, and I was anxious to see what those rivers of green goo were all about.

Maybe secretly we're the same person, just a split personality. Do you also champion niche games that others have dismissed.. like .. Remember Me was pretty cool right?

Hmm, I don't know. What do you think of To the Moon? That's pretty much the poster child for ignored niche games. Anyone who's me would know that.

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@sterling said:

He mentioned he had seen discussions of people saying it was the end all be all of stats. Which I have not seen myself. He was just saying the people that were saying that last week turned out to be misinformed. I think you took what he said out of context, or miss heard part of the conversation.

That's possible since I was doing some work as I was hearing that portion. I'll listen to it again.

EDIT: Okay, heard that part again. Brad wasn't saying that adaptability was bad. He was saying that a lot of people were saying that it was a bad stat. People apparently said that it didn't do as many things as people thought it did and that it was kinda the "useless stat" like Resistance in DS1.

I'm not sure who he's listening to, but everything I've read about Adaptability is praise worthy stuff. Animation speed is no joke. It's THE THING in PVP. I've killed lots of people more powerful than myself because I can attack and dodge before their attack connects with me. I kill them in like 12 hits. They kill me in 3. Once I get my hands on a Katana and level myself up its all over for them. My PVP experience in Dark Souls is paying off in a big way.

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@niyoko said:

I was playing last night and while still in the Forest of the Giants I started to play more with summoning phantoms to aid me in the area. I summoned phantoms twice last night in areas where there were a large number of signs before or near a white mist gate. Both times happen to be before boss fights, which I figured was the reason for the large number.

I fought the Last Giant and The Pursuer each with one player phantom aiding me. With me on my Sorcerer/Fighter and the other player fighting the boss, both felt a bit easy. The battles were not walks in the park. I still had to make sure I was dodging attacks, watching health, and keeping at the right range, but when I was done I didn't feel the triumpth of working hard to overcome a challenge. It felt more surprise that we won fairly quickly and with no deaths. Then the phatom friend waved goodbye and I was left alone again.

I was already soul level 30 going into the fights with some upgrades to my weapons and body armors, but I'm debating whether to summon phantoms again for my first run at a boss or first play through the game. I didn't summon in Dark Souls because I was mostly hollow to avoid invasion, so it might have been the same for Dark Souls. Also, this is still early in the game.

What are some feelings you have on summoning phantoms? Do you do it to make parts in the game easier or avoid it to keep the challenge?

I would suggest that you take on the boss several times by yourself and see if you make any progress in getting their moveset down. If you are just getting completely stomped every time you fight a boss, but down your summon sign and see how other people fight them in their world. Once you've helped kill a boss a few times go back to your world and try again. If you still can't do it then gain your humanity and summon 1 phantom.

I've helped out with boss kills around 25 times (first 7 bosses) and I think the host only died 3 times. You are almost guaranteed a victory if you summon phantoms. I feel that you should only summon for boss fights if you are truly stuck.

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@fredchuckdave said:

@shinjin977: You know what would have made Dark Souls better? Putting birds every 5 seconds that infinitely respawn and kill you instantly; that would be fucking brilliant! I demand a Kaizo Dark Souls romhack; also I really enjoy spiked dildos.

Ninja Gaiden Black isn't particularly hard; it might be faster but in general it is less punishing once you have the basics down; also by sheer number of deaths this game will outweigh it by a lot. Now NGS2 co-op bosses might be harder but that's mostly a "let's exploit an I-Frame bug to beat this clearly impossible thing" sort of deal.

@golguin is going through Dark Souls II on hard and is a competent player, let's see how long that takes him. Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja might take you 45-50 hours if you're average at the game; I've a feeling Covenant of Champions is going to take you maybe 300 hours or thereabouts. But that's not actually hard, actually hard is going online and getting 99 bonfire ascetics traded to you (or just hack the game when it comes out on PC) then burning 7 in every bonfire; now when someone goes through that starting with a base character then someone can have said they've truly explored the challenge of Dark Souls 2 and try to compare it to Battletoads (spoilers: that'll take probably over 1000 hours).

I think "obsessed" is more adequate than "competent" - the man is possessed.

Today is actually the first day I didn't play the game. Way too busy. I had big plans for the Belfry Luna PVP area (discovered it yesterday and was there for an hour), but I guess it will have to wait. It would be nice if I could just play Dark Souls 2 when I wanted.

The Company of Champions covenant does a very good job of slowing down the pace so I'm not rushing through every boss. I basically get stomped several times and then go to another area. I'm eventually left with a few boss options and I go for one that seems the most doable. I'll co-op them a few times in another person's world to safely get their moveset down and then I go back to my world to take them on for real.