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@golguin: It only happens rarely, but it does happen. (On the PS4 you push R3 when the transparent dialogue window pops up.) The first time I noticed it was at the very beginning of the game. Varric will make a remark about your character's race and origin and you're able to respond.

I haven't seen that before. You are saying that this is something that happens outside a cutscene? You'll just be wandering around in the world, your companions will talk, and the game will prompt you to say something? Is there video of what that is suppose to look like on activation.

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I've been reading more and it sounds like you can actually interact with characters during party banter. Is that true? You can choose to say something while the party is talking among themselves. If this is true I've never had that option appear during my 20+ hours of playtime. Hell, my character has never said a single word to the party if that's a thing that's suppose to happen. Only part members talk, not my character.

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Just played for 45 minutes doing the horse and farm stuff in the Hinterlands area and the only spoken line was by Blackwall. When we got to the burned villages he said something along the lines of "All these people died." That was it it. No other Companion spoke for those 45 minutes as we traversed the area on foot (didn't ride horse) doing little side quest stuff along the way.

I was super hopeful because I cleared all my journal and codex stuff or unread things. Now I don't know what to do.

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The hours seem to be fading away rather quickly, but if I think real hard, you're right. They rarely talk. I can think of 6 times they've spoken in my 14 hour playtime.

I think that a link to the bioware forum should be helpful. It details how people are experience the problem and the various fixes that seems to work with some people.


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I've been trying to clear the Hinterlands since arriving (I have done some story progression past that, but I'm still there in my 15 hour playthrough) and I noticed that no one in my party had said anything for 2 hours. Since I had been rolling with the same starting party I just figured there was no new dialogue to trigger in that early section of the game. Maybe they would talk more once I actually advanced the plot and got more characters.

I did that and put Sera and Vivienne in my group and explored new areas of the Hinterlands. I got nothing. I took them to Val Royeaux where I expected Sera to talk about the rich people. NO ONE SAID ANYTHING after wandering around there for 1 hour.

I checked online and sure enough it seems to be a problem that a lot of people are running into. People are reporting companion banter once every 1-3 hours. It should happen around 5 times every hour. Hell, it should happen after fights. I've never even heard anyone talk after fights.

The glitch seems to go hand in hand with the background music refusing to play. Lots of people report never hearing the music play in Val Royeaux. I may have heard it once, I don't remember.

It's affect all versions of the game. People report that clearing your Journal of all unread entries can trigger companion banter to occur every 15 or so minutes, but it eventually goes back to silence after some time.

Anyone else have it and have you found ways around it? I'm on the PS4 is that makes any difference.

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No good deals on Dragon Age makes me a sad panda. Oh well.

yeah the only one I heard about, turned out to be not legit. really bummed.

Kmart had it for $50 and I bought it. It's better than nothing.

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@golguin: woah! Do you have any sliders for her?

I unfortunately don't. I just went through every slider option until I was happy with what I had.

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Hopefully all the images are in. It took me like 1 hour and 30 minutes to create my female elf. I was originally going for another look (what I made in the Dark Souls 2 character thread), but this is the direction she took as I adjusted sliders and I'm happy with the result.

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I forgot to mention that Parasyte continues to be really good. That one girl is dumb as hell though even after seeing everything she saw and talking to her brother. Shinichi's balls have officially dropped and I'm kinda diggin the new super logical devoid of emotion (except for anger) version.

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Fate/Zero 16 ~ damn Kiritsugu you fing ruthless

I think you need to listen to this music and think about what it means to be Kiritsugu because you haven't seen anything yet. I will say that the dialogue between Kiritsugu and Saber after your screenshots is fucking amazing.

EDIT: Gah, forgot to post the videos.