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I saw the video and the comments pointing out the fact that the conductor saved his life. Would have lost his head if he didn't get the boot to the face.

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@sweep said:

Everything you said is true. However:

Holy shit I'm dying here.

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I have now watched the first several episodes of JoJo and now I finally understand...DIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought episode 3 was the strongest episode so far and I really enjoyed it. I thought it strange @alex that you needed to mash a button during the Bigby transformation scene. On the 360 version you just press forward as you shrug off the shotgun blasts. It was an extremely hyped scene for me so I killed the Tweedle without hesitation because I got caught in the moment.

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So I guess JoJo is the only thing that's happening this season? Is Fairy Tale worth getting into?

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My tripod is missing, but I was still able to take some pictures of the Blood Moon by hand. Cast a slightly reddish moonlight on everything.

I know some people didn't get to see it in their area; so, maybe this will help. :)

That is the bright binary star Spica at the bottom right.

Did it look that red with the naked eye? It looked mostly brown with a slight red tinge when i looked at it.

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Hey, its happening right now. I took a look at it and there is a definite red hue to it. Mostly on the outside area.

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I don't mean to bring anime into this, but any Red Moon/Blood Moon immediately brings this to mind. I plan to go outside and take a look at it every hour. Already saw it once.

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@humanity said:

I still kinda don't get what this game is.

From Vinny's description yesterday, it's top down dark souls.

Wow, I had no idea that was this game. If you tell me something is like Dark Souls I'd be super interested. The trailer was pretty weak for someone that has no idea what they are watching.

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@zevvion said:

@development: Yeah, Blue Sentinels is a worthless covenant. They should make Way of Blue more desirable, because I suspect the biggest problem is that no one is in that covenant because the only thing it does is something that rarely occurs anyway (being invaded). Either that or they should've made Red Eye Orbs more prevalent. In all my playthrougs I've been invaded like 3 times, not counting gray spirits. That's crazy. I put 150 hours into this game already.

I haven't really messed with the Blue Sentinels, but I'm constantly getting invaded by them (around a few every hour). I imagine I'm constantly getting invaded because I'm a pretty high profile target. I'm SL 99 in a normal game with 165 hours (I have not gone into NG+), but I have a SM of 3 million so I'm drawing in all of the high SL and SM Blue Sentinels that want to play PVP against poor players that don't what they're doing and dabbled in invasions. Unfortunately for them I'm used to fighting in the Blood Arena against the good SL 150 players so they're mostly harmless. I won 50 cracked red eye orbs and used them to invade the Iron Bridge. I won most of them and I got my Sinner tag. I'm also human 100% of the time thanks to the ring so I'm high up in the invasion queue for those guys.