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Announcer finally mentioned the Jeff total bid. Time to push!

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this going to be good, only chipped in $5 but every bit counts right?

i guess the bidding goes up right to the moment they get to yoshi?

Yes, it's important to keep a huge lead to build momentum. Need more GB bids! The French will try to push towards the end and GBeast and GBwest will be sleeping. BID NOW!

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Alright people it's time to make the push and represent Giant Bomb and Jeff's Yoshi love! The Thousand Year Door Run is starting now.

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Who know's what those sneaky French are up to. There's a plan for a big push from GB right? Who's leading that?

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Thank to @ejiehi and @dan_citi for the instruction. My donation is now up and on the list with my GB name and real name! Don't stalk me please.

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I'll be donating once the game is about to start. What is the process to donate to the naming of Yoshi?

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There will be a final push towards the deadline to jump ahead by a large margin right?

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Didn't GB raise over $250,000 for charity during the 24-48 hour livestream? How can we be losing?

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"Gerstman" is currently winning. Can it hold the lead?

EDIT: $400+ for the other name in the span of 1 minute. Is "Gerstman" destined do lose?

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I'ts about time. I'm tired of videos not moving at the speed of real life. Real life FPS is only limited by your very own eye power.