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I guess this is from America since i cant find anywhere to preload.

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Umbasa! Shame we also gotta download the 3GB patch before play....ugh.

Well i would assume the game is like 40Gb so why does an 3Gb patch matter?

I'm getting the physical version. I'm impatient for this game, and i want to play this greatness right away.

Is it at all possible to download the 3gb patch without having the game yet? How will I manage to play the game on mindnight (getting retail disk) if I have to come home and download a large patch?

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When Demons Souls was around the whole mentality of playing these games revolved around a think-tank. Everyone played and constantly cross-checked their info with that what was officially known. Somewhere along the line when Dark Souls was really blowing up thanks to YouTube I noticed a lot of talk about how to properly experience the game etc come about. Now granted this was present in Demon's as well with the big consensus on "Royal is easy mode" and I even wrote about how you should play a melee class to really experience that game. Still I feel as if the hardcore Dark Souls community like to take this stuff always those few steps too far.

If you want true exploration then simply don't go on message boards pertaining to the game or watch videos about it. Personally I cannot wait for the game to come out so we can get over the customary Souls "this game is way easier than Dark Souls" growing pains.

I really enjoyed those days with Demon's Souls. A bunch of us on another forum imported the Asian version and played it months before it came out here. And there was no info about the game online at that time. So it was all of us posting about the crazy things we found and comparing stories and findings. It was great. Its really hard to have that experience now. Not that that is a bad thing, not saying that more people enjoying the game is bad. I just liked that small group trying to figure it all out with no outside information. So we are going to try and do the same thing for Bloodborne now. But that might be impossible.

Until April 14 we'll have 3 weeks of full mysteries, which I think is great. The Company of Champions covenant in Dark Souls 2 had little to no info when the game came out and while it was frustrating to play through it without knowing the benefits, game changes, etc. of being in the covenant it was fun knowing that you were discovering things that the majority of the people didn't know about.

A good example of unexpected discoveries thanks to the Company of Champions was the rising water environmental mechanic of the Flexile Sentry boss fight. The boss was dispatched fairly quickly playing through the game normally so the vast majority of people never noticed the water. The boss buff in the Company of Champions meant that I had to fight the dude for a while and was eventually done in by the water making me almost immobile. I like knowing that little things like that will exist to be discovered.

I suppose the full weapon list wont be known until the guide comes out, but I'm hoping that an Uchigatana/Katana moveset will be found in the game. It was my main weapon in DS1 and DS2 and it would be great to have it again. If it's not around I'll probably just go with the Great Scythe combo weapon thing.

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With the Future Press Bloodborne guide delayed to April 14 it appears we'll get a chance to experience the game without information out in the wild. It's true that early copies are out and people have beaten the game, but I don't believe anyone has bothered detailing a guide of their own playthrough.

Is there any other guide or source of information that people will be able to use for the game aside from random reddit posts or forum topics? Will it be true exploration? Online Chalice dungeon hasn't been seen yet right?

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The most hype game of poker in anime goes to Jojo.

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The fans spoke loud and clear when DmC was approaching release and they talked about the issues they had with the game.

Those issues not being valid at all, seeing as the game hadn't been released yet.

Believe it or not, a lot of fans indeed were just mad about the hair and that's hilarious.

Trailers, previews, and the demo weren't enough? Before the release of the game it was known that there would be no lock on, it was going to run at 30 FPS, and the art direction/setting/characters were clearly visible. The mechanics of the combat system were already being explored by people that had played the game and they didn't like it.

How weren't the issues valid?

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Didn't DMC HD Collection at some point sell much better (and beat LTD) than DmC? You'd think Capcom would have gotten the message back then. It's not even gloating or anything but DmC did the worst of all Devil May Cry's. I think the fans -regardless of what you think of them- have spoken. It's time for DMC to return to its roots.

For the record, I didn't find DmC bad. I found it terrible. Especially after replaying DMC3 HD. I'm glad now we can start hyping up DMC4: SE.

The fans spoke loud and clear when DmC was approaching release and they talked about the issues they had with the game. When the video game media discounted all the criticism as "oh they're mad about the white hair" people got the opportunity to vote with their wallets and vote they did.

You would think that was enough to bring the series back on course (the course preferred by the actual fans of the series), but instead we get this additional test to see what rerelease sells more. People will buy DMC4: SE for Virgil.

For the record I did play and beat DmC just so I could know. What I found was on okay game with some pretty big issues.

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I found out about Cross Ange yesterday and ended up watching 8 episodes. The first episode set a great tone for the series because once you do this you feel like anything can go down.

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Read the Edge first impressions. They seem to love it, but said there was little reason to replay the game once you finished. There arent really char classes, and armor/weapons are much less of a center piece then the souls games also reducing reason for NG+ runs. Sounds like they try and offset that with the chalice dungeons. Little sad to hear that, but otherwise they more or less raved about the game even though they had not finished it at the 40 hour mark.

People who got their hands early on the game have already finished it and it sounds like they had some hype inducing things to say. It sounds like Edge's concerns were a bit premature in light of what's been discovered so far. They didn't know what NG+ offered as of their writing and they hadn't discovered the amount of weapon variety that people have already uncovered.

I've gleamed some details, but I've largely stayed away from the spoiler thread on GAF. This is what I mean when I say I'd like to learn new mechanics based information without getting spoiled on other points. The difficulty lies in what I can know before playing the game and what I shouldn't know. I don't know what I shouldn't know and what I should know. There lies the problem and why I'm hoping review can provide spoiler free information. Once the game is beaten I believe people will know what info would be spoilers (there is a mechanic that reviewers have been told to not reveal and it has been consistently marked in spoiler text in the GAF thread) and what information should be known to enjoy the game's mechanics.

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K-On! 10 | This show is all Lulz, it's amazing!

K-On! 05

lol she forgot to turn in the application and lol the teacher.

K-On! 06

First performance, holy shit she fell and flashed everyone.

K-On! 07

Christmas party! This damn teacher harassing students.

K-On! 08

New member joins Cute Anime Girl ☑ Twintails ☑☑

K-On! 09

Find her weakness lol, this damn teacher and her cosplays

K-On! 10

Another beach episode, well "practicing" trip.

She got tan

Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season 22 | Hahaha

Falls again
Seriously ? ?

I always recommend K-On because it's amazing.

Jojo was amazing this week. I always love a battle of wits.

Aldnoah has finally confirmed ROBO-INAHO

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@golguin: Kevin Vanord on GameSpot mentioned that he was going to get his review copy this Monday if I remember correctly. He was at Sony only this week playing one of the optional dungeons for the very first time. The game only went Gold this past week.

Edge had been able to put in 40 hours at the time of this month's publication (scans went online the 12th I think) and several Souls youtube people have been talking as if they've had the game in their hands for some time.