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With the recent flurry of leaks leading up to E3 I got to thinking how this kind of thing happens. It's one thing if you happen to be at a public event and they say no video, but you still film some stuff. It's another thing if it's your job and you know you'll be fired if you leak info. If it's the case of a friend telling you some stuff why would you risk their livelihood by going public?

I can only imagine that it comes from a negative place because people can't be stupid enough to knowingly leak information that's going hurt someone if they're caught.

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I can't believe how Food Wars continues to bring the hype when all they're doing is cooking. The ending to episode 10 had me hyped as hell when it was laid down.

Hestia Dungeon 10 continues to be great and we get to see how Bell's one shot OP move is extremely limited. I wonder if people will continue to complain about that though since people love to complain.

Jojo 46 drops the hammer in a big way. I guess we are just about done with this arc.

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I'm going to be staying 2 nights in Downtown LA for Anime Expo and I've been looking for a place to park my car. I'm staying at the Staples Center Inn, which is about 1 mile from the place. I've been researching online for places to park and so far it looks like Pershing Square Garage is the best option for the price ($16 overnight) and safety and it appears like I can leave my car there for 2 days without any issues.

If I were to park at Pershing Square Garage it would be a 2 mile walk to the place I'm staying at so that's a bit of a bummer. If anyone has stayed near the LA Convention Center for a few days what did you do about parking? Any hot tips on good places to park?

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Amagi Brilliant Park is pretty amazing so far. 4 episodes in and it's totally not what I was expecting.

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Finally finished Yuri Kuma Arashi...I sort of understood the symbolism but I get the feeling I wasn't the target audience for that show.


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I don't usually drop in here, but I felt I should at least say HOLY SHIT. That is all.

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They can't just give stuff away ;)

They figure if you are buying the expansion, which you can't do much of anything with unless you complete the main story line so far, then you already know if you like the game or not and are willing to pay the sub.

About how long do you think it'd take someone to complete the main story line if they started from scratch?

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@bocam: A pretty long time. If you started right now and played a decent amount each day, I'd say you MIGHT make it in time for the expansion.

@seikenfreak said:

@bocam: Ooof.. I don't know. I've heard people say week.. two weeks.. It'd take awhile IMO. There are a loooot of quests. And doing them back to back can be pretty mind numbing.

FFXIV 2.0 Main Scenario Quests

That's showing 346 main scenario quests, everything from 2.0 (launch) to 2.55 (most recent patch). You might be able to do it somewhat quickly if you have all day and are skipping cutscenes and dialog. But that's no fun.

Trust me, almost everything in this game is gated behind the story. We've all learned this this the hard way and I expect to see quite a bit of frustration because of it come launch (especially amongst new players), but it will help with a few things in the long run. Also, there's no confirmation of the new areas being absolutely locked off---at least not every single piece of it. With the way they've handled the game so far I can totally see it happening though, so don't get your hopes up. They're probably hoping it will curb people cracking entire areas in half because of server strain like the initial launch. The game is adding as much content (I think they've at least doubled the actual space) as the initial game presented with and that's a lot of shit. One of the most unique things about this game is how aggressive their content addition has been since 2013. They've already been adding damn-near mini expansions every three months since launch like clockwork. It's added up to quite a bit. This is the first actual expansion so I don't doubt them when they say how much they're adding this time.

My estimate is if you wish to kick back and enjoy the story and play about 4-5 hours every day from now until launch, you might make it just in time (like seriously if you're planning to do this, stop reading this and start downloading/playing now). However, If you skip everything (cutscenes, dialouge, etc.) you can probably do it in a week or so if you're absolutely determined.

There is no way someone can get caught up if they were to play 4-5 hours a day until the expansion comes out. I started playing back in January and it took me a while to catch up to the main story. Hell, I played for 2 months and didn't finish everything.

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@ntm: it's in the game, it's a 2 minutes quest. It's a pain to find because it's behind a breakable wall in the sewers under Novigrad. I found it by chance while doing another quest and exploring the tunnels.

That sounds crazy. I randomly ran into an EXTREMELY important character from Witcher 2 while randomly doing some stuff and I couldn't believe it. I could have missed that character if I hadn't been cleaning up my quest log.

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Well, shit. I guess I'll just re-up right now to clean up the stuff I haven't done because NO ONE is going to do that shit once the expansion comes out and I need vinco's help for that.

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That is the question. Will you need to buy a subscription on top of the expansion or will it come with one like the vanilla game?