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@golguin: looks like you were right about the parries working as intended; he certainly parried your slash with that giant cannonball quite well!

Of course the parries work as intended. Never have an issue in my world in PVE. The connection issues are something else entirely.

Also, it seems PVP is over for me before it began. All my bell maidens and bosses are dead in the nightmare area so PVP has been cut off forever in this playthrough. Anyone that I happen to catch in PVP is simply passing by on their way to the boss. Once they kill their maidens and boss the cut off people will happen for them as well.

It seems that the only solution is to go into NG+ and leave all optional bosses alive and never complete the Nightmare areas. PVP is essentially fucked for Bloodborne without doing that.

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So I just found this thing, no clue what the hell it does:

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I've put around 80 hours into Chalice Dungeons, first time I've ever seen it; still finding new enemies as well. Chalice Glyph is dz53z5fa if you want to try to figure it out.

Anyone have an idea? It's Rotted/Fetid Lower Loran, pretty fun dungeon in general; like 3 Cainhurst Hunter NPCs, a Wheel/Cannon NPC (who knew those existed?), and 3 or 4 Keeper cosplayers (not actual Keepers, different enemy altogether). Numerous Crazy Screaming Bitches, Wolf Mages (not Beast Possessed Souls), and those God awful spider ladies from outside Cainhurst.

I've had a bell appear in a very early chalice dungeon. I think I hit it while there were enemies around expecting something to happen, but I don't remember if that actually happened. I know for sure once everyone was dead I smacked it a bit to see if something would happen.

Also, I've had those spider vampire enemies spawn in after clearing an area. They usually appear on top of the bodies of the fat giants to suck their blood.

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I've had like 30% of my pvp fights screwed up by lag or so; but hey at least there aren't lagstabs.

I don't think I can be invaded anymore since I only have the final boss and the glitched elevator at the Cosmic Daughter. I go in and I see them teleporting or stuttering all over the place. I can't really attack since I seem to be about half a second behind on whatever they are doing and I'll just whiff when it looks like I hit on screen.

This feels a lot worst than phantom hits in DS1 or DS2. It currently feels like DS2 had the best connection for PVP.

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The lag is making PVP quite impossible at the moment. I have it set to local, but I haven't had a match that I'd call solid. They have all been quite frustrating, but I don't see what can be done with something like this.

Wasn't a patch meant to fix up connection issues?

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@golguin Wait, the Chikage's drain gives you orange-bar instead of flat damage? That instantly makes it a lot more tantalizing an option.

The Chikage's transform mode uses Bloodtinge as it's damage stat and the Kin are weak against Bloodtinge based attacks. For PVP most people don't equip their gear to raise their Bloodtinge defense so it's a great all around weapon.

The health drain mechanic is there to stop you from keeping the Chikage transformed at all times. I have runes that give me back my health whenever I do a successful visceral attack so I don't really worry about the health drain.

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There needs to be more talk about Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Watching the goddess is somewhat mesmerizing and I don't know why.

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Seeing how my main weapon is the Chikage I was pretty happy when I got my Evelyn. It's currently sitting at +9 with 28 Bloodtinge and I'm only level 83. Bloodtinge will be my main stat (VIT and END at 30 with Skill at 26) since I can do crazy burst damage with my Chikage when I transform it during a combo while I PVP. In PVE I can have it transformed most of the time since I can easily get my health back with a gun parry.

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I am fairly certain I've reached the point of no return since MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE. As long as I don't initiate the talk at the great tree I'm free to do as I please correct?

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I spent a lot of time clearing the area of spiders. I'd clear the area and get my free hits until he teleports. After that you know the story about the aerial ice chunks, the AOE, and the Ice Circle that spawns ice chunks from the ground. The ice or AOE thing kept killing me even as I was trying to be careful.

I changed my strategy and just want balls to the wall and spammed attacks on him until he teleported away. I ran to the area I believed he would teleport next and wailed on him. I kept on running to his next location and i just healed through his AOE that could almost one shot me, but I had enough time to escape and heal up before I charged in again. I kept doing that till he died. You want to finish this fight as fast as possible because you can't dodge the ice attacks forever.

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@golguin: you're grossly overestimating his AI. At half health he keeps trying to use numbing mist which is easy to dodge and leaves him wide open. Before that you can just use a charged up attack when he's at a certain range and strolling towards you. Depending on the weapon he will either take the hit or you'll trade but as long as you don't use the axe he won't parry. When he's around 30% you use numbing mist to prevent him from healing and keep the charged strat going and he goes down. That fight was tense as hell since I was super under leveled with under leveled weapons but I wouldn't say it's because of his AI. It had more to do with a single pistol shot from him doing 60% of my health bar, a single 3 hit combo one shoting me and the fact that I had a grand total of 6 numbing mists or something.

That wasn't my fight. He's constantly shooting and using his Old Hunter Bone to stay fast. In the 3 or so hours I fought him he probably used numbing mist like 5 times. He heals at 50% health if given the chance (shooting him will interrupt his heal).

His damage output on my character was through the roof. He had the power to nearly one shot me with a single gun shot. His blade attacks can two shot me. If I simply walked up to him and attacked with my Chikage he would usually gun parry me and end the fight.