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Nah, game was a great addition to the series, even if it maybe wasn't the best yet. For me the biggest bummer was probably that I was able to use the same sword the entire game. I killed that first Heide Knight you run into, got his sword and just kept on upgrading it. I never found anything significantly more powerful enough, and I got so used to the way it felt any other weapons just felt weird, so I used the same weapon for 95% of the game. Even the Drake Sword couldn't take you that far in the original.

The thing about the Souls series is that any weapon is a viable option to use for the entire game. It was your decision to use the same weapon. No one was stopping you from trying out different weapons and builds.

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I'm looking for a deal on the Last of Us and Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4. I haven't found anything yet with a buy 1 game get 2nd game half off or free.

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Parasyte ep 6 is the real deal. You need to get on this if you aren't watching it already.

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I like when she talks about Lord of the Rings as someone that doesn't really know anything about the series beyond the movies I've seen.

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@golguin: have you recorded anything with it.. like.. your hot neighbor taking a shower. I mean just an example.

Not yet. I eventually hope to be able to fly into neighbors windows to give them a good bop in the head with the drone and hastily make an escape back out the window.

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A little update on my drone. Today I was able to take it to my local park and run it through it's paces in an open space (it crashed into a few trees in my yard). I was able to get a good handle on the controls since I no longer had to worry about obstacles. I got a good sense for it's flying distance (it drops like a rock when it loses the controller's signal) and I was able to make the drone get into an orbiting pattern around me close to it's max control distance. It's super satisfying to fly once you test the limits of its maneuverability.

Once I got home I immediately started researching the DJI Phantom drones. There is no way I can drop close to $1000 on something so unnecessary, but it would be super cool if Black Friday had some crazy deals on these drones.

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I started watching Naruto during my senior year of high school in 2004 and switched to the manga once I realized that fillers were a thing (I think it was around the time of that stupid ninja race). I remember the first page I read had Sakura talking about plants/herbs with Chiyo and then I just kept on going until today's ending. I'm actually pretty satisfied with the ending and I'm glad that best girl Hinata was the winner in the end.

Psycho Pass Season 2 and Parastye continue to be amazing. If you're not watching those two shows get on it.

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Today at work a coworker mentioned something about buying a new Wacam to replace his old one. He was on Amazon so I told him to check out the price of a GoPro. As he was looking it up I mentioned the fact that it would be cool to own a drone, but they were all super expensive. He told me that he was looking at one for $60 that was originally $500. I freaked out and immediately bought it.

The drone will arrive in 1 week. It has a built in camera so I'll probably use it to spy on people or something...not sure yet. It will be cool to check out my jungle like yard from high on up.

Anyone else own a drone? Is it as cool as I think it's going to be?

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After around an hour of trying to get a game I finally found a game. Movement feels really strange.

Edit: added everyone here who posted their PSN.