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You'll need to research the Dex weapons you want (scaling stats and moveset) to use because there's a bunch of them. If you have a specific level cap in mind you'll want to put most of your stat points into being light, dodgy, and hard hitting with your Dex weapon. If you don't have a level cap in mind then there's no point in making a build as you can just put 30-50 points into every stat and call it a day.

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I love horror games (Favorites being Fatal Frame 2, Silent Hill 3, and Resident Evil Remake for the GC) so here's hoping this new Silent Hill is good.

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My hype level is out of control! I need more Bloodborne!

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I've now watched the first four episodes of Terror in Resonance and it looks pretty legit. The thing that I love about original anime programming is that haughty manga readers can't come in and ruin everything with their "subtle" comments concerning upcoming plot points.

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Okay, so I started watching some of this season's shows. Was not in the mood to start lighter ones but that will happen at some point.

Akame ga Kill! was better than I expected but still, I find the mixture of tone quite jarring. I would enjoy it more if there were less wacky fun and moe. The last episode is a good example for that. The impact of Sheele's death were hindered by a close-up on her scissor, which has a cute panda on it. It was effective, it got me good, but little things like that made it a little off putting. On the plus side, it has really good fight scenes. And, unlike in Tokyo Ghoul, it does not have censoring all over it. Which is a shame, because it's the superior one in almost every category out of the two. I can't wait to see more of that one.

Next on my list are Aldnoah.Zero and Zankyou no Terror. After those, a little change of scenery with Ao Haru Ride and Glasslip. And maybe, just maybe, I'll try Sword Art Online II.

Oh and Barakamon and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun continues to be great.

Aldnoah Zero and Sword Art Online 2 are good choices.

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@bocam: yo man, all that stuff ain't yet in the anime, don't go setting up false expectations. The next series will definitely cover it, but that doesn't come out this fall season. The first season of the anime covers volumes 1-5 of the LN, and all we know is that you eventually lose your memories when you die a whole bunch. Akatsuki is yet to get fucked up and die.

Yeah, straight up not in the season. Why would you bring up something from the manga that isn't in the anime? If you haven't seen the Log Horizon anime you shouldn't assume X plot point from the manga is in the show without knowing it's in there.

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@bocam said:

@flacracker: I don't know if the anime mentions this or not but Kirito and Suguha aren't actually related

I think it mentions it early on in whatever episode this was? I know that they're cousins or something.

They are cousins. Suguhu found out they were just cousins while he was still in SAO.

Can we talk about the latest episode of Sword Art Online 2? People have complained about the series for various reason (some valid and some not), but I think this episode would be hard dismiss. We got some nice backstory on Laughing Coffin and we got to see that Sinon and Kirito are pretty close in terms of trauma.

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Well that's one way to fuck everything up with streaming on Twitch. There will be a great migration to another service right?

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Madoka had some pretty heavy moments as some people have already mentioned. It's spoilerific to mention any of them, but people know what they are.

The first season of Chuunibyou was sad as hell. You think it's all silly fun and games until you find out the reason for Rikka's delusions.

Ef - A Tale of Memories is also fairly sad. The premise is similar to a few movies. The girl can only keep her short term memory for a short length of time and stuff happens.

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So, Vaati made another awesome video on the lore of the DLC


I kind of hope that all the stories of all three of the DLC isn't just 'king brought down by his power hungry queen' though. Still holding out for a fight against a resurrected Manus to round off the series though.

Just saw the video and I was about to post it here. The story of a King being brought down by their queen is PERFECT because it frames the Dark Souls theme of Dark creeping upon the Light.

The Furtive Pygmy did it against the Lords with every shard of humanity possessing part of the Dark Soul. Manus tried it in Oolacile and partly succeeded. The Abyss attacked New Londo, but was contained. You as the Chosen Undead have the choice of linking the flame or ushering in a new age of Dark, but we know that even if you link the flame someone else will come and bring forth the age of Dark.

With the DLC we see that the pieces of Manus have continued the fight and it reinforces the Dark Souls 2 theme of repeating cycles. This will of course lead to a rematch with Manus when it all comes together. That is my hope.

Shanalotte will also have a part to play. I don't really believe the idea that she's in cahoots with Manus. She's plotting with Aldia the Ancient Dragon. She wants you to take the throne, but why? Well find out at the end of the DLC.