I finished Deus Ex (spoilers)

So I finally got to finish it. Saw the three endings and each one was worth it. Can't really say I like one more than the others since they were all kind of in the same vein, JC's got good intentions but it's never revealed how his actions are going to affect the world ultimately. I seriously doubt that by putting back the Illuminati things are going to get better though. Or creating a new Dark Age for that matter. And I'm not really sure if it's safe to merge with a super robot... damn now that I think about it, either way, humanity's pretty screwed in Deus Ex's logic. 
As far as I'm concerned, this was completely worth it for the story, but as a game it definitely has its issues. I think this is one of the few games that I played entirely for its story rather than its gameplay, because it really wasn't that enjoyable. I mean yeah sure you can beat the game however you want and there are a ton of approaches to each level, but it tries to merge different gameplays such as shooting, stealth, rpg elements, etc. without really shining in any of these aspects. The shooting is poor, as a stealth game it is pretty terrible, the rpg elements are fine I guess. But I don't think the gameplay is the reason why people go crazy everytime someone mentions it (is anyone going to reinstall it after this post?).

It is the story. It is the paranoid world that has been created which makes it one of the craziest I've seen ever. I seriously can't remember any story, videogames or otherwise that has so many conspiracy theories, secret organizations, confidential projects and all kinds of similar paranoia crammed into it. Not even Zeitgeist, seriously. Or maybe not, I don't know haven't finished seeing Zeitgeist, I think it sucks. Which is why I'm  all the more surprised that I enjoyed Deus Ex's plot so much, I usually hate conspiracy theories. Let me rephrase that, I'm ok with conspiracy theories, but I hate people who take it way too seriously and think their entire existence is a conspiracy. I am the Milkman. 

When I think about it, I guess the reason why I loved it so much it's because by creating this fictional and conspiracy ridden dystopia, it made me think about how it could apply to the real world. I'm sure there has been ton of research while making this game. I enjoyed every overly philosophical conversation in the game, all the mails read, every book that you could find in the game told a parallel story which made it even more "meta" (for lack of a better word). It seems it was made by geniuses and visionaries. You know this from the first moment you're playing the game. The Twin Towers are missing, struck by a terrorist attack. This game was made one year before the attacks if I'm not mistaken. That is some scary visionary shit right there.

I can definitely say this game is a masterpiece, it succeeds in its ambitions, when you watch the three endings there's a sense of satisfaction, that you have learned something from this experience. I am probably going to think about it for a long time, eventually replaying it to not miss any details, read all the books and side stories scattered throughout the game. People often ask which game could be the Citizen Kane of videogames. I don't know about Citizen Kane, but I could easily call this the 1984 of videogames. I hope it isn't an exaggeration. 


Kvelertak's debut album is the best thing I've heard in years.

I've been in sort of a gaming hiatus phase, mainly due because it's summer, I'm abroad, and the only machine I can play game on is one of those tiny Eee PCs. Due to that I've been listening to a shit ton of music. Well actually, forget what I just said. I've been listening to Kvelertak's debut album. A LOT. It's probably the only thing I've been listening to since it was released with the exception of Go It Alone's "Histories", because that album kicks ass and is probably my favorite album of all time since I discovered every song pretty much tells the story of my whole life until now. But that's another story, maybe I'll write about that album in another post. 

So why is this album great? Well it just is. Musically it's heavy, with great great riffs, and most of the riffs sound like classic rock riffs, but it's also got an edge mainly because the singer's growls sound a lot like what you would hear in a black metal record. Dude did I just say the riffs sound like classic rock? I'm listening to title track "Ulvetid" and the bridge totally sounds like a tipical black metal riff. Which brings me to my next point and it's that this album is pretty much unclassifiable. They've taken the best of every rock genre and subgenre and mixed them altogether in a very subtle way so that whenever they feel like a type of riff sounds good, they just put it in the song. While I listen to their songs I can't help imagine these norwegian rock loving dudes that just combine all their influences while writing a song without any kind of effort. 
 The second track Mjod has just ended, and I've put it on again because it really is worth talking about. It's their first single and they released a very controversial video that apparently was censored by Youtube. That sucks because when I saw the video I thought that, yeah, it was a bit violent, yes, it was a tiny bit disgusting, but fascinating also. And seriously, I've seen way more disturbing stuff on Youtube, but maybe I just don't know and I was watching the censored version. Whatever. For me it totally represents the band, their harshness, their wild partying antics while staying true to their roots. Just watch the video and tell me if it isn't a perfect video for the song. 

  Anyway, I think I could be talking about this album forever and all its intricacies, eventhough I don't understand any of the lyrics because they're all sung in Norwegian, but it doesn't matter much to me since the music is so great and until I learn the language or ask some guy from norway what the singer is singing/growling about I'll just imagine that it's some caveman they found in Scandinavia and hired him to sing for a rock band. 
This is my first serious post, and as such many of you will think it sucks, or maybe not I don't know, the truth is I'm terribly bored and I felt like talking about what has been the soundtrack to this weird summer I've had and what I think is (let me think about it for a second before saying it... ok) the best album released in a long time, and a soon to become classic.



  • Chrono Trigger - DONE
  • Yakuza 1(DONE) and 2(not DONE)
  • Vampire: Bloodlines (again) - YES
  • Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 - THIS SUMMER
  • Brutal Legend - After Psychonauts
  • Bioshock - After Brutal Legend
  • Currently playing: Psychonauts.
Feel free to recommend some games for my backlog, I actually don't feel like posting all the games I've played but I'll give you an idea:
 -I've played most Rockstar games 
-Still haven't got Uncharted 1 nor 2, which I will buy eventually I hope
-Only computer RPG I've played is Fallout which I really liked
-I love adventure games, Lucasarts fanboy, Sierra not so much, really enjoyed Gabriel Knight 1, and some of the Leisure Suit Larrys. Haven't played too much of the recent adventure games, the last one I remember beating was The Last Express I think.
-Got a PS3 with not too many games, GTA IV, Arkham Asylum and Brutal Legend, the first two I've beaten, the last one is already on the backlog. Feel free to recommend there
-Haven't got an Xbox 360
I think that's it, ill edit this if I feel something relevant should be said or if I see a good game to add to the backlog.